Sunday, May 2, 2010

Is Malaysia Indirectly A Police State Now?

Abandoned Beauty

A 15 year old boy was shot down by the cops. As usual, a weapon was found according to the cops. Just like in any other cases that involves lives, the death always fire the first shot and then before you know it, everybody died in that car.
But this time is a different story. A friend who was with the deceased survived and escaped to tell his story.
A public outcry followed and the IGP threatened to pull all the cops off the street if people continue to CRITICIZE.
What is ironic is that none of those who walks the corridor of power under the Barisan Nasional banner issue any statement pertaining to this incident. Not even the Home Minister where the police force comes under his portfolio...
I find such behaviour strange and peculiar.
Many questions ran through my mind. Why is all the BN ministers including the PM and DPM keeping mum over this incident? Are the afraid of the IGP? If they are, why? Is the IGP holding all of them at ransom with something?
It really boggles my mind trying to look for a definite answer to all these. But if we looked back at all the events since this IGP took over the rein, he seems to have his ways with the last two batches of administration.
But somehow in the midst of looking for answers, some faint memories of yesteryear crept in when Musa Hassan was first appointed the IGP.
For the first few months there were a series of assassinations. Mysterious people got shot down under mysterious circumstances. One was shot dead while having supper in Seremban. Another was shot dead at the cockle kelong off Kuala Sepetang. Most prominently is the case in Haadyai where earlier attempt failed to finish off their target that so much so they have to force their way into the hospital to finish off their target. These cases are still unsolved and probably classified under NFA by now.
And what I make out of these assassinations then was that there was a change in gang rule in the underworld scene. New gang forcing their way in to takeover from the old. It was during the same period, mysterious offers came in to takeover most of the popular nightclubs and lounges in the city. For those establishments who resisted, they find hardship in operating. Eventually they were forced to sell at a bargain price or close down.
Those were the beginning of the rot and things aren't getting better till today. It has indeed got worse since.
There is an alarming increase in death under custody, so-called criminals being shot down by trigger happy cops, dubious ISA arrests, thuggish cops behaviour against civil societies and whatnot.. All these increases while crime still looms free at every corner of this land.
That puts the functionality of our police force in doubt. What is worse is that the people who run this country seem clueless or powerless on how to address this glaring issue.
But to take cue from all the events that had happened, Malaysia is nevertheless a police state indirectly.

Kg Pertak, Hulu Selangor

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