Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sibu's Postal Votes Should Be Declared Null And Void!!

Just fancy this..
Postal votes balloted exceeds those registered.
Want to cheat also don't know how to cheat. Overkill. So how now, EC? Logical way is to announce the postal votes null and void or this whole buy election null and void.
Think EC can be fair and have the guts to call for this?
Probably, they are waiting for instruction from the higher echelon.
Najib tak tipu? Bollocks!

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Antares said...

35 years in Umno is impossible to cure. Jibby grew up with the evil Umno insignia branded on his backside. That's how the Devil will recognize him when his time is up. As for his permaisuri puaka, her hair can easily be remodeled into a pair of horns...