Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Message To P Uthayakumar: Get Your Bearing Right Or Face Irrelevancy...

Hindu Rights Party (HRP)? What a joke! First they decided not to get involve in Hulu Selangor and later make a dramatic turnaround with preset conditions... You can read their fickle mindedness Here and Here,,,
Uthaya, allow me to refresh your selective absent mind with the following pictorial:-

The Hindraf Rally: Ten of thousands Indian rallied behind Hindraf

The Fight continues with 'Pournami Pooja' prayers organised by fellow Indian brethens around Hulu Selangor for the release of all ISA detainees. RPK, Barisan Rakyat Bloggers and representatives from the Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia initiative were there in full support.
For More Pournami Pooja Outing, Read Here and Here
Uthaya, how can you explain yourself to the 12,000 odd Indian voters in Hulu Selangor? They were there when Hindraf made that call to take the street and they continued fighting when Hindraf 5 were taken into ISA detention. They never gave up. They are the true fighter and the Hindraf spirit still lives on in them.
I wonder what happened to yours for making the decision not to be involved and later coming out making 'if and if ' demands. Stop your theatrical play.
What gave you away is the moment you expressed your disappointment with Lim Guan Eng. Was it about Kg Buah Pala issue that disappoints you? I question your integrity here. And I question your intention here.
Seeking publicity or bargaining? Or perhaps, it boils down to your pea-sized brain. Pea brain can only fight small fight and even that, you remained directionless on how to give a good fight. Or perhaps, you are of no different from your ex-Hindraf colleagues who have had prostituted themselves to the tune of benefit and money.
I will be there walking with my Indian brothers. We are here to fight the Big Fight for a Better Malaysia for All Malaysians with or without HRP.
You and your HRP party can confine yourself to Facebook raising racist issues.

The Dedicated Fighting Crew


Anonymous said...

who cares what you think? find a mirror, pea brain.

TheWhisperer said...

Pea brain anonymous,

You don't care but many do...


Be blind and be stupid and see how HRP goes into oblivion.

Anonymous said...

mt today is filled with racist comments towards the indians.people are starting to lose respect for this portal.and you can kiss rpk ass ! and tell him go to hell!

Anonymous said...

oh! one more thing ,to the condescending chinese such as yourself in this country ,better climb down from your high horse.and stop thinking highly of yourself .must be a penyakit "we are better than anyone" within the chinese society.

caring malasian said...

I do care when the hindraf 5 went to Kamunting.I was drench in chemicals from the FRU water canon when I went with my wife to show support to the hartal ISA rally in 1-8-2009.I was disappointed with hindraf for being a racists party as your actions clearly shows you are indeed racists!we want to fight for a malaysian cause and not any race cause!

Nutty said...

Dear Duke,

I am a Malaysian who happens to look like an Indian. I was a staunch Hindraf supporter when they first became prominent in 2007. I supported them because I fully understood and agreed with their role in 2007 as messengers from the marginalised Indian community.

But now that role has been fulfilled. The message has been sent to people with powers, whether they chose to listen and understand it is entirely a different thing. Hindraf has played out its role; it woken up the Indian mass from slumber.

But that was the past. Hindraf needs to realise that it was just a messenger. If it seeks solutions for Indians, then it needs to understand that it can't help Indians without getting others to help. But to get others to help, it needs to understand that no one will help unless its a common problem, not an Indian problem.