Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It Is Cheaper To Buy An Election In Sarawak Than In The Peninsular...

Don't get me wrong here. I am not saying Sarawakians are cheapos. What I am trying to say here is that most indigenous people in Sarawak lives in poverty with an average income of RM 200 per family per month.

A search through Wikipedia illustrated that a cool 53% of Sarawak's population is comprised of various ethnic groups of indigenous people with Dayak Ibans being the biggest ethnic group at 34% of Sarawak's population.

With the above two factors alone, it is no surprise that it is cheap to buy an election in Sarawak. No? Tale away the habitat of the indigenous people and make them dependable on you. Come election or buy election, just throw in some money and walla... you have their votes! That happened during Batang Ai buy election. And the same is happening here in Sibu...

'Taib is giving away Rm$600 to each family of the 246 Dayak long houses doors in Tanjung Penasu, Btu Burak etc. This is on top of the MRP grant announced to 12 long houses in the same area worth Rm$147,600.' Read the rest of the story Here..
Kinda cheap, isn't it? Small amount to buy 500 votes, To buy 50.000 votes comes to a cool tune of RM14.7M only. And that's assuming all the voters are hardcore poor indigenous people.
And it is no surprise that Sarawak remains Umno's safe deposit box to stay in power at federal level.
That's the scenario for Sarawak as a whole but this time around, we are talking about a buy election for Sibu constituency where two-third of the voters happens to be of Chinese ethnicity.
Based on our experiences from all the previous by-elections ( I am giving this one a miss with a heavy heart but we are very well represented by a two-man team), the Chinese has matured far beyond the rot of the administrative system. From Bukit Gantang to Hulu Selangor, there was a significant swing of Chinese votes vying for Change. This is a good plus sign for PR in Sibu. Or perhaps the Chinese folks in Sibu are a bit backwards...
But I still believe DAP candidate is going to give them a good fight despite being an underdog resourcefully.
But lets not get ourselves distracted by this money or instant noodle play. RM600 per family or RM1B to solve flood woes. Still the main culprit we should keep an eye for is the Election Commission. They created a mess of 14,000 voters polling station in Hulu Selangor and here we have report that there have been some discrepancy in the electoral list. Can someone from DAP come out with a compile list of the discrepancies just for the record and keep track of EC trickery?
It is obvious that they have perfected their tricks after all the earlier by-election losses. Or rather they have get more blatant in exercising their power abuse.
On the last note, the May 13th celebration organised by some lowly pariah assholes.. Is it to instill fear? Celebration instead of a memorial? Looks like someone is using others to protect his empire of wealth siphoned off during the period he ruled this country.
What a bunch of fucking assholes! And Najib, where is your balls? If this is not seditious enough, what else is?
Ma-Ka-Hai !!

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