Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Vision That Was Never Meant To Be Realized...

Former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad said that Malaysia will probably not be able to become a developed nation in 12 years’ time - the key target his Vision 2020.
In his speech, Mahathir described the current government as a "weakened" entity faced with a situation unprecedented in the country's 50-year history of political instability.

According to him, the present government has mistakenly tried to appease "extremists, racists, and other discontents” instead of making the necessary - though unpopular - decisions.

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I tried very hard for the past few days not to respond to this moronic statement of his. Obviously, I have failed tremendously. What the fuck is he trying to get at here? In the first place, how can he be sure that his vision would work within his time frame when all he does during his time is to project on Malay supremacy through NEP to the benefit of his minority chosen Umnoputras and continue to trodden down our education standard?

And read his reasons for his vision 2020 failure. Blame it on political instability. Trying to justify his unjustified usage of ISA and OSA during his tenure in the name of political stability. Is that his way to bring about political stability? Yeah, I would have to go to Kamunting for writing this during his time.

Everything he said here just make me sick. Just reflect all his misdeeds during his tenure as PM. This man is really sick!! Can't imagine anyone can stoop lower than this..

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