Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Perak Fiasco Continues: Illegitimate State Govt Hiding Behind Police And Judicial Protection Like Faggots...

What the Fuck!!
Perak State Secretariat Under Siege
The police have mounted a high security cordon outside the Perak state secretariat in Ipoh this morning for today's budget sitting.
The assembly sitting has been called by both the Barisan Nasional speaker R Ganesan and Pakatan Rakyat speaker V Sivakumar. The former had replaced the latter under questionable circumstances in the last assembly's chaotic sitting in May.
With Pakatan continuing to dispute the legitimacy of the BN state government, the police are expecting a tense-filled assembly today.
In anticipation of a likely crowd trouble, the police had obtained a court order late yesterday to bar people from gathering within 50 metres of the state secretariat. The order took effect at 1am today and will be in place until 11pm on Friday.
Early this morning the police had placed at least eight trucks, one van, two jeeps, two Federal Reserve Unit trucks and two water cannons just outside the state secretariat.
The first police vehicle arrived at the state building at about 6.20am. Several police personnel have also been placed inside the state secretarial building.
By 7am, police personnel had also started placing barricades and barbed wires to prevent any access to unauthorised people to the secretariat. Some 450 police personnel are on standby at the state secretariat today.
The assembly sitting will start at 10am but the state secretariat gate is expected to be opened at 9am with BN elected representatives being allowed into the assembly 30 minutes later.
It is learnt that Pakatan representatives will only be allowed to enter the assembly at 9.55am. This last-minute entry is seemingly to avoid them from grabbing the speaker's chair.
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Is this picture consistent with Kerismuddin statement to the police as reported yesterday?

Hisham to police: Use less force in Ipoh tomorrow

The police need not use excessive force to control tomorrow's Perak assembly sitting, said Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein.

He said the police could resort to force if "it is really, really necessary" .

"I reminded them that it is important to act based on the circumstances and situation," he told reporters in Parliament today.

"I don't want to see excessive force (used) unless it is really, really necessary. I think they have the expertise (to determine the situation) based on their experience before this."

Hishammuddin is confident that the security situation will be normal as the police "are already experts when it comes to preventing unwarranted circumstances".

Ya right, Moron!

The police force 'are already experts (running dogs)' running errands obediently regardless of the law. What law? When the judicial can issue court order indiscrimately without regard to the freedom of movement of the people. Preventive measure? Preventive against what threat, may I ask?

All these hype and farce created is nothing but a smokescreen to protect a bunch of faggots who claimed to be the legitimate government forcefully with the help of the same dogs earlier.

We have enough records and pictures of all responsible for these incidents. When we march into Putrajaya, we clean each and every one of you out from the street so that we, Malaysians can all live in peace and harmony.

This is not a threat, But A Promise!!

Dissolve Perak State Assembly Now!

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both are just victims of the royal corruptions...extortions...guess yrself?