Monday, December 1, 2008

Yes, I Am a Senior Citizen Who is Worth the Distant Run...

Do not take senior citizens for granted by constantly criticizing them for every conceivable deficiency of the modern world, be it real or imaginary. They have so much to share and you can learn from them in order to understand them.
No matter how you conceive the senior citizens to be, always bear in mind that they are emotional with age and they need attention from their loved ones. No matter how difficult at times it may seem to be, stretch your patience a little and you will make a world of difference in his life. What you are looking at now is the reflection of you when your time comes to be one.
Do you know that some senior citizens do share some common traits? You be the judge then.

He is usually interested in going home before he could get to where he is going.

He is awake many hours before his body allows his to get up

He is smiling all the time because he can't hear a damn thing you are saying.

He is very good at telling stories; over and over and over until you drop off the chair.

He will say that other people's grandchildren are not as cute as his

He will tell you how to keep healthy like the physique he has, but the truth is that his various organs need transplant, so to speak.

When you have not done well, he will start telling you, “When I was young…”

Why is that senior citizens speak more or less the same “language” and not tired of it? Simple, they are cute my friends! And I like to be cute too because I am one of them! So please bear with us if we happen to get out of line.
Senior citizens having given their most active years to the society working in various capacities and now they deserved special consideration by society at large and the government in particular.
Their capabilities have also further the betterment of the society through years of contributions and most of all nurturing their children to be what they are today. Will they ask for your financial support? Will they want to see you fail? Will they want to see you waste your life away? My dear friends, the questions are endless and the answers to the three heartfelt questions are plain NO.
Let me share with you a little secret and when you are in a moment of silence, please give a thought about it.

They want your love and a little attention that you can spare. Allow them to grow old gracefully because they may slip into their second childhood inevitably. By then, your love and care for them should be on your willing shoulders to bear because they will be waiting for you to help them through those lonely years.

You will see with your own eyes that what you will have to do for them is what they had done for you when you were too young to understand, and most of all so ignorant. If only you could remember your first fall trying to walk; and how they rushed to lift you up and cajoled you to try one more time; and how you were mollycoddled after that. Of course you could not remember! This is the test of your love for them when they start to make their first “fall”. By then, will they be asking too much or will they be receiving too little wanting to be with you?
Take a look around you and you may see for yourself those who are lucky, and those who are not. Some are living in seclusion into their twilight years. Need I have to say more?

For too many years, the senior citizens had being keeping too quiet. Now, they have emerged to lend their support for a good cause. They may not have so much time left to do what is not for themselves but for their children and their children’s children. Their faces fill with wisdom and compassion, are the faces that we should not forget with time.

Dear friends, come out and light the little white candles with them. Make the candles glow brilliantly in the dark forever and ever in your heart.

Quote: “Whatever good I can do, let me do it now for I may not pass this way again.”

This article is contributed by senior citizen EyeSpy, who gave me the honour to pubish his weekly article. And for anyone who wishes to let their voice be heard, please do feel free to leave me an email at


Argus Eye said...

This is my first time encountering your blog, although I'm pretty sure we would've bumped into each other in at least one of those vigils.

A good read for sure, will link you up. I'll be out of KL for about 2 dire need of such blogs :)

TheWhisperer said...


Welcome here.

I did notice your comments on People Parliament. Just visited your blog and walla.. We are on the same boat!

Am sure we did bumped into one another but definitely not by blog identity.

Will catch up with you when you two months after.

Yin said...

TheWhisperer: This is a great eye-opener for everyone. I agree with all that's written! Doesn't mean that I'm old, I just understand it!