Monday, October 11, 2010

Whisper Whisper...

Just received a text message from Uncle B requesting for my response to 'Bloggers For Nurul' campaign..
Hell! I didn't even know such a campaign existed until Uncle B's text came in. Perhaps, I have been refraining myself from reading news for far too long.. just to avoid all those racist remarks by Perkasa. Racism doesn't have a place in this blog.
But that's not the only reason for the complacency of this blog.
Blogging can be quite a tedious task for someone who can be considered poor in translating thoughts into words. It needs one to stay focus on the subject matter to be able to see what is coming following a series of events.
I cant afford the time and the focus now or at least for the time being. Blogging has taken my focus away from my line of work. So much so, it somehow found its way and interfere with my priorities.
A different approach towards the fight for change for a better Malaysia for all Malaysians is now in force. Talk less and walk more. And periodically, a blogpost or two..
Now back to the core issue.. 'Bloggers For Nurul' which I think is a very good idea.
If PKR wants to take a big step forward, Nurul for DP would be the Big Step Forward. Simply because she is not poison by Umno's decades of dirty politicking. And judging from her talks and walks, she has all it takes to lead and Nurul for deputy presidency would be the first step for the revolutionary change to PKR's flawed culture.
Forget about Azmin Ali.. His initial action against ZI candidacy says a lot about this man. Still stuck in outdated way of politicking. A mysterious man with few words. Most of the time in deep thoughts. Only good for back-stabbing.
Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim? He should just concentrate on utilizing his expertise in managing the state's assets and straighten out all the rots of the previous state government.
Since this is a 'one member, one vote' electoral process, the level of maturity of PKR members is put to test.
The nominations that came in shows that the presence of Umno's mindset is still deeply rooted in many of them.
Grima Wormtongue or not, if maturity is to prevails, the choice should be between Nurul or Zaid Ibrahim as DP..
A win-win situation for PKR.
After all, PKR is the weakest link in Pakatan Rakyat but with bloated ego amongst them all.