Monday, June 14, 2010

Remembering Dad: One Year Later...

It has been exactly one year today since Dad left us to be at a better place.
It wasn't exactly easy trying to come to terms with this loss for the family. Each of us have a different set of fond memories with Dad. But at the end of it all, he was a loving, responsible. caring and fine Dad and grandparent.
Dad and me travelled a long journey together. He would take me with him wherever he goes and even on his business trip whenever there's school break. I still have many clear memories of my childhood spent with him.
Over the years, Dad and me managed to develop a special kind of bond and understanding between us. No need for words between Dad and me. We could almost sense and feel each other's predicament. We were like One.
One year has passed since he left. But the memories of his last few months remains etch permanently in my mind. I remembered both of us braving it out together as he slowly fade away.
Dad fought on strongly till the end and I took every step with him. That's exactly what Dad did and would have done for me.
I miss my Dad...
Happy Father's Day


Fi-sha said...

Dear Sir

I feel for you - your longing for him signals your undying love for him...

Anonymous said...

My Bapak
a man who rules with kindness
with compassion, with softness
and with love.

That's my memory of him and
I miss him so today and everyday.

Thinking of you Dukey!

Eric said...

Well said.

zorro said...

So are we going to spend Fathers' Day minus all the usual ho-has and just reminisce about our departed Papas? Sid would be a good place.

STEEST said...

Hey Yang,

And you said you couldn't write when I did a blog post about my dad!

Nice one, full of love and respect.

Hugs for you