Saturday, December 13, 2008

An Inspiring Night In Solidarity With The Hindus In Rasa, Selangor...

Around 30 Anak Bangsa Malaysia made it to Rasa, Selangor, in solidarity with our Bangsa Malaysia Hindu brothers and sisters in their 'Pournami Pooja' prayer for all ISA detainees to be released.

We arrived a bit late. The ceremony was already in progress but we were given a warm welcoming reception by our Hindu brothers and sisters. The atmosphere was calm and serene with prayer chants ringing through the air under the presence of the Full Moon despite the clicking of the Special Branch's camera targeting on Our Entourage. But We, for one, are not to be cowed by their presence as we believe we are doing that right thing and marching in the right direction towards a harmonious Malaysian Race beyond the racial supremacy and religion line, peacefully.

All went on fine without any untoward incident. There were hugs and handshakes going around freely. Yeah, we all blended well with sincerity. More brother and sisterhoods were forged last night. Another progress for Anak Bangsa Malaysia. Very Inspiring, indeed!!

The Prayers and The Faithful Devotees

Anak Malaysia In Solidarity

The Special Branch Assigned to Protect Us

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(Pix courtesy of Benz )

Empowered courtesy of Sanjiun

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Argus Eye said...

I'm glad it went on fine. Looking forward to the photos :)