Monday, April 19, 2010

BN Started Cheating Way Before The Announcement Of Polling Date With The Help Of Election Commission...

This is the list of voters who have been transferred to other polling station. All totalled up to around 13,000.

Was there any announcement made by EC to inform voters of this changes? Not even an effort as far as we are concern. What was their intention? And if you study the list, most of the affected area are Pakatan Rakyat stronghold. Piece them together and it is to frustrate voters to discourage them from voting so that EC could further up their tricks with phantom votes. No? Then explain to us why the sudden change without even informing the people.

Pakatan Rakyat better start reminding the people to check their polling station at every ceramah. Better if they can station volunteers equipped with laptops to do on the spot verification at every ceramah to offset this blatant abuse by EC.

Sure looks like BN can only cheat to win as they have run out of ideas on how to win an election fairly and perhaps, they just cant change to rule fairly for the rakyat as it is still lucrative to rape the nation and the people.



pinsysu said...

yup! BN is so confident that they are going to lose BIG & so they have started cheating BIG time! tis move contradicts with Mooheedin's claim that voters are now favoring BN ... more like UMNO_BN is shitting in their pants! hulu selangor folks must be the catalyst to bury BN_UMNO not 6 ft but 106 ft underground ... 2 ft for each yr of misrule of our beloved Msia!

Anonymous said...

It would be the biggest blessing this country can have, and I hope to see it soon; that all those evils in UMNO/BN will be lined up next to a pit for them to conveniently fall into and be buried in. I think the Russians and Nazi did it very well.