Monday, December 1, 2008

Another Milestone For PJ Vigil...

Guests of Honour: Puan Norlaila and her son

Pete and his entourage at PKR Congress

I first met Puan Norlaila and her teenage son was during last Saturday PKR Congress outing with Pete. And last night, our vigil was graced by the presence of this strong and determined lady and her son. She took the stand and related to us her ordeal from the moment her husband was detained under the cruel ISA law. Seven years is indeed a long time for a family to live on without a sole breadwinner and for a kid to grow up without a father for half his life. Many were moved to tears as we shared her pain throughout her hour long narration.

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Zorro In Patriotic Mood

Lovely People

Masked Man made his appearance

Teary beauties

Loud and Clear

Grand couple from Seremban

A Cause Beyond Race and Age

Returning a Favour

Habitual Backbencher

They never fail to turn up




Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Great work, buddy! You did it again!

Anonymous said...

Great pics and people of Bangsa Satu. Keep up the good work.