Tuesday, December 30, 2008

12th Mesra Rakyat Vigil Went On A Different Note... Shhhhh

This Pic Says It All

The police rejected the councillor's application for permit for unknown reasons. Maybe the CPO wasn't happy with our petition to remove him. As a result, they blocked up part of the access road to MBPJ and planted at least 8 plainclothes personnel among us. Notice the Big Sister in the above pic seated behind this group of silent vigilers... I believe she headed this operation. Attractive and friendly cop lady who flashed me some smiles throughout the night. It's because I was behaving like a jerk and she finds it so amusing.

Councillor Aloysius

In councillor Richard Yeoh absence, councillor Aloysius kick-started the last vigil for 2008 by informing us that this vigil was without permit and gave his blessings to anyone who wishes to leave this vigil. Everyone of us stood our ground. How can anyone tell us that we are doing something wrong when we are only having a peaceful gathering among family members? Besides, we were gathering within the private property of MBPJ. No disruption of public peace nor were we causing any traffic jams. They were the paranoid ones. Imagine them blocking part of the access road. We were the civilise ones.

The Old Mingling With The New Supporters

After the passing of Brother Syukree, Haris have decided to do away with speeches and spend more time mingling around with those who come and walk with us. And this night was the opportunity for everyone to catch up with one another. And catch up we sure did...

And More Mingling After The Vigil

Tonight's Angels

Angel Sarah And Nicole Renee

Pix courtesy of EyeSpy and The Whisperer


peng said...

Whisperer, you are attracting pretty lasses to the vigil!
So the mata-mata merajuk? Seem like they are not in the giving spirit..

TheWhisperer said...

Peng, they were in giving spirit. They kept shooting at us with their camera and video cams.On top of that, they were giving us protection just in case those brainless Pewaris idiots decide to gatecrash our party.

Overall, I should say that they were 'pretty' friendly. Bet all of them wondered why were they sent there in the first place.

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Yang, I agree with you and Peng. You surely get those guys and gals wondering why we are so friendly and caring for each other. I am sure they go back with reports tinged with a mixture of awe for the vigils. Plus the camaraderie lingers in their minds long after they finish their work watching us. :)

Anonymous said...

I heard from Uncle Bernard while attending the launching of MANSUHKAN at Stadium BBB (29 Dec)... He said he was followed by 2 SBs when walking back to his car that nite aft vigil. They even approached him and ask him why he gave the speech!!!

These SBs are too much!

(I think they are having hard time writing a report that nite coz nobody gave any speeches and Zorro was the only one)