Thursday, October 8, 2009

More Money Needed To Match Top Varsities? Pure Lame Rational..

Universiti Malaya (UM) vice-chancellor Professor Datuk Dr Ghauth Jasmon believes that local universities need to spend a minimum of RM200 million in research to be among the top universities in the world.
He pointed out that money spent by top universities in the world is incomparable to the funds made available to local institutions.
“What I know is that the top 20 universities of the world have an operating budget of RM2 billion. If you look at that it means that to get into that league, we need lots of money,”
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This is all getting very Umno now. What would one expect when politics managed to infiltrate into every corner of the system. For Umno, with money, everything can be shortcutted. And this pea brained vice councillor behaves exactly like one.
Hello Prof, please go look into your enrolment policies, the standard of the courses offered and all the fucked up red tapes that prevents brains from getting into the local varsities. No amount of money can take us anywhere even as compared to our neighbors if these brains are been kept away.
Now I know why our varsities standard have deteriorated to this level. How not to when we have vice councillor with a Prof title thinking in this line.
What a way to rationalize this need for money!
Utter Bulls!!

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K L said...

more budget more lobang mah!