Friday, December 26, 2008

Dream Free, Dream True.. Must Read!

Found this conversation between The Sun and our Anak Semua Bangsa, Rahmat Haron, interesting. Thought it would be appropriate to reproduce it here... Read and listen to what he has to say.

Article and pix from TheSun
RAHMAT Haron wears many hats – poet, painter, activist and rebel. His works are cutting-edge, controversial and provocative. In his home cum studio, the portrait of a past leader stands out. It has tiny fangs and the word "Kula" attached to the leader’s name. "I think my works say what is wrong with me more than what is wrong with this country," he says with a touch of humour.
The 31-year-old artist talks to BISSME S on issues ranging from the Internal Security Act to the destruction of the environment.
theSun: You are perceived as a rebel, activist, poet and painter. How do you see yourself?
I am a professional drifter, a super poseur, a fake quasi wanderer and a wannabe of too many things. I am still studying in universe, majoring on life.
Why such a low opinion of yourself?
I am not putting myself down. We often parody others and the situation around us. Sometimes, we must learn to parody ourselves.
Most artists have messages that they want to impart in their work. What is yours?
My message is simple. It is to open up imagination. The poet Sylvia Plath said the scariest thing in life is the death of imagination and I think this country is suffering from lack of imagination.
Read the full conversation here..

Pix by PJ Vigil' s Pat Lu

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