Monday, October 26, 2009

Get Real, Meg...

Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s close college mate has urged him to come home to answer charges against him and to allow the law to run its course.
Saying that he is concerned for Raja Petra’s wellbeing, Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission advisory committee member Tan Sri Megat Najmuddin Megat Khas said he did not understand why the Malaysia Today editor needed to run away since he always claimed to be a brave and courageous man.
Megat Najmuddin, who said he was like a big brother to Raja Petra during their college days in Malay College Kuala Kangsar also express-ed puzzlement as to who could be financing his friend’s life overseas, especially since he had been declared a bankrupt.
“If he is in Australia or Europe, it is going to be more expensive to stay there,” he said.
Megat Najmuddin added that there was a sinister air about the scenario surrounding Raja Petra’s flight from the country due to the big question mark on who was actually financially supporting him.
He also questioned whether whoever was financing Raja Petra had any vested interest in doing so.
Malaysia Today recently published photos of Raja Petra, who is the editor of the website, and his wife, Marina, enjoying themselves at an undisclosed location.
Megat Najmuddin, who is also the Malaysia Institute of Corporate Governance president and Umno disciplinary board member, said it was not possible that Raja Petra’s stay overseas was self-funded as he could not have made much running the Malaysia Today website.
He speculated that there could be two reasons why whoever was financing Raja Petra did not want him back in Malaysia.
“It is either they don’t want him to spill the beans, or he has nothing.
“Otherwise, there is no purpose of him running away,” he said.
On Raja Petra’s claim that he had to flee the country to avoid being detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) again, Megat Najmuddin said his fears were misplaced.
“He has been under the ISA before but he came out unscathed and even more a hero.
“News get out so fast now, and if there is injustice the people will make noise.
Public opinion will protect him and ensure that he gets a fair trial,” he added.
Meg, you actually believe in our system after all the proven blatant injustice?
Get Real, Meg! This can't be you! At least not the you for the period that I have known you.
Nonetheless, I am giving you the benefit of doubt here. Perhaps it was the MSM spin that makes you looked foolish here.


Anonymous said...

Getting away is the wiser decision by RPK.Why subject yourself to a "judiciary system" and a "law" that you do not recognise? and that you know for a fact will not provide you the justice you are entitled to.

Meg could be setting up a trap for RPK. A friend in deed!

Antares said...

In recent weeks RPK has been firing salvo after salvo by remote control. This sudden desperation to get him to come back (stooping as low as beating his son Azman in jail and holding him ransom against his father's return) is a positive indication that KD Rosmah has been badly hit and is tilting to starboard... start paddling, folks, you want as much distance as possible when that vast vessel begins to sink... or you'll get sucked into the vortex.

Anonymous said...

yes, YM ...pls come 'marching into Putrajaya' with us , SOON, ok !