Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thank You Mahathir And Ibrahim Ali For The Long Awaited SWEET Victory...

PR/DAP won with a majority of 398 votes albeit all the delay in officially announcement of the results. Still wondering here what was the reason behind the delay. Last ditch effort by SPR to reverse the result? No? Then why the sudden increased of 5k votes hours after the official announcement of number of votes ballotted? And the swing of the number of postal votes ballotted which finally stood at 2429 from the earlier 2809 which clearly exceeded the official registered number of 2537.
On top of the above hanky panky, there was a moment of blackout during the process. What else can we think of given the SPR bad record of favoring their master. Given the above picture, we knew their loss was quite bad and attempts to manipulated the outcome cannot be rule out. Thus the delay..
Perhaps, it was intended for bookmakers or for other reasons not known to us.
Whatever it is, DAP won with the help of the Chinese votes. We must attribute this win to Ibrahim Ali and Mahathir for their racist cry during the campaign period which further awakened the Chinese of East Malaysia. Like I have said earlier, the Chinese voters has matured beyond their evil ways to the stage that money is deemed useless. BN took Hulu Selangor was not due to the RM3M given to the Chinese school. Don't allow yourself to be distracted by that fact. The real fact then was merely using money to pay off part of PKR's machinery. Polling agent went missing and booths went unattended from noon in Sg Choh to Bukit Beruntung stretch. Coincidently, these are the areas which contributed to BN win in Hulu Selangor. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why...
Anyway, we had our celebration early albeit the early results and the low urban voters turnout. Somehow we were positive that the urban Chinese would deliver after all the insulting gestures by the PM undermining the principles of the people of Sibu.
We couldn't wait for the official result to pop this beauty. By the time the official result came in we were already at the tailend of our celebration. Nevertheless, it was a victory so sweet which drove few of us to do crazy things.

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mabuaya said...

Looks like you guys had a well deserved good time. What a great morale booster - well done the good people of Sibu. Thanks for making our day and showing the way.

Anonymous said...

wow, it really is difficult to please you huh. First you said that the postal votes should be declared null and void, and now you are saying that they wanted to cheat with the numbers? Goodness! Thank God you won, if not, I can't even imagine what else you would accuse them of...

some people are never satisfied...

TheWhisperer said...


Postal Votes:

Counted: 2429
Rejected: 208
Unreturned: 190

Still this figure is higher than those registered. Logical thing to do is to declare it null and void or come out with an explanation.

If you are looking for a fight with me, any time any place.

Otherwise, why don't you just fuck off!

This is no place for you to get your satisfaction like a coward!

Anonymous said...

hey, i'm commenting in a nice way, so be a gentleman and reply in a civilised manner.

your party has won the election, and if say for example, the EC now realised that they have made a mistake and wanted to declare the previous election null and void, i'm pretty sure the first person to go out and fight would be you :)

supporters (both from the government as well as the oppositions) are all the same. If the situation favours them, no matter how not transparent and fucked-up it is, it's okay, because at the end of the day, even after the fucking up, you have won - and that shows how much the rakyat has spoken right? :)

anyway, i don't mean to stir you up, or provoke you, just giving some honest opinion here.

congratulations for winning :)