Monday, April 19, 2010

Please Bear With Us...

Nomination Day Crowd From Rooftop By Fauzi

If you have been following us through Uncle Zorro's blog, you should know that internet streaming have been slow and unstable from where we are staying. 3G broadband is even worse. The nearest place where we can blog comfortably would be at coffee shops some 10km away.
Uncle Z complained to me just a few hours back that his blood pressure is shooting up. For awhile I thought the heat has gotten to him too but it was those time-out glitches he faces each time he tries to download a picture.
Try imagine me having to face his whining and grumbling all day long. And that includes when I am back in KL trying to juggle my time between work and campaign trail. My phone would rang and there he goes again... this, that and whatnot.
That's Uncle Zorro.
I would start worrying the day he stops whining.
Another glitch we faced is that the nearest food outlet is also some 10km away. As always being a jack of all trades but master of none, I am tasked to see to their meals when we are not on campaign trail. That means doing groceries shopping and cook up some edible meals just to fill up their stomach and stop them from complaining further.
But let me assure you that all this would be iron out as we get closer to polling day. But please don't expect much from my blog. I am comfortable the way it is looking after their needs as long as I can keep Uncle Z from whining.
Meanwhile, keep updating yourself from Uncle Z, Sam Haris, Perisik Rakyat, Shanghai Fish and Hawkeye periodically.


Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

The wind beneath their wings!

Way to go, Yang!

Anonymous said...

At least you're there in the thick of things Dukey. I can only observe from afar.

Hope I can make it home to catch the last few days.

All is well here x x x