Monday, May 31, 2010

UKM4: What Have They Done Wrong?

UKM4 (standing)

What have they done wrong?
They are final year political science student who happened to be caught "carrying and owning CDs and pamphlets expressing support or sympathies for or opposition to a political party contesting in the by-election" during the Hulu Selangor by-election campaigning period as reported by the media.
That's what they want the public to know. That these eligible voting age adults were campaigning on behalf of the opposition. Was there any attempt by the relevant authority and their cahooting media, made to publish the contents of the said materials that these boys were distributing?
I have personally went through the materials and there was no part or whatsoever which indicates their affiliation to any political party. The materials they were distributing were merely carrying a civil awareness message of the rot that continues to plague this country.
Thus, these eligible voting age adults were just exercising their responsibility as part of the civil society.
I repeat here.. Eligible voting age university-going boys. And to use the UUCA against them? Something must be very wrong with this Act.
Yeah, tell me about it!
Sure makes it looks like our universities are just another brainwashing centre for Umno politic.
On the other hand, just take a look at the above pics that we captured during polling day. What are these young boys between 14-17 years of age doing there, brandishing BN flags and making noises?

And the bus that was ferrying the boys in.. KOLEJ YAYASAN MELAKA printed boldly at the back.
Why was there no action taken against them? Not within the jurisdiction of the Act?
For God's sake, these boys are still years away to be eligible to vote.
Why the double standard here?

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sanjiun said...

Stupid la...
They are POLITICAL SCIENCE students. If not going to Hulu Selangor for their field work, where shall they go? Pasar malam kah?

Also, is that means those univ students above 21 can't vote in election then?