Wednesday, April 14, 2010

HRP to BN: Seize the Day, Make Fresh Start... Need I Say Further??

My previous article has caused quite some stir among the remaining of the Hindraf members and coincidentally brought about The Great Hindraf Debate when RPK wrote his piece and offered his views.
If you follow Malaysia Today, you would have read a lot of responses from disgrunted people through their letters to the editor. Most were rebuttals from sensitive soul without vision for the marginalized Indian grassroots.
I must qualify myself here..
I have been monitoring HRP's activities for quite awhile now. The reason I posted the last article was purely through observation. There were plenty of unhealthy signs of sudden behavioral changes which gave rise to suspicion on the path HRP is heading.
And I don't wish to continue wasting my on people who allows their mind to be ruled by emotion.
Before I end this post, here is something for your perusal...
Need I say further here?
52 years under BN oppression and merely 2 years under Pakatan Rakyat state rule, is this how they represent the marginalized Indian community?
You must be a damn fool to put your faith on them.
Hindraf Then and Hindraf Now are worlds apart. But the Hindraf's spirit still lives on strongly in the marginalized Indian hearts. They just need a selfless and sincere leader to guide them.
Nonetheless, the Truth is finally Out...


Anonymous said...

my,your horse must be tall one.where were you went the racist disgusting comments were insulting the indians?

you insult the indians and expect them to listen to you! which world are you living in? typical chinese behaviour! thinks about his views only not others.chinese have no moral high ground to condemn anyone in this country.

you are nothing but a fraud! so,continue kissing rpk the cunt butt!

TheWhisperer said...


Insult the Indians? Where did you get that from?

Go open up your retarded mind and read properly..

My horse may be tall but I assure you I walked taller than you.

Search yourself and tell me where were you when the people took the street to protest?

You are nothing but a coward at the end of it all.

TheWhisperer said...

Perhaps, I should titled it 'HRP Begging BN'..

Asslickers... And I wonder whose asses are they licking?