Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Good Win For Umno; A Good Loss To Pakatan Rakyat...

Many post mortem reports have appeared since Pakatan Rakyat failure to wrest away Bagan Pinang from Umno. While Umno try to capitalize on this win and spin it in every way possible to hoodwink the people.
Bagan Pinang was a do-or-die battle for Umno. That explains the overwhelming presence of machinery in Bagan Pinang: Money, instant noodles and thugs aside from all other controlled agencies. This is easily the most violent by-election that I have witnessed so far.
Above all that, there was this presence of unseen force influencing the outcome of this by-election. Betting syndicate? Underworld? Illuminati? Whatever it is, they operated away from the scene. The only visible clue we can ever get close is to study the body language of the voters especially the Chinese voters. Lack of excitement and feeling uneasy seemed to be the tell tale sign in most of them.
Credit should also be given to Isa regardless of his evil doings while at helm as menteri besar. He obviously knows how to rob the state and generously take care of his grassroots and the right people.
This fact remains: Isa won and Pakatan Rakyat lost. For the vanguished, no more blame game. Search the fault within yourselves and find out what went wrong this time. It is easy to push the blame on Umno's mighty machinery. For me, this machinery has been a constant factor in all by-elections. Postal votes? Perhaps but why this big majority?
I am not going to cry over spilt milk. We went in there and gave our best shot at those odds stacked against us. We failed this time but that does not represent the end of us. For as long as we represent and uphold the truth, you will never see the end of us.
That's all for now and see all of you in another battlefield soon.


Anonymous said...

It's a job well done by the special bunch despite the outcome of this by election. Thanks for the reporting!

For all we know, this may be a blessing in disguise for better things to come.

I would say it's a good defeat in that the result will bring the Pakatan politicians down to earth and be in touch with reality.

Yin said...

Hip Hip Hooray to you for your dedication and commitment.

Yin :)

Hamba said...

Yes, we lost this battle but there are lots more battle to be fought before we can win this war. A word of wisdom from Alfred, butler to Bruce Wayne is good to ponder. "Why do we fall down? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up'. PR, especially PAS need to fall down so that they know that one can't have two right leg to walk. One needs a right and a left leg to walk and run properly. So PR, pick yourselves up, work together ( cut off those extra and useless appendage)and win this war!

Antares said...

Win or lose, the Special Bunch know how to have a good time :-)

Anonymous said...

Win or Lose is part of the struggle, as long as we "uphold the truth"... it was a good fight nevertheless, and yes, see you in the next battle - makcik

Anonymous said...

Good job! Well, we are in the middle of Battle of Bulge stage. Now, it's how to counter- counterattack to march to Berlin

TheWhisperer said...

I wont deny that, Bro..

Especially in good company and there were many in Bagan Pinang.

Best not disclose too much here.

wong said...

why shiok ourslves and console ourselves, 1stly get to the root of it...as long as special bunch keep trying ..and with pas arrogrance all efforts would be futile ...get that monkey out of the way 1st no more mother cry father cry stories b n did well deserved all claps

Anonymous said...

There a few reasons: -
1. This is a safe seat for BN, why spoilt the relationship with the Gvt by voting for the PR.
2. For stability- A win for PR would not change the state Gvt
3.ISA could be a MB/ Minister come next election and people expect goodies from him later.
4. Just to show that they are the real boss.
5. Maybe ISA has given lots of goodies while he was the MB.