Thursday, December 4, 2008

Angela Ooi - A Livewire Just About Everywhere...

Turning back the pages of time, the reminiscence could be too nostalgic in the rock and roll era of the sixties. Teenagers at that contemporary were brutally honest about themselves looking for clean fun and what they had was mostly house party for fraternizing.
But for the “real” oldies at that time, I could still remember asking my father why those neighbourhood uncles were carrying walking-sticks when they could still walk without one. Like a na├»ve teenager, I was made to believe that when one had retired, the walking stick was the “symbolic announcement” that they were willing to seep into sedentary life. Can’t blame them could we? The truth to the matter is that, there was nothing much to do then, at their age and at their time.
These days, many know that life does not grind to a halt until they hit 60 - I guess far from it. Many of them keep working well into their seventies, while retirees will volunteer, travel, and enjoy an active lifestyle their parents never imagined.
The oldies are still feeling great, and they want to look great too. Mature men and women are ready to reduce the wrinkles and sagging of age, but not “that’s that” to life!
Those who were in their teens and twenties in the 1960s are now reaching retirement or have retired. They are determined to enjoy life in a different way. Not only they could dance the off-beat cha cha, or the cha cha or even the rock and roll, mind you, some of them could rap and do the “moonwalk” to give Mikaeel (Michael Jackson) a run for his money. Do you dig it?
But, where are they - the oldies? Ah ha! You will be able to catch them at the candlelight vigil. More and more of them are emerging from the comfort of their homes to stand with the crowd and be counted for a good cause.
People, let me introduce you Angela Ooi – the livewire among the oldies.
She has so much enthusiasm and energy, and nothing seems able to stop her. There will never be a dull moment with her around. However, I have to give you all a fair warning. Make sure you have a strong heart and you have to be ready to get arrested for disturbing the peace with her around. Do you dig it? Oh boy, I love this “dig it” lingo!
In person, Angela has a bubbly personality. Her son, Kenny is with her most of the time to ensure she don’t cha cha off the beat. I guess not. To me, Kenny is caring and Angela should be proud of him. Well, mother and son speak volume for itself.

I met Angela and her gang in Seremban in their first candlelight vigil. I must admit that my heart went “kaboom”. Don’t get me wrong, this so call “kaboom” made me aware that she has what it takes to be a woman her age – straight as an arrow, brutally honest about herself and the most important of all, to be who she is without wearing a mask.
Her initiative to spearhead the Seremban candlelight vigil has brought much hope and unity to the Seremban folks who want to stand with her in this good cause. We are proud of you Angela!
The strangest thing of all happened. We sat in the same police truck on the 09 November night, unlike those in a love boat sailing under the moonlight to uncharted waters of romance, but for us with anxiety to the police station instead. While the police truck punctuated along, I knew I had a newfound sister just like the other newfound brothers travelling together in darkness.
By the way folks, Angela and I are of the same age and from the same kampong – Penang. The candlelight vigil has brought us a new friendship that will remain as perennial as the meadow grass.

Another deserving tribute from EyeSpy. I couldn't agree more as Angela happens to be my 'vigil girlfriend'. So we claimed to be. It is not difficult to notice her. And it is harder to avoid her as she wont leave anyone alone. Angela, you truly deserve this...


Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Yes, I totally agree. I also met Angela at the first Seremban vigil and she immediately makes you feel at ease.

They say "Those who can, do and those who can't, talk". Angela definitely falls into the "do" category!


Anonymous said...

Wow Sunny you wrote such nice things about me, you are a dear yourself. Though my name is Angela, I am no angel and I do have a filthy temper but I do have a big heart and I am a softie at heart. Thanks Lita and Duke, we are on the same wavelength and get on famously. Have a great day!

angela ooi

Anonymous said...

Angela, you deserve the praise...
It is really my pleasure to know you!!!

Nirmala Naidu said...

I have known Angela for almost 7 years. Yes, she is one of a kind. Her contributions to nation building and change is applauded. Not many would put themselves up front like she does.She has no qualms telling people off with her infectious,"Go To Hell, Lan Chau!!"
I am proud of u. God bless.

Read about my experience with RPK at

Anonymous said...

Ah Yes, Angela. Full of life and zest! Lady that rocks whenever she talk. The lighthouse that shines into every darkness of human minds.
You are indeed, unique!!
God bless,

Anonymous said...

Dear mum,

I am on the way moving to the jungles of amazon now. I hear that it is harder for anyone to trace anyone there... I'll live my life there in a cave with 10 sexy south amarican gals.... n i'll be changing my name to Romone Likuliku.... when i build myself an empire from breeding there.... i bring them back to over throw the BN gov here... till then... take care and.... viva RPK!!!

not Kenny

Whatmeworry said...

Angela is a spunku lady who stands by what she believes in. I only met her once at the 1st Friday vigil in Seremban. She happens to be a good friend of my former schoolmate.

Anonymous said...

I know it's you Kenny... a mom always knows!

Anonymous said...

Angela and Kenny...
U guys are really interesting (or "Unique") pair of mother and son!!!
I'm amazed! Haha! :D

hijau-kiri said...

This gutsy lady knew as much that when Zorro posted her photo in his blog after the arrest at the PJ Civic Centre, Zorro wanted to set her up as an example. Even for the Polis to target.

She said she does not mind going in again as it is better for a grandmother to go in than for a young girl to go in ; but she lamented that Zorro could have chosen a better "mugshot"