Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lets Talk About Local And National Issues, Can Ar?

BN is definitely running out of ideas.
Instead of coming out with ideas on tackling issues that have been plaguing the country and the people, they chose to make statement with their corrupted money by throwing in one-time instant noodles to the locals, buy and time defections to perfection and stoop even lower by going on a personal attack on one's past.
So what if Zaid drink alcohol in the past? These facts remains... He repented and has the guts to speak the truth in front of the press. And do you, any of the Umno ministers have the balls to even admit it. Let alone doing it openly to the press. I ll just let their conscience ( if they have any) take the better of them.
Hello!! This is a parliamentary seat by-election. It is about choosing a credible candidate to be part of the lawmaker team to represent the people and bringing the country forward. If Zaid is not the right man, I really wonder who is..
Kamalnathan? That must be a fucking joke! He is just handpicked despite all the earlier sandiwara. Handpicked and was told to shut up while Umno do all the campaigning for him. No? Just go read all his earlier speeches. Doesn't make sense at all. From durian friends to supporting Perkosa. Like that also want to be a parliamentarian ar? Maybe his lame speeches were all pre-written scripts prepared by Umno.
Sure makes him looks like a damn retard if you ask me.
For 2 years Pakatan Rakyat has been ruling Selangor and the feedback from the ground has been very positive. Give them another 2 years and I am sure you ll see more drastic positive changes. What did people get from 50 years of Umno rule?
Don't be hoodwink by certain group of opportunistic people looking for immediate change for their selfish interest. Demanding this and that under the pretense of representing their community.
Wake Up, People Of Hulu Selangor. This Country Need A Representative Of Zaid's QualityTo Bring This Country Forward.
BN Must Die!

Latest Update From The Ground:
Money has been offered to Batang Kali constituent folks at RM 100 per day for 2 days to fill up 7 buses as welcoming team to Najib's arrival.

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