Friday, October 2, 2009

Who Says Pigs Can't Fly?

We were the front line sent into enemy line to scout around and set up our operation centre before the remaining of the troops march into Bagan Pinang. We arrived before noon and noticed that opposing party's flags were already up all over the constituent of Bagan Pinang.
The battlefield on map covering a large area. A narrow strip of beach surrounded by plantations

The presence of PDRM right in the middle of Port Dickson town betrays the peaceful atmosphere. People here generally eat and play together despite their differences in political view.

A short stop at Pas Markas Induk. Volunteers were busy setting up their machinery. Reaction were kind of mix when asked about their chances of winning this by-election. Both sides maintain their confidence of winning this one..

And Who Says Pigs Cant Fly?