Sunday, May 16, 2010

This Is Not A Place For A Prime Minister To Be In - Najib

And he fucking claims to be a Prime Minister for The People.. Pthooi!!

Hello Moron, this place is part of Malaysia and you are talking to your own people. What is wrong with that place that you were in. Bad condition or what? If it's bad condition, it shows that you morons are not doing your job as the government of the day. Simple as that. Who are you to come to this place and insult them further?

RM5M for flood relief? Why promise now? And try spin it that you are sincere with RM5M when BN wins. What is RM5M compare to your commission from Sukhoi And Scorpene deals? And this RM5M doesnt even comes from your commission.. It is going to come from the taxpayers monies. By the way, why didn't the Lau Sr do it when he was the MP for few terms?

Blatant stupidity.. Blatant Money Politics..
Our Election Commission must be sleeping..

On the brighter note, he do have supporters if we listen to the background. Bunch of morons!

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