Monday, October 19, 2009

Final Last Few Months With Dad As Narrated By My Sister Through Her Photography...

I chanced upon this touching photography narration when my sister added me into her Facebook list.
When dad was hospitalized, my sister commuted 3 times from Germany to be by his side. The third and the last time was to say her final goodbye as dad laid peacefully in his coffin. Dad passed on the day my sister turned 45.

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The Producer


Fi-sha said...

Dear Sir

I wish i could read those writings - they must be really poignantly meaningful.

Thanks for sharing.

Hope said...

I dont know Chinese, but I can feel the sadness through the photographs...

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Yang, I'm thinking of you at this moment and sending you hugs.


Anonymous said...

Duke, rest assured that he is at peace.

Shalom Admiral Tojo

yapsir said...

This is a direct translation. No check of grammars and poetry
You said, whenever you were alone, when you were alone in the hostel
Or stuck in the jam, you speak to yourself through the air.
You said: Ah Gong, how are you, how are things over there?
I said, often in the deep sleepless night, my mind ran across much fond memory of dad and his last look.
Sometime when I walk alone in the trail, I would look to the blue sky and said ‘how are you dad? is it ok over there?’
As the car sped along the road, I missed the places I used to live,
The road has now become a narrow junction.
In the darkness you reach out to my face to search for tear’s mark,
I laugh and said ‘you wet hand had make my eyes wetland do you know
The meaning of everything there is an end’
The sundry shop run by the old Indian women, where we used to get
Snacks and the swing under the tree were our beautiful childhood memory.
Dad laid peaceful in the coffin, yes indeed man will finally laid here, for one day others will look me this way, this is the law of nature, and we can’t escape this day.
(will do the next,another time.)
Henry Yap-yapsir