Sunday, November 28, 2010

Zaid Ibrahim: A Trojan Horse?

It was quite disturbing listening to a bunch of lawyers openly chastising Zaid to some of my friends during last Friday's happy hours session.
They claimed that Zaid was paid between RM10-15M to stir up some mess within PKR. That was exactly the same piece of rumor that have been circulating around running up to PKR party election. At the same time, there was this piece of rumor that Azmin and gang have purportedly received RM 200M for their quest to take control of the party.
What really puzzles me then was why so much attention was given to Zaid's while Azmin's was treated like a non-event by some bloggers, word of mouths and even the mainstream media.
Perhaps, it is time to question ourselves following the chain of events that have had happened.
1. The mainstream media biased reporting favoring Azmin should raise this question. Who has the control over the mainstream media? I don't think I need to spell this out..
2. If someone plans to plant a trojan horse, what would the best way to do that? Obviously, it is for the trojan horse to remain in the party. Zaid quits PKR and what good is a trojan horse when he is not within. It just doesn't make any sense at all.
And now, they are confirming that Zaid is the trojan horse just because he is going to form a new party soon.
It tells me that the mainstream media has been very successful this time. People are now beginning to question PR's ability to run the country. They can even blatantly point to one isolated corruption case involving PR's candidate and generalizes that there's no difference between BN and PR without even making any effort to compare it's rampancy and action taken against the wrongdoer.
This is exactly what is happening on the street. This is exactly how gullible most Malaysians are. Just constantly bombard them with the same propaganda and lies can become truth. Amazing, right?
Now back to the trojan issue, lets take a look at Pas for example. Each time when the tide went against BN, we would be getting Hadi Awang or Nasharuddin coming out with damaging statement as to provide check and balances to the sentiment. Islamic state or unity talks and whatnot. Isn't that the duty of a trojan horse? They hold leadership in Pas and yet they cant even win the seat they contested in, let alone the Trengganu state. Peculiar, isn't it?
And if PKR or DAP is not careful, I am afraid they would be in the same situation given all the recent upheavals that has been happening running up to their respective party's election. These trojans are making their moves strongly. Obviously, there are lots of money involved here and who has all the money and power to do so?
At the end of the day, it is the people who would be sucked and fucked in all these political play.
What choice do we have now? PR definitely cant takeover Putrajaya in the next general election. At best, they can deny BN a two-third majority.
What we can do is to give The Third Force a chance if there is any that is coming up. The Third Force that is going to provide the check and balances in the lawmaking process leaning towards the interest of the nation and the people.
An idea too far-fetched it may seems.. It wont be if we put our mind into it and make that little effort.
Lets do it for the 14th GE. What Say You?


Anonymous said...

The last time i checked in here, you were one of the strongest PR's supporter, Anwar's fan.

A Third Force? Seriously?

PKR is in its worst state now. The president has no courage to say anything, the defacto leader is busy trying so hard to win his court case, and the people inside the party is going crazy going against the whole PKR's leadership. And to make things worse, not one of the leaders in PKR gives a damn about the whole thing.

And what does everyone in PR do? Nothing. Just clapping their hands at the misfortune of their sister party. Everyone is holding their breathe waiting for their turn to take the reign.

You have chosen the wrong party to support my friend.

TheWhisperer said...

Anon 10:21,

Thank you for taking interest in this humble blog.

For your info, i was never a member of any political party all my life and I do not have any intention to do so in the near future. Let alone a fan of Anwar Ibrahim.

I am indeed quite surprise as to where you get the notion that I am a strong supporter of PR.

If you would have pay a bit more attention, you would have notice that this blog is all about going against the rots and is more people oriented.

It may appear true right after the tsunami that PR was the only hope then that people have to rid the evil regime.

Much water have traveled under the bridge since. Whatever that is happening in PKR or DAP does not change the fact that BN breeds Corruption.

And that should be our focal point.