Monday, August 2, 2010

Abolish ISA Rally (Amcorp Mall): The Youth Has Awakened! (Updated)

The youth of today, you note, “will chart the future of Malaysia.” You say you “no longer want to be ignored and leave the future of our Malaysia at the hands of the current generation.” You “want to grab the bull by the horns... and have a say in where we go as a society and as a nation.” - Tengku Razaleigh

If you ask me for my opinion on last night rally at the Amcorp Mall, I believe the above caption would best described what I have witnessed.

It wasn't about the number of turnouts nor was it about the blatant thuggish behavior of our cops but what was evidently clear last night was the youth's turnout.

I have attended many walks and vigils to notice this positive transformation. From those who started this wave of change which brought about the political tsunami in 2008 to what it is today..

Yes, The Youth Has Awakened!

A positive sign, indeed. And this renewing call for change will soon sweep across this land once again..

The thugs came early with intention to gatecrash the party. Before long, they were occupying the tarmac area leading to the field.

Meanwhile, the vigilers gathered opposite at Amcorp Mall. Some short speeches were given before they proceed to the field.

Coming face to face with the thugs barricade. National anthem was sang. This time the thugs waited for the national anthem to finish before turning hostile.

They pushed aggressively and made few arrests when the vigilers retreated. The vigilers had no other choice but to seek refuge inside the mall. A long standoff follows before the thugs lost their patience and stormed into the mall to make more arrests.
After meeting their arrest quota for the night, the thugs left but for the vigilers, it was time to stand in solidarity with those arrested. They gathered outside the police station with heavy presence of FRU and water cannon trucks. The thugs made two more arrests there with intention to discourage people from gathering.
A long and weary night ahead...

At the end of it all, I would say....

The Youth Of Today Rocks!

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Antares said...

The Youth of Today rock and we the Fully Mature are on a roll... gonna bring the Big Bad BN down!