Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shall Subsidies Be Reduced? What's Your Say?

I am sure many of you out there have been receiving this text message on your handphone asking for a 'Yes' or 'No' response.
So here is the opportunity to air your view rather than a simple 'Yes' or 'No' answer.
Malaysia spent RM 74B on subsidies in 2009, causing a fiscal deficit. Should subsidies be reduced?
Please leave your comment..


TheWhisperer said...

I would say before reducing subsidies the government should:-

1) Review the income structure across the board.

2) stop subsidizing cronies company like the highway toll concessionaires, the IPPs and etc etc

3) Stop Corruption and High Commission..

That's where all the fiscal deficit goes to...


Lim K.Y said...

From what I see, subsidy should be stopped, no matter what, subsidy from government is also the rakyat's tax money.

The government need to seriously considering puting up a watchdog to control prices of goods in the market.

TheWhisperer said...

Mr Lim,

I do agree with you that subsidy should eventually be stopped.

But before that happens, we need to address many other issues like minimum wage structure, transparency in government spending where pilfering looms and etc etc.

Until we get all that, this cry for subsidy reduction or removal is just another smokescreen over their intention to rape the country and the rakyat high and dry.

Thanks for dropping by.

Antares said...

Too many backroom boys and mafia networks has led to a near meltdown condition in the global economy. Malaysia isn't the only country run by crooks and gangsters, but we must act locally to put an end to rogue government, corruption, cronyism, NEPotism... and the high cost of maintaining NINE decadent monarchies instead of just one! In other words, the fact that Malaysia is running short of cash is no surprise - considering how much money has been stolen and stashed abroad by Mahathir's sons, Badawi's son and son-in-law, Najib's siblings, and so on, ad nauseam. Why, the national deficit can easily be made good if Mirzan, Mokhzani, Kamaluddin, Khairy, Nazir, Taib, Vincent, Syed Mokhtar, Anandakrishna and others of their ilk can be persuaded to each "donate" a few billion towards restoring the economy. Of course, mega-projects like Bakun, PKFZ, TUDM, etc have to be immediately halted and those behind the massive losses put in the cold box first.

Anonymous said...

Bro, some points from Sabah

TheWhisperer said...

Also read the following interesting take:-