Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Altantuya Lives....

Just Fancy This...
French Legal Team in Malaysia to Probe Sub Deal
Massive corruption suspected in billion-dollar deal tied to Prime Minister Najib
Joseph Breham, a member of a French legal team that filed complaints in a Paris court in connection with a potentially explosive scandal over the billion-dollar purchase of French submarines by Malaysia is due to land in Kuala Lumpur today (April 28) to seek further information on the case and to speak with their clients, the Malaysia human rights organization Suaram.
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Monday, April 26, 2010

My Take On The Just Concluded Hulu Selangor By-Election: A Hollow Victory For BN...

BN won by 1,725 votes majority. Much less than what Muhyidin expected. He targeted a 6,000 votes majority. It doesn't takes a rocket scientist to figure out how our DPM can come out with such high expectation.
And we have read many comments over the mainstream media as well as electronic media. While BN interpret and spins this result as support to their advantage, we also get opportunist in the like of Hindraf trying to claim their share of victory. I need not go further into that but if you have been following their statements before and after this by-election, you can really see what they actually are.
We all know Umno have been playing dirty in all elections. It's only a matter of how blatant they want play it. And this one happens to be the most blatant.
Of all the resources available at their disposal, the move by Election Commission to mess up the electorate polling station is, by all standard, the most vicious move.
Almost 14,000 voters polling station were transferred to create confusion. One Hulu Yam resident lamented that he has voted all his life in Hulu Yam but this time, he found out that his polling station is more than 20km away in Kalumpang.
A success rate of 20% of this exercise can be translated as a loss of 2,800 votes to Pakatan Rakyat as this tranferring exercise involves voters in PR stronghold. And believe me, a 20% figure is a conservative estimate after considering PKR's limitation and enthusiasm in rectifying this problem.

Next on the list would be the vote buying factor.
Poverty still exists in semi rural Hulu Selangor. We took a drive from Tg Malim heading towards KKB making random trip into estates and villages. We witnessed many dipilated houses in appaling condition. Agents were seen walking towards BN held function with envelops and electoral list. Umno puteris and those in 1Malaysia tshirts were active going from house to house in estates handing out goodies.
It is hard to resist the temptation of money when one is living at such poverty level. There are many welfare recipients in Hulu Selangor. They used to receive a monthly relief of RM300 from welfare department. This have been reduced to RM200. Can somebody explain what happen to the RM100?
Last important factor that contributed to PKR loss is their machinery on polling day. A drive around polling stations from KKB to Sg Buaya. BN young supporters outnumbered PKR in almost every polling station. By the time we reached Sg Buaya at around noon, many of their supporters have abandoned their position. Some of the booth were left unmanned. Act of internal sabotage? Or purely lacking manpower? That's for them to figure out themselves.
After considering all the factors involved, BN may have won this by-election but it is definitely A Hollow Victory. They can spin all they want but deep down inside, they know it wasn't a victory that they expected after all the dirty tricks deployed. 1,725 majority out of 49,000 votes casted is negligible on their fortress.
The level of awareness among the people remains intact.
On the other hand, I think it is about time for the coalition to unite together under one platform. The united Pakatan Rakyat platform with a united machinery. Not united in the sense where party leaders just appearing to give speeches at ceramahs. All parties in the coalition need to tap each other's strength and unite them under one machinery, and that would be a force to reckon with.

Sunset, Kg Pertak, Hulu Selangor

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Squeaky Clean Kamalanathan? By Umno Standard Kot

Kamalanathan Licking Durian Off Patches Hand
Blatant Lie
This, Kamalanathan was told, was illustrated once when he kissed the hand of Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and when he promised to deliver Hulu Selangor as a “gift” to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.
Since being named as a candidate, he has also defended Malay rights group Perkasa, a move that earned him plenty of criticism.
A shocked-looking Kamalanathan immediately replaced his smile with a frown and quickly defended his move.
“Kiss his hand? When did I kiss his hand? Show me where I did that,” he exclaimed, looking miffed when asked at an unplanned press conference in Ladang Kerling near here.
Unwarranted Lie
P. Kamalanathan’s CV says he received an overseas education at the Edith Cowan University and was awarded a Bachelor of Mass Communication.
The Australian university, however, has no records of him ever going there.
Mother Of All Lies
When contacted, the 44-year-old Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate for the Hulu Selangor by-election explained that he had entered a twining programme with Olympia College in Kuala Lumpur, and was subsequently awarded a degree from Edith Cowan University. “I never said I went overseas,” he told The Malaysian Insider, adding that a scanned copy of his degree from the university would be up on his website,, within 24 hours.
Scanned copy within 24hours?
Kamalanathan, I am holding a degree from Edith Cowan University. I can lease it out to you for a fee in case you need it. Send me an email. In less than 4 hours, you can have it up on your blog. Or perhaps you can try buying it online where they can make duplicate of degree from any universities in the world that looks like original.

Lets Talk About Local And National Issues, Can Ar?

BN is definitely running out of ideas.
Instead of coming out with ideas on tackling issues that have been plaguing the country and the people, they chose to make statement with their corrupted money by throwing in one-time instant noodles to the locals, buy and time defections to perfection and stoop even lower by going on a personal attack on one's past.
So what if Zaid drink alcohol in the past? These facts remains... He repented and has the guts to speak the truth in front of the press. And do you, any of the Umno ministers have the balls to even admit it. Let alone doing it openly to the press. I ll just let their conscience ( if they have any) take the better of them.
Hello!! This is a parliamentary seat by-election. It is about choosing a credible candidate to be part of the lawmaker team to represent the people and bringing the country forward. If Zaid is not the right man, I really wonder who is..
Kamalnathan? That must be a fucking joke! He is just handpicked despite all the earlier sandiwara. Handpicked and was told to shut up while Umno do all the campaigning for him. No? Just go read all his earlier speeches. Doesn't make sense at all. From durian friends to supporting Perkosa. Like that also want to be a parliamentarian ar? Maybe his lame speeches were all pre-written scripts prepared by Umno.
Sure makes him looks like a damn retard if you ask me.
For 2 years Pakatan Rakyat has been ruling Selangor and the feedback from the ground has been very positive. Give them another 2 years and I am sure you ll see more drastic positive changes. What did people get from 50 years of Umno rule?
Don't be hoodwink by certain group of opportunistic people looking for immediate change for their selfish interest. Demanding this and that under the pretense of representing their community.
Wake Up, People Of Hulu Selangor. This Country Need A Representative Of Zaid's QualityTo Bring This Country Forward.
BN Must Die!

Latest Update From The Ground:
Money has been offered to Batang Kali constituent folks at RM 100 per day for 2 days to fill up 7 buses as welcoming team to Najib's arrival.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Please Bear With Us...

Nomination Day Crowd From Rooftop By Fauzi

If you have been following us through Uncle Zorro's blog, you should know that internet streaming have been slow and unstable from where we are staying. 3G broadband is even worse. The nearest place where we can blog comfortably would be at coffee shops some 10km away.
Uncle Z complained to me just a few hours back that his blood pressure is shooting up. For awhile I thought the heat has gotten to him too but it was those time-out glitches he faces each time he tries to download a picture.
Try imagine me having to face his whining and grumbling all day long. And that includes when I am back in KL trying to juggle my time between work and campaign trail. My phone would rang and there he goes again... this, that and whatnot.
That's Uncle Zorro.
I would start worrying the day he stops whining.
Another glitch we faced is that the nearest food outlet is also some 10km away. As always being a jack of all trades but master of none, I am tasked to see to their meals when we are not on campaign trail. That means doing groceries shopping and cook up some edible meals just to fill up their stomach and stop them from complaining further.
But let me assure you that all this would be iron out as we get closer to polling day. But please don't expect much from my blog. I am comfortable the way it is looking after their needs as long as I can keep Uncle Z from whining.
Meanwhile, keep updating yourself from Uncle Z, Sam Haris, Perisik Rakyat, Shanghai Fish and Hawkeye periodically.

BN Started Cheating Way Before The Announcement Of Polling Date With The Help Of Election Commission...

This is the list of voters who have been transferred to other polling station. All totalled up to around 13,000.

Was there any announcement made by EC to inform voters of this changes? Not even an effort as far as we are concern. What was their intention? And if you study the list, most of the affected area are Pakatan Rakyat stronghold. Piece them together and it is to frustrate voters to discourage them from voting so that EC could further up their tricks with phantom votes. No? Then explain to us why the sudden change without even informing the people.

Pakatan Rakyat better start reminding the people to check their polling station at every ceramah. Better if they can station volunteers equipped with laptops to do on the spot verification at every ceramah to offset this blatant abuse by EC.

Sure looks like BN can only cheat to win as they have run out of ideas on how to win an election fairly and perhaps, they just cant change to rule fairly for the rakyat as it is still lucrative to rape the nation and the people.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Barisan Rakyat Bloggers Back Into Action...

We Are Back and We Are Ready To Kick Some Asses.
And yes, it has been a long while since Bagan Pinang. Too long a time that it made people wonder whether Barisan Rakyat Blogger still exists especially after the Bagan Pinang setback.
But let me assure you here that We, Barisan Rakyat Bloggers, are no quitters.
We gave our best for the people each time we go into a battle even with the odds stacked heavily against us. Win or lose, it doesn't belongs to us but the people. We derive our satisfaction from the level of maturity and awareness of the people to decide wisely.
Hulu Selangor is all together a different battleground.
We'll make no secret here that we are vying for a Datuk Zaid Ibrahim win, not because he is from PKR or Pakatan Rakyat but more of who and what he is.
Just too bad he doesn't belong to the Third Force. We don't really have a choice here. It has always been between BN and Pakatan Rakyat. And for me, it will be Pakatan Rakyat anytime anywhere for the time being.
Since this is the contest for the parliamentary seat, I suggest you folks to vote wisely. The country's path is in your hands. This country needs credible lawmakers with principle and integrity. More so now with the recent resurgence of spineless selfish lawmakers violating our rights for their self interest by simply turning BN friendly independents.
We Must Not Allow Ourselves To Be Distracted By These Political Maneuvers Trying To Discredit Their Opponent.
Your Right To Choose A Credible Representative Is In Your Vote. So Vote Wisely!
Datuk Zaid Ibrahim Is Definitely Your Man.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Knowing Your Candidate: Zaid Ibrahim - A Principled Man With A Vision For All Malaysians

This is the man who has spoken the people's language many times. The man who gives hope to all Malaysians that there is still a future for the people of this beloved country if this country is manage in well and proper manner. There is enough to go around for all Malaysians regardless of race.

Mere talks and politician will always be politician given what we have been put through by the corrupted BN regime over the decades.

But after weighing the options available and considering his vision, I will put my last dime and my children's future on his hands to bring about the change.

Give him a chance to walk his talk by voting him into the parliament.

HRP to BN: Seize the Day, Make Fresh Start... Need I Say Further??

My previous article has caused quite some stir among the remaining of the Hindraf members and coincidentally brought about The Great Hindraf Debate when RPK wrote his piece and offered his views.
If you follow Malaysia Today, you would have read a lot of responses from disgrunted people through their letters to the editor. Most were rebuttals from sensitive soul without vision for the marginalized Indian grassroots.
I must qualify myself here..
I have been monitoring HRP's activities for quite awhile now. The reason I posted the last article was purely through observation. There were plenty of unhealthy signs of sudden behavioral changes which gave rise to suspicion on the path HRP is heading.
And I don't wish to continue wasting my on people who allows their mind to be ruled by emotion.
Before I end this post, here is something for your perusal...
Need I say further here?
52 years under BN oppression and merely 2 years under Pakatan Rakyat state rule, is this how they represent the marginalized Indian community?
You must be a damn fool to put your faith on them.
Hindraf Then and Hindraf Now are worlds apart. But the Hindraf's spirit still lives on strongly in the marginalized Indian hearts. They just need a selfless and sincere leader to guide them.
Nonetheless, the Truth is finally Out...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Message To P Uthayakumar: Get Your Bearing Right Or Face Irrelevancy...

Hindu Rights Party (HRP)? What a joke! First they decided not to get involve in Hulu Selangor and later make a dramatic turnaround with preset conditions... You can read their fickle mindedness Here and Here,,,
Uthaya, allow me to refresh your selective absent mind with the following pictorial:-

The Hindraf Rally: Ten of thousands Indian rallied behind Hindraf

The Fight continues with 'Pournami Pooja' prayers organised by fellow Indian brethens around Hulu Selangor for the release of all ISA detainees. RPK, Barisan Rakyat Bloggers and representatives from the Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia initiative were there in full support.
For More Pournami Pooja Outing, Read Here and Here
Uthaya, how can you explain yourself to the 12,000 odd Indian voters in Hulu Selangor? They were there when Hindraf made that call to take the street and they continued fighting when Hindraf 5 were taken into ISA detention. They never gave up. They are the true fighter and the Hindraf spirit still lives on in them.
I wonder what happened to yours for making the decision not to be involved and later coming out making 'if and if ' demands. Stop your theatrical play.
What gave you away is the moment you expressed your disappointment with Lim Guan Eng. Was it about Kg Buah Pala issue that disappoints you? I question your integrity here. And I question your intention here.
Seeking publicity or bargaining? Or perhaps, it boils down to your pea-sized brain. Pea brain can only fight small fight and even that, you remained directionless on how to give a good fight. Or perhaps, you are of no different from your ex-Hindraf colleagues who have had prostituted themselves to the tune of benefit and money.
I will be there walking with my Indian brothers. We are here to fight the Big Fight for a Better Malaysia for All Malaysians with or without HRP.
You and your HRP party can confine yourself to Facebook raising racist issues.

The Dedicated Fighting Crew