Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Only PM-In-Waiting, Already Show His Color...

No wonder foreigners are pulling out their funds... Well, that was what that have been conveyed to me many months ago - If Najib gets to be the Prime Minister, they would be the first to get out of here. No reason was given but we sure do see the effect the moment the nomination started. Firstly, we have our supposedly strong fundamentally 'bulu chips' being sold down to levels beyond recognition followed by the weakening of Ringgit. Tens of billion have left Malaysia in such a short span. There is a vacuum in our monetary system now. I really wonder who is behind supporting the composite index? EPF? Tabung Haji? LTAT? ValueCap? But, for how long?
But can you imagine this?

The National Land Council will be holding a special meeting with the Perak government soon to discuss the latter's decision to award freehold land titles to residents.

Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak said that the meeting was important as the Perak government must have the approval of the council before awarding freehold land titles to residents of new and planned villages in the state.

Najib said that the National Land Policy (NLP) stated freehold titles can only be given if these lands are to be used by the federal government for public purposes or because of special circumstances.

"In terms of policy and the constitution, it cannot be done unilaterally; it must go through the NLC."As such, the Perak government cannot implement the move until a decision is taken by the NLC," he was reported as saying by Bernama today. Read in full here.

So what's wrong with giving land titles away to those deserving people who have spent their entire life toiling on the land? Don't politicise on this land issue, moron. Go play your political game on another platform and leave these innocent people alone! Time and time again innocent rakyat have been made scapegoat and Enough is Enough!! Dig that!


Anonymous said...

My take is Barisan Najis "politikuses" worry that if PR gives freehold titles to people, there won't be any 'kangtou' left for Barisan Najis if they come back to rule the state later(day dream !).

Antares said...

Najib is BAD NEWS all the way - from beginning to end - with no redeeming features! In the coming days and weeks I await with profound glee the disintegration and abrupt unraveling of his grotesque pinklipped plot to hijack the future of Malaysia.

peng said...

He doesn't know how to dig. If he does, he would be burying things instead of blowing it up. Issues pertaining to dishing out fairness to the rakyat should not be blown up as a political issue.
There are more demanding issues that he should poke his nose into, like measures to counter the effects of global economic slowdown, reducing crimes, the illegal immigrants issue over in the east, dangerous hill slopes development etc.
Whisperer, we better start praying hard that a miracle will happen between now and March 2009.

Anonymous said...

looks like when Pakatan Rakyat is doing the REAL work, BN "sabo" at the back. Shame on you, BN!