Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just A Little Stirring And The Frogs Start To Leap...

It's confirmed! Badrul Hisham, assemblyman for Port Klang, has quit PKR and turned BN-friendly independent, ending months of speculation of Umno's involvement in attempting to overthrow the Selangor state government through frog breeding. Badrul was one of the earlier suspect.
Below are some responses following his resignation:
"I'm elected by the public"- Badrul Hisham
"The state assemblyperson can decide on his own. He may not want to resign," - Najib Tun Razak
"If he comes to BN we will give him the opportunity to serve,"- Khir Toyol
Badrul also said that he was not threatened or coerced into making the decision to quit PKR or to support BN in a press conference, flanked by his wife and Nizam Rosli, a close ally of Mohd Ezam Noor.
Badrul, if you are a man, why dont just admit it like one? Instead of twisting and turning till it makes you look like a damn fool. True that you were elected by the people.. but do you know under which circumstances that the people chose to elect you at that period of time. You mean to tell us that people elected you with the knowledge that you are going to sell them out like this? If your answer to this is positive, then fuck you, Badrul! May your moronic soul rot in Hell!
But let me tell you this, I am least perturbed by this episode. In fact. I most welcome this stupid move of yours.
You see, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim did not take a 6 months sabbatical leave for no apparent reason. And Tok Guru Nik Aziz's call for an PAS EGM was neither meaningless..
Both their actions have indeed sparked off a spring cleaning process within the coalition parties. Many of you may be contrued to believe that Pakatan Rakyat is fast breaking up with the help of MSM spinning.
But I beg to differ here. How can Pakatan Rakyat get weaker with a spring cleaning process in progress? With the riddance of dubious leaders and person in the like of Hassan Ali, Mustafa Ali, Nasharudin Mat Isa, Zulkifli Nordin, Ibrahim Ali and many more, Pakatan Rakyat is set to take the political scene once again on a better platform.
But then, this is just the beginning and it is too early to tell.. Whether the present leader of the parties within the coalition take this cue and push for a drastic clearance is yet remain to be seen.
But be rest assured that the people will be monitoring the situation. If the leaders choose to be complacent for reason of grandeur, then we wish them luck.
Come next GE, We, The People, Shall have Our Say. We would vote for Clean, Capable and Principled representatives regardless of which party they come from. This is how The People should cast their vote. Get these people in to make the difference.
Just my 2 cents take here:p
Leap, Morons, Leap Now!

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