Friday, December 5, 2008

ValueCap: Najib, Quit Your Lip Service and Just Be Transparent la...

Najib: ValueCap not meant for bailouts

Addressing continued concerns over the RM5 billion injection of public funds into ValueCap Sdn Bhd, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak yesterday assured the people the extra allocation will not be used to bail out politically-connected individuals or government-linked companies.
“I wish to give a categorical assurance that ValueCap will be used for value investing and will not be used to bail out anyone,” Najib, who is also finance minister, said at the 13th Malaysian Capital Market Summit here.
According to Bernama report, he said ValueCap would be professionally and ethically-managed, adding that there will be no political interference in its investment decisions.

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He still doesn't get it. We have had enough of their lies for umpteen years
and enough is enough. For as long as there is no transparency as to how this RM 5B is going to be disbursed, all his reassurance is equivalent to zilch. Perhaps, we should make the books of EPF transparent. I am pretty sure we can un-canned many can of worms there. Yes right.. I am talking about EPF"s involvement in the capital market. Supporting certain stocks for someone else to cash out. Same applies to ValueCap. Might as well consider the RM 5B burnt. Am I wrong? Then send in the auditors and make public the audit.
Najib, your talk is full of lies and you are belittling the intelligence of the citizen of this country.
For every deals or proposal that this adminstration undertakes, it is in fact safe for us to be suspicious of any ill intention behind each and every one of it. That's so much of credibility we have for all of you morons.
Anything less of total transparency is a NO to The People!!

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jeffrey said...

transparency is not in their lingo, they will use OSA as an excuse to cover up their devious money stealing scheme. One wonder why the toll highway agreements are classified under OSA. That is their true colour.
I wonder if there is a fatwa telling the politicians not to steal money from the rakyat. Will it work? (YES:1 Vote NO:99 Votes)
Why should EPF money being loan to Value Cap to invest in the stock market when EPF themselves can make their own investments and earn much more. tak da logic pun.
Another hare brained scheme to curi more duit.