Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Economic Warfare Waged Against The People...

We have been having endless tit-for-tat political maneuvers since the 12th general election where the ruling coalition was deprived of their two-third majority which they had enjoyed for the past few decades.
We have gone through a premiership change where Pak Lah was ousted from power by forces within his own party. Perak was taken back by the ruling coalition through low means. We have also gone through endless racial and religious instigation, courtesy of Umno, just to intimidate and instill fear onto people.
On top of that, we continue to see further decline in the integrity of our judiciary and the double standard in enforcing the law by our so called independent police force and anti-corruption agency. Independent yet not-so-independent it seems to be.
And quite recently, they unleashed Idris Jala to give an unwarranted talk on subsidies which costs the government RM 74B a year and that was their justification for subsidy removal.
And this week alone, there were news of further potential government spending. Moving parliament building to Putrajaya and purchase of two ships for the Navy. Some extravagance spending, huh? I am sure these project would be laced with super commission. No? Go read about the ballooning cost to build the new palace and their justification for the double increased in cost. Hey, we are still cheap in terms of psf as compared to here and there. Bollocks!
Our country will be bankrupt in 9 years if government continues to subsidize the people? So it is okay to bankrupt the people and line the pockets of the few who would benefit from these projects? What about the removal of PSD scholarship?
So what does these turn of events tells us?
Corruption is going to stay and their appetite is getting bigger.
What is common?
We people continue to get ourselves fucked by this corrupted regime.
And this is what we call a economic warfare. The government of the day is waging an economic warfare against the people. And at the rate it is going, we cant afford to wait even 3 years. The disparity between the rich and poor is going to increase.
This warfare does not recognize color. Whether you are a malay, chinese, indians, sikh or orang asal, all of us is going to get hit. It is about the creation of a minority group of super rich against the rest of us. It's about Money equals Power, Money plus Power equals Evil.
For those who are now comfortable and think that they can afford to mind their own business, think twice and think carefully. Is your wealth safe with this country heading towards doomsday?
The signs are written all over the wall.. This warfare has just pick up its intensity.
Brace yourself for a hard landing ahead..

Monday, June 14, 2010

Remembering Dad: One Year Later...

It has been exactly one year today since Dad left us to be at a better place.
It wasn't exactly easy trying to come to terms with this loss for the family. Each of us have a different set of fond memories with Dad. But at the end of it all, he was a loving, responsible. caring and fine Dad and grandparent.
Dad and me travelled a long journey together. He would take me with him wherever he goes and even on his business trip whenever there's school break. I still have many clear memories of my childhood spent with him.
Over the years, Dad and me managed to develop a special kind of bond and understanding between us. No need for words between Dad and me. We could almost sense and feel each other's predicament. We were like One.
One year has passed since he left. But the memories of his last few months remains etch permanently in my mind. I remembered both of us braving it out together as he slowly fade away.
Dad fought on strongly till the end and I took every step with him. That's exactly what Dad did and would have done for me.
I miss my Dad...
Happy Father's Day