Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dear Pete...

Pete In London
Dear Pete,
It is great to see you again. Standing in front of a packed audience in standing ovation, throwing your challenge to Najib and his pack of dogs to come and nab you. I really admire your show of guts and wits. Marina must have did a good hardening job on your you-know-what:p
But you really had us worried for awhile when news came out that you were going to make an appearance. We were worried for your safety. Many things crossed my mind.. How are you going to travel safely from Poland to London? Or was it Mongolia?:)
I spent the whole night searching for information through online media with regard to your appearance. Can't expect much from our local mainstream media, can we?. Escorted by two burly guys and standing ovation without sign of PDRM guys. That was enough to put a smile on my face the whole night through. Even the Champions League Finals between Inter Milan and Bayern Munich fails to pull away my attention from my netbook.

Exactly 15 months and 2 days have passed since our last do together... I remembered doing a blog post on that party we had and titled it, 'It Turned Out To Be A Bon Voyage Party To ISA'. Little did we know then that you were going on a self exile.
The news about your self exile brought mixed feelings to many who stood by you but we were quick to come to this acceptance that it is better and safer for you to be away than to fight your cause from here.
Acceptance is one thing. It just serves as a consolation on one hand. On the other hand, we knew we are going to miss those walks and little parties we had together. And missed, we did. Again, it boils down to accepting this cruel reality. But you need not worry about us here. You singlehandedly brought us together and left us a united bunch of good people. Good people with good hearts and a united spirit to right the wrong, for the people and for the nation.
Time is on our side as patience is virtue.
Until then if fate permits us, InsyaAllah, we shall walk and party together again just like the same old days.

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Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Nice one, Yang!

Can see you soft side in this blog post! ;-)


TheWhisperer said...


The humane side of us will prevails when we are dealing with righteous people and conscientious people.

Thus, the difference..


Antares said...

Such a softie at heart you are, Mr Whisperer! Most sweetly expressed, thank you for voicing what all of us feel deep inside, just seeing Pete at the podium, doing what he does best - inspire others to awaken the divine sense of justice within their own hearts.