Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Zaid Ibrahim Sacked: Thank You for the Favour, Umno!!

Umno Supreme Council today sacked Zaid Ibrahim from the party for attending opposition events.
Umno president Abdullah Ahmad Badawi made the announcement at about 11.30pm after chairing the supreme council meeting at party headquarters in Putra World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur.
"Once he has been sacked, there is no opportunity to appeal," said the prime minister during the 10-minute press conference.
"There were wrongdoings by Zaid as he was seen in the company of the opposition leaders. This is something which is against Umno ethics."
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The Ibrahims

Now what does this tells us? Simple fact here. Umno cannot afford to have a man of integrity, credibility and principle to be in their party. So what's left now are garbage.
Nevertheless, their stupidity in sacking this honorable man is to be viewed as a gain to us. Perhaps, it is time to welcome this honorable man into our fold to fight for a better Malaysia.
So, what say you, Zaid Ibrahim?


Anonymous said...

Good job, UMNO...
You are DIGGING YOUR OWN GRAVE for sacking such an honest and capable man.
May UMNO rotten together with all your cronies and corrupted members.
And we all are so glad to see that.

Anonymous said...

We need more of the likes of Zaid Ibrahim in Umno. To be brave enough to stand up against the puppet master. But then again, with 1,560 contractors among the 2,600 eligible to vote... no wonder most are tikus. They got to jaga their own rice bowl.

Anonymous said...

Zaid Ibrahim as a righteous and honorable gentleman just does'nt fit into umno which is made up of crooks ,scumbags and thieves

jeffrey said...

In Westminster, MPs from both sides mixes around freely and yet in Malaysia u get sack by the dominant UMNO. This shows that UMNO cannot accept a man who dares to speak out his mind. Indeed a man of good principle and integrity.
The rest of the goons are just typical Yes Men clamoring for Govt contracts with jacked up prices with their cronies in tow making big fat bucks.
And in Sarawak, the man with the white hair who has ruled for 27 years robs and rape the natives in cahoots with his gang of cronies. How could the UMNO Govt let this one man destroy and cut down our 200 MILLION YEAR OLD RAINFORESTS. Same happening in West M'sia and Sabah. Guys, wake up, this is one of Malaysians God gifted heritage.

Jarod said...

Better for Zaid. Every time have to vomit blood bcoz UMNO do not see the big picture.