Monday, December 15, 2008

The Raised Arms – That Show The Way.

What we all know is that the arm is the limb that joins the shoulder to the hand. No sirree! I am not trying to insult your intelligence about anatomy. Lift your arm high when the needs arise and this is the very arm that is the symbol of your conviction to the cause you are fighting for!

Around the world, we know that any government can ignore one person or one group, but they cannot ignore more and more people speaking out on critical issues. With this very arm, people like you and me will stretch it high for the call to respect human rights.
We no longer need a parental government to tell us what to do. I am proud to be part of the people that refuses to submit to unnatural limits on our most basic freedom - the freedom to assemble with a harmless little white candle. If lighting a candle is illegal then it is only a temporary “breach” of such absurdity, but the light must keep shining.
The arm that holds the light is the arm of freedom to shine for those who chose to be blind. Our basic human rights are in critical condition; autocrats have violated the freedom of our thinking and speech. If we do not join in and get involved and we don’t even think about it after we go home, can we still be saved from such absurdity of violation?

Malaysians are peaceful and cultured and let not the social fabric of cohesiveness be destroyed by allowing our rights to be taken away. The call for redemption will not see the light by then.
Every ordinary person starts by doing a small thing. Such small thing is from our conscience apparently endowed by Nature as our birthright to breathe the same air and walk the same journey as any person should.
The day will come when I turn to my left and right, I see only my brothers and sisters beyond their colours and creeds. This will truly be Malaysia where the people have created a New World Order that will herald a thousand years of peace and freedom.

Let the light shines in the dark and even a small glitter will show the way. What more if thousand folds that keep burning with a tsunami of overwhelming glow that are lifted by just our arms? A moment of reflection is just what we need to think sincerely if we are truly the Malaysians that we should be!

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