Monday, October 5, 2009

1Malaysia? Sign Of A Weak And Desperate Umno...

Begging For Unity
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Anonymous said...

u still got ridhuan tee abdullah.

zakwan said...

I'm a Malay n I summarize these posters by sayin this
Yes 2 Perpaduan Melayu 4 the sake of Malaysia
NO 2 Perpaduan Melayu 4 the sake of UMNO's survival

Anonymous said...

Not just desperate but evil desperation to stay in power to keep plundering the wealth of this nation which belongs to the Rakyat.

Those who still support UMNO/BN just think why you must pay for a car that cost 3-4 times more. Where does the extra money goes to. To only a few who live luxuriously and living in big mansions. Whilst you struggle to pay the instalment and make ends meet. When it comes to festivals they control the prices of sugar, eggs chickens etc as if to say they are doing you a great favour. If you are not forking out so much money for the car or pay more for screwed-up public transport you would not have the hardship.
Yet you still want to support them and yet you live in hardship and poverty. Something must be wrong with you!

Anonymous said...

The people of Bagan Pinang, especially the Indians and Chinese, this is what Najib's and UMNO 1 Malaysia is all about. A bunch of morons UMNO is.

Throw them into the Straits of Melacca NOW.

Shalom, Admiral Tojo