Sunday, May 30, 2010

Patriotism As In Umno's Way...

I thought I could get away from airing my disgust here for a short while and take advantage of this long yet short weekend to relax and calm my nerves after being continuously bombarded with 2 years of blatant stupidity and blatant arrogance of Umno's politic.
But it turned out to be a short lived one..
I have survived the cheap publicity stunts of our PM joining in the Wesak Day celebration in Brickfield but somewhat felt disgusted with the news and picture of him wiping away the tears of an old friend who suffered and is recovering from a stroke. So much so for sincerity when one turns it into such a cheap publicity stunt.
However, what really got into my nerves is this piece of news..

The Government should revoke the citizenship of Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Kamaruddin, Cheras Umno division chairman Datuk Syed Ali Alhabshee said.

He said the Government should revoke his citizenship as Raja Petra was no longer keen on staying here.

Furthermore, his activities could affect peace in Malaysia, he said.

“Citizens who are not patriotic should not be given a place here. Raja Petra should be given appropriate punishment for what he has done,” he wrote in his blog

Earlier reports indicated that Raja Petra is now in Britain.

Syed Ali also urged the Govern­ment to carry out investigations on corporate figures and private sectors financing Raja Petra.

“If the Government fails to do so, it might give an impression that there are insiders who are in cahoots with Raja Petra. It is strange that the Government is slow in taking action against Raja Petra.” - The Star

Pathetically moronic!! Using the patriotic word so loosely. Some more coming from an Umno division chairperson. A moron still trapped in his world of lies and delusion. Is that all what Umno has left?
If by exposing the evils of Umno and their goons for the betterment of the country is deemed to be unpatriotic, who wants to be patriotic? And if by creating awareness of the evils of this regime to the people could affect peace, bring on the war then..
Perhaps, we do need more morons like him and Ibrahim Ali to help speed up the death of BeEnd.
On that note alone, I am feeling much better now..


Anonymous said...

Well said! I wouldn't even given them my two sens' worth. Hypocrisy seems to be their motto!

Anonymous said...

Well done & said. Those UMNO guys (including other BN parties) are merely parrot i.e. repeating things that had been said to support as "polishers" & stay in their position as leaders and earning good fortunes. There is no place to those who want to be sincere and truthful in politics. All are bunch of cheaters and cronies but remember the punishment of Allah the Creator.