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Just A Little Stirring And The Frogs Start To Leap...

It's confirmed! Badrul Hisham, assemblyman for Port Klang, has quit PKR and turned BN-friendly independent, ending months of speculation of Umno's involvement in attempting to overthrow the Selangor state government through frog breeding. Badrul was one of the earlier suspect.
Below are some responses following his resignation:
"I'm elected by the public"- Badrul Hisham
"The state assemblyperson can decide on his own. He may not want to resign," - Najib Tun Razak
"If he comes to BN we will give him the opportunity to serve,"- Khir Toyol
Badrul also said that he was not threatened or coerced into making the decision to quit PKR or to support BN in a press conference, flanked by his wife and Nizam Rosli, a close ally of Mohd Ezam Noor.
Badrul, if you are a man, why dont just admit it like one? Instead of twisting and turning till it makes you look like a damn fool. True that you were elected by the people.. but do you know under which circumstances that the people chose to elect you at that period of time. You mean to tell us that people elected you with the knowledge that you are going to sell them out like this? If your answer to this is positive, then fuck you, Badrul! May your moronic soul rot in Hell!
But let me tell you this, I am least perturbed by this episode. In fact. I most welcome this stupid move of yours.
You see, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim did not take a 6 months sabbatical leave for no apparent reason. And Tok Guru Nik Aziz's call for an PAS EGM was neither meaningless..
Both their actions have indeed sparked off a spring cleaning process within the coalition parties. Many of you may be contrued to believe that Pakatan Rakyat is fast breaking up with the help of MSM spinning.
But I beg to differ here. How can Pakatan Rakyat get weaker with a spring cleaning process in progress? With the riddance of dubious leaders and person in the like of Hassan Ali, Mustafa Ali, Nasharudin Mat Isa, Zulkifli Nordin, Ibrahim Ali and many more, Pakatan Rakyat is set to take the political scene once again on a better platform.
But then, this is just the beginning and it is too early to tell.. Whether the present leader of the parties within the coalition take this cue and push for a drastic clearance is yet remain to be seen.
But be rest assured that the people will be monitoring the situation. If the leaders choose to be complacent for reason of grandeur, then we wish them luck.
Come next GE, We, The People, Shall have Our Say. We would vote for Clean, Capable and Principled representatives regardless of which party they come from. This is how The People should cast their vote. Get these people in to make the difference.
Just my 2 cents take here:p
Leap, Morons, Leap Now!

Perak Fiasco: Home Minister Bodoh! Police Biadap!

These Are State Assemblymen (Lawmakers)

The Police Must Be Crazy!!


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Royal Circus Of Perak Comes To Town...

Perak Fiasco Continues: Illegitimate State Govt Hiding Behind Police And Judicial Protection Like Faggots...

What the Fuck!!
Perak State Secretariat Under Siege
The police have mounted a high security cordon outside the Perak state secretariat in Ipoh this morning for today's budget sitting.
The assembly sitting has been called by both the Barisan Nasional speaker R Ganesan and Pakatan Rakyat speaker V Sivakumar. The former had replaced the latter under questionable circumstances in the last assembly's chaotic sitting in May.
With Pakatan continuing to dispute the legitimacy of the BN state government, the police are expecting a tense-filled assembly today.
In anticipation of a likely crowd trouble, the police had obtained a court order late yesterday to bar people from gathering within 50 metres of the state secretariat. The order took effect at 1am today and will be in place until 11pm on Friday.
Early this morning the police had placed at least eight trucks, one van, two jeeps, two Federal Reserve Unit trucks and two water cannons just outside the state secretariat.
The first police vehicle arrived at the state building at about 6.20am. Several police personnel have also been placed inside the state secretarial building.
By 7am, police personnel had also started placing barricades and barbed wires to prevent any access to unauthorised people to the secretariat. Some 450 police personnel are on standby at the state secretariat today.
The assembly sitting will start at 10am but the state secretariat gate is expected to be opened at 9am with BN elected representatives being allowed into the assembly 30 minutes later.
It is learnt that Pakatan representatives will only be allowed to enter the assembly at 9.55am. This last-minute entry is seemingly to avoid them from grabbing the speaker's chair.
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Is this picture consistent with Kerismuddin statement to the police as reported yesterday?

Hisham to police: Use less force in Ipoh tomorrow

The police need not use excessive force to control tomorrow's Perak assembly sitting, said Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein.

He said the police could resort to force if "it is really, really necessary" .

"I reminded them that it is important to act based on the circumstances and situation," he told reporters in Parliament today.

"I don't want to see excessive force (used) unless it is really, really necessary. I think they have the expertise (to determine the situation) based on their experience before this."

Hishammuddin is confident that the security situation will be normal as the police "are already experts when it comes to preventing unwarranted circumstances".

Ya right, Moron!

The police force 'are already experts (running dogs)' running errands obediently regardless of the law. What law? When the judicial can issue court order indiscrimately without regard to the freedom of movement of the people. Preventive measure? Preventive against what threat, may I ask?

All these hype and farce created is nothing but a smokescreen to protect a bunch of faggots who claimed to be the legitimate government forcefully with the help of the same dogs earlier.

We have enough records and pictures of all responsible for these incidents. When we march into Putrajaya, we clean each and every one of you out from the street so that we, Malaysians can all live in peace and harmony.

This is not a threat, But A Promise!!

Dissolve Perak State Assembly Now!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Get Real, Meg...

Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s close college mate has urged him to come home to answer charges against him and to allow the law to run its course.
Saying that he is concerned for Raja Petra’s wellbeing, Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission advisory committee member Tan Sri Megat Najmuddin Megat Khas said he did not understand why the Malaysia Today editor needed to run away since he always claimed to be a brave and courageous man.
Megat Najmuddin, who said he was like a big brother to Raja Petra during their college days in Malay College Kuala Kangsar also express-ed puzzlement as to who could be financing his friend’s life overseas, especially since he had been declared a bankrupt.
“If he is in Australia or Europe, it is going to be more expensive to stay there,” he said.
Megat Najmuddin added that there was a sinister air about the scenario surrounding Raja Petra’s flight from the country due to the big question mark on who was actually financially supporting him.
He also questioned whether whoever was financing Raja Petra had any vested interest in doing so.
Malaysia Today recently published photos of Raja Petra, who is the editor of the website, and his wife, Marina, enjoying themselves at an undisclosed location.
Megat Najmuddin, who is also the Malaysia Institute of Corporate Governance president and Umno disciplinary board member, said it was not possible that Raja Petra’s stay overseas was self-funded as he could not have made much running the Malaysia Today website.
He speculated that there could be two reasons why whoever was financing Raja Petra did not want him back in Malaysia.
“It is either they don’t want him to spill the beans, or he has nothing.
“Otherwise, there is no purpose of him running away,” he said.
On Raja Petra’s claim that he had to flee the country to avoid being detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) again, Megat Najmuddin said his fears were misplaced.
“He has been under the ISA before but he came out unscathed and even more a hero.
“News get out so fast now, and if there is injustice the people will make noise.
Public opinion will protect him and ensure that he gets a fair trial,” he added.
Meg, you actually believe in our system after all the proven blatant injustice?
Get Real, Meg! This can't be you! At least not the you for the period that I have known you.
Nonetheless, I am giving you the benefit of doubt here. Perhaps it was the MSM spin that makes you looked foolish here.

Taking The Bold And Right Step Forward...

I had the privilege to stand close to these great men and blogged about them in January.
The recent move made by these great men have brought about much speculation on the health of PR coalition with BN having a field day spinning it out of proportion.
It's no secret that PR was formed on a very loose foundation from the beginning. And it's no secret that nothing has changed for the better for 19 months since the 12th general election. Things only got worse with threats coming from trojan horses within the coalition and the indecisiveness of leaders from the respective party to take action against the rots which is plaguing the parties and the coalition.
Forget about those leaders harping on their ability to settle issues fast and amicably. Those are just talks for ceramah. But in reality on the big screen, the people are getting fed up of the constant sabotages and internal politicking. Many have voiced their concern through blogs and comments while others have given up and take things as they come.
Teething problem, they claimed. 19 months after and thing aren't getting any better but worse. Is this what Ketuanan Rakyat is all about? People's voices continue to be ignored. No excuse is good enough to retain Nordin and the two Ali's. Perhaps three Ali's if we include the Mustafa. It must be done even if one has to lose the whole state by doing so.
When leaders are weak for reasons they knows best, it is time for the bold to take the right step forward.
And that should explains the recent move made by Datuk Zaid Ibrahim and Tok Guru Nik Aziz. These are the leaders with foresight and with people's interest at heart.
The rot has to stop here before it's too late.
I don't know about you but if I were you, I ll place my trust and hope on these 3 great men to bring about the necessary change for and toward a Better Malaysia.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Photography: Bookmark Series

Photographed and Created By:
Cheng Sock Meng

'1Malaysia, Together We Prosper' Budget: 1Worrying Salient Point..

There will be no more free credit cards which are currently being used extensively. The number increased from more than 2 mil in 1997 to 11mil as at Aug 2009, excluding 285,000 charge cards.
To promote prudent spending a service tax of RM50 a year will be imposed on each principal credit card and charge card, including those issued free of charge.
There will also be service tax of RM25 a year imposed on each supplementary card.
Potential problem looming here?
Why is it when it comes to giving to the rakyat, it's in tens or hundreds of million but when it goes to them, it's in billions?
'Together, We prosper'? Who's We, Najib?
The worst budget ever presented.. Where are the necessary supportive information? GDP? National Debt?
Mere sloganeering budget. Full of lies and deceits!
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Quote To Ponder On...

"You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for,that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
- Dr. Adrian Rogers, 1931

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Remember Ladies! If You Have To Fend Off Your Attacker Or Agressor, Do Not BITE!!

And Here is Why...
Batu MP Tian Chua was today jailed six months and fined RM3,000 after he was found guilty by the magistrate's court of biting a police constable and preventing the officer from discharging his duty in December 2007.
Chua, 46, whose full name is Chua Tian Chang, committed the offence against PC Rosyaidi Anuar, 21, in front of Parliament House in the incident on Dec 11, 2007.
Chua, the PKR strategic director, was charged under Section 332 of the Penal Code and could have been jailed up to three years.
He faces the possibility of losing his parliamentary seat as the fine exceeds RM2,000. Chua was granted a stay of execution pending appeal.
Chua committed the offence during a Bersih gathering to protest against constitutional amendments extending the retirement age of Election Commission members from 65 to 66.
Earlier, magistrate Mohd Faizi Che Abu said he found Chua not to be a credible witness as his defence was a mere denial.
In an immediate response, Chua said the judgment was not fair as the judge and prosecution had relied on the evidence of the constable and based it on circumstantial evidence.
"It did not prove the biting took place," the MP said.
So the judge is saying that the constable is credible. Where is the constable witness? Just based on his complaint is enough?
How about this about-turn by witness in another unrelated case?
Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi, a former state executive councillor accused of corruption, did not take any bribes for the purpose of approving a proposed housing development project in Pusat Bandar Seri Iskandar last year, a witness testified yesterday.
In fact, Jamaluddin (now an independent assemblyman after leaving Pakatan Rakyat early this year) had never asked for money at any point regarding the project, said the prosecution's star witness, Mohd Imran Abdullah.
In his MACC report dated Aug 14 last year, the same day he had met the former exco member, Imran stated that Jamaluddin had discussed the proposed housing development project, had asked for RM5,000 from him, and had taken RM5,000 from him.
During cross-examination by counsel Mohd Roni Abdul Rahman yesterday, Imran admitted that neither his testimony during examination-in-chief nor the video recording of his meeting with Jamaluddin at the latter's office was consistent with his written MACC report. Read More Here
That says a lot about our kangaroo judicial system. If these 2 cases are not political motivated, my grandma is a virgin.
So ladies, blind them or castrate them if you need to but just remember not to BITE!
Meanwhile, stay tune for 1Budget coming up tomorrow..

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's Murder Of The Highest Degree, Idiots!!

Renowned Thai pathologist Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand made several explosive allegations at the Teoh Beng Hock inquest this morning.
Among others, Pornthip suggested that the political aide could have been strangled before falling from the 14th floor of Plaza Masalam.
The colourful doctor noted that the marks on Teoh's neck indicated the possibility of 'manual strangulation'.
Furthermore, she pointed out that Teoh's skull fracture was not typical of an injury from a fall.
In another startling revelation, Pornthip said the injury to the deceased's anus could have been caused by penetration with an object before his fall.
The pathologist also disagreed with the opinion of forensic experts that Teoh 'fell to his death consciously', saying that the deceased could have been unconscious.
She also cited three reasons for making the conclusion. These were:
1) The autopsy report indicated that he was alive when landing on the ground, but she found no protection injuries on the body.
2) She found wounds that looked like pre-fall injuries.
3) The chest injuries were result of primary impact.
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Final Last Few Months With Dad As Narrated By My Sister Through Her Photography...

I chanced upon this touching photography narration when my sister added me into her Facebook list.
When dad was hospitalized, my sister commuted 3 times from Germany to be by his side. The third and the last time was to say her final goodbye as dad laid peacefully in his coffin. Dad passed on the day my sister turned 45.

(Click To Enlarge)
The Producer