Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Brace Yourself For More Hardship, Malaysians!

"Mr Prime Minister you said it loud and clear to the people. You vote my candidate in and I will help you! A very basic tit for tat situation that leaves no doubt to the people of Sibu that they need to teach you a lesson in eating humble pie. A lesson in the possibility that maybe, just maybe, money cannot buy everything.
That the people of Sibu was not bought over by his usual attempt at “BUY election” must be worrying for Najib. It was not Muhyiddin that was making the offer. It was the head honcho himself. I only have this to say to Najib - be afraid, be very afraid. If money cannot get votes, what do you have left? " - Abstract from Steadyaku47's letter to Malaysia Today
A good question indeed! If Money Cannot Get Votes, What Do You Have Left?
Food prices went up again this week albeit a quarterly growth of 10.1% in GDP as announced by our central bank some time last week. Wah! We should be jumping with joy but ironically, we can't.
I do not know how and where they derive this figure from while everything remains more or less constant. Maybe it is the strengthening of our ringgit against the greenback that contributed significantly to this magical figure.
Try to translate this figure to the man on the street and see what their response is going to be. Utter Bullshit! That's right. Pure bullshit is the word if they were to compare their business situation to this growth rate. For fixed salary workers, the quality of their disposable income continues to deteoriate with inflation.
There you go, Mr Steadyaku47, is my answer to your question.
They are going to make Malaysians suffer. When majority of the citizen suffer, guess what is going to happen? Damn if we do and damn if we don't!
Come next general election, money and relief would be of big value to many people...

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