Sunday, October 4, 2009

Scenes From Bagan Pinang On Nomination Day...

I know this is a bit late. But i dont really care. Just want to share my experience here. It's not an easy task each time we set out for a by-election in a group. Being a multi-tasker, I have to take care of needs. So that explains well for my late posting.
Allow me to take you on a pictorial journey here.....

Was jolted up pleasantly from my short sleep at around 5:30am as was arranged the night earlier that some of us would leave early. By the time, we hit the street, we noticed that PAS supporters have already started their walk towards the assigned gathering place some 1Km or so away. We parked our car and joined the early birds. And the camera started clicking away...

By the time we arrived at the gathering point, there were already few hundred of supporters there. Legitimate MB Nisar was also present with some of his Perak colleague and supporters. Everybody was in jovial mood. That somehow tells me that there are more to come later.

These boys were our pillar of support during the Manek Urai by-election. One of them noticed and came to me. He then led me to his camp. The organiser of Tok Guru markas in Sg Peria were here in full force. What a reunion with some old friends.
Meanwhile further down the road near the nomination centre, supporters from the coalition parties were already waiting for the arrival of PAS candidate. The atmosphere was carnival like,

The grand entrance began.
Sight of them led by Amal boys in red came marching in from afar. What a sight to behold! Sea of green flags took over. The crowd roared into chants. Takbir! Allahuakbar! Reformasi! Rasuah! etc.. rang through the air.
As the candidate and leaders were led into the nomination centre, torrential rain came pelting down on us. But it definitely did not dampen our jovial spirit at all.
We know we came here with a Mission and the Mission is to enjoy ourselves while fighting against the evils of the Barisan Nasional regime. We know what our setbacks are but we intend to give them a good run for their money. No pressure on us.

Trouble ahead as the group maliciously came gatecrashing from the back into our territory designated by EC and PDRM. Amal boys were caught unaware as the first group marched into their territory. As the second group appeared, they were stopped from going through. Amal boys told them off nicely but their arrogance and intention were clear. They want to go through and nothing is going to stop them. When negotiation failed, the Amal boys held on to their stand firmly. You want to go through? Go through us first. Where were the fucking police and their FRU? No where in sight! Except for some traffic police begging to these thugs to obey the law. The Amal boys managed to push them back some 500m away and in a peaceful way too.
Syabas, Unit Amal!

And this lone helicopter was hovering above monitoring the tense situation. Probably waiting for some mayhem to break out before they call in for reinforcement to protect their goons. I was hoping for it to happen as it was clear that these thugs had broke all the laws and maybe have my share in kicking some asses of those paid instigators. Some of them were also involved in Permatang Pasir by-election.

Middle finger to PDRM for their handling of this situation.
More pics Here..


john said...

TQ for the sharing. Great pics and commentaries ; )

Anonymous said...

Great shots Duke. We know who that BN thug in the pictures. We will dela with him and his cohorts in the appropriate time. This I assure you.

Shalom, Admiral Tojo

Homemakers said...

Hi Whisperer, we would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to you too for helping in Bagan Pinang.God Bless All Of You :-)