Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mukhriz, Are You Retarded or What??

Jerlun member of parliament Mukhriz Mahathir today slammed MCA and Gerakan leaders for ‘overreacting' over the Ketuanan Melayu (Malay supremacy) issue.
He blamed the vernacular school system for the polarised society which caused the poor understanding of the Malay supremacy concept among the non-Malays.
He was of the opinion that the disunity in the community arose from the different education system and proposed that a single education system be implemented to foster greater unity.
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What the hell actually went through this extra-terrestrial looking moron's head? Either his brain was born near his ass or they must have been wrecked by drug abuse.

Their bloody Malay supremacy propaganda doesn't work anymore and so conveniently they pushed the blame on vernacular school system. Excuse me, you MF moron!! Just take a good look at what have you MF Umno morons did to our education system for the past 3 decades. Turning all of the schools into brainwashing center to stunt brain growth rather than the sincerity to improve the brains of the younger generation. That explained the kind of education system we have now.

Supremacy built through theatrical means is no supremacy at all. You want to claim supremacy? Then come compete on level terms. Otherwise, it is just another low arm tactic. Clearly, those who still preach Malay supremacy only have their personal interest in mind.

No ulterior motives, my foot!! Umno election time.. so need to fork tongue here. Already a motive and a bloody bad one!!

UPDATE: Mukhriz Was Misquoted!!

Racist Big-Mouth came out in defense. Read more here..

Either he is saying that this Mukhriz guy don't know what he is talking about or all of us are deaf fools. You morons better pay attention here as I am going to say this once...

" Just Keep Politics Away From Education"

Dig That??


Anonymous said...

Not surprising he pulled such a stunt, Muflis bugger is just as despicable as his old man ; Mahatiu.

The Driver said...

Luckily our muflis bugger open his mouth early n show his true colour or tail.I have never trusted this bugger since day one as his actions all the while smacks of being programme by the greatest Racist n Liar of our nation-Maha Kutty.Little wonder that our country is going down the drain with this kind of leaders our education system produced.Ptui!

Anonymous said...

well that is what we should expect from him, the son of Dr Evil. It was meant as a stunt, to draws more supports for him in the UMNO, as well as for MCA. For MCA because when they "acting" in front of the media so called fighting for the chinese community and asked the chinese to back them strongly so that the chinese interest won't lost bla bla bullshits. But he forgot, this is 2008, the year we dumped that racist mindset and their acting is way tooo outdated!!

Anonymous said...

What ever you call Mukhriz, there is no reason to call him retarded. This is an extremely offensive and hurtful word against a group of people who are just doing the best they can.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah, again use the old often repeated excuse 'MISQUOTED" Crap, we all say. You'd think Kerispudding could get creative once in awhile...

MoanKID is his old man's son, what is there to say. The fruit don't fall very far from the tree.