Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bernard Khoo – Walking the Whole Nine Yards.

Each time I wear a T-shirt with the bold imprint that call for a certain protest, I am looked at with cynicism and most of all, their pout lips with their eyes rolling up the ceiling. Initially, I was offended and wished that I could wring their necks.
Today, it does bother me a bit at all. What I am doing and where I am going is my prerogative, no question about it. I want to be counted against the absurdity of the ruling hypocritical “elites” on ordinary people like me. I am heading to the venue that can help me hold my head high.
If my father could volunteer himself to be a home-guard officer in the post Japanese Occupation of Malaya, and brought food on the table as well, what I could do now is just a minnow compare to his patriotism and that of his comrades of their time.
I want to be like my father who would even stand in the fire for a good cause of human dignity, and now, I want to touch the heart of the “elites” that have almost turned to stone with a little white candle.
Whether ordinary folks in this contemporary have awakened from their slumber of comfort zone or otherwise, the truth to such killing of the belief to stand united is purely ignorant.
There are stories of brave men and women who sent ripples of impact upon millions of people are easily found in the history books. New history has to be written today, the history for the future generation to know that his or her parents or grandparents had once held the little white candle that paved a new horizon of hope that turned to reality for them to be recognized as Anak Bangsa Malaysia.
The ordinary folks are those with enduring faith and boundless patience that compel them to rise to the occasion to earn the respect of being unafraid. We are unafraid because we love our Jalur Gemilang – the symbol of peace and the love of our country.
All ordinary folks should walk the whole nine yards with Bernard Khoo. He is an exemplary man standing tall to his belief and by stretching his hands out to reach those who are willing to hold his.
There are untold tales about Bernard - his passion and fortitude. He would never refuse to give anyone his warm hug be it man, woman or child. His hug is the symbol of friendship that glows like embers waiting to be fanned by the gust of courage to spark into a flame of unity. He stood his ground and such fortitude coming from a grandfather is hard to come by at any standard from men his age.

His familiar face is all about town. And what the eye of my camera could see is his “greatest gift” which is missing in many of us.
The greatest gift we can have is the unwavering consciousness on whatever we want to do or believe in. When the belief is harnessed with conscience, then conviction becomes the yardstick to help us to overcome all “man made” obstacles along the way.
To Bernard Khoo, the message is pure and simple. Your generation of comrades will come forward with their little white candles because they will not let you walk alone. The people who will walk with you the whole nine yards salute you sir, because you are who you are.
Please lead on brother.

Bernard Khoo aka zorro-unmasked


Another EyeSpy's weekly contribution and I believe this would go on as there are many who walked out there selflessly throughout this crusade who deserve some mention one way or another . Nevertheless, another deserving tribute to a Man who doesn't need any further introduction.


Antares said...

Bernard Khoo comes from a very robust genealogy which includes Santa Claus, Chuang-tzu, Friar Tuck, the 9th Dalai Lama, Miguel Don Cervantes, Pope Clement I, and Colonel Sanders. Cheers, bro! Thanks for the good energy you bring to every event!

peng said...

Agreed absolutely!
And thanks Bernard for your famous 'one-arm' hug of assurance!

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Indeed, a well-deserved tribute to Bernard Khoo. Giving his time and energy to a just cause, after retirement, is such a great act of patriotism. Tough act to follow but follow we must!

Bernard truly fits the character of Zorro so well! :)

Anonymous said...

Another spot on from Eye Spy.Good write up. Bernard, Emm. The first impression I had was he looks much like Sherlock Homes. Man of few words, always observing and listening and looking for clues.

We need this gentle 'giant' to straighten up our deploring state of the nation. This man is older than our Independent age of 51 but has a much better backbone than the entire Goment put together - What a shame to the authority and thats what and why Zorro is all about - justice!.
Cheers Bernard

zorro said...

People, I blush in humility. Your tireless and unselfish participation in the cause energizes me undoubtedly. Thank you, people.