Monday, October 26, 2009

Taking The Bold And Right Step Forward...

I had the privilege to stand close to these great men and blogged about them in January.
The recent move made by these great men have brought about much speculation on the health of PR coalition with BN having a field day spinning it out of proportion.
It's no secret that PR was formed on a very loose foundation from the beginning. And it's no secret that nothing has changed for the better for 19 months since the 12th general election. Things only got worse with threats coming from trojan horses within the coalition and the indecisiveness of leaders from the respective party to take action against the rots which is plaguing the parties and the coalition.
Forget about those leaders harping on their ability to settle issues fast and amicably. Those are just talks for ceramah. But in reality on the big screen, the people are getting fed up of the constant sabotages and internal politicking. Many have voiced their concern through blogs and comments while others have given up and take things as they come.
Teething problem, they claimed. 19 months after and thing aren't getting any better but worse. Is this what Ketuanan Rakyat is all about? People's voices continue to be ignored. No excuse is good enough to retain Nordin and the two Ali's. Perhaps three Ali's if we include the Mustafa. It must be done even if one has to lose the whole state by doing so.
When leaders are weak for reasons they knows best, it is time for the bold to take the right step forward.
And that should explains the recent move made by Datuk Zaid Ibrahim and Tok Guru Nik Aziz. These are the leaders with foresight and with people's interest at heart.
The rot has to stop here before it's too late.
I don't know about you but if I were you, I ll place my trust and hope on these 3 great men to bring about the necessary change for and toward a Better Malaysia.


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