Monday, May 16, 2011

MT Signed MOU With WikiLeaks: And They Are Shitting Bricks Now...

We don't need any introduction as to what this controversial Wikileaks is all about. For those who have no knowledge, you can find out more about WikiLeaks and the controversies that Wikileaks has generated for the past 4 over years here:

I do not know what are the understandings that are drawn out in the MOU but one thing for sure is that when two controversial personalities get together, a lot of people is going to have sleepless nights.

I would have hate this look on RPK's face if I am on the opposite side. Too relax and you wont like him when he is in this mood. Hehehe.. 'You wanna go for broke, lets go for broke' seems to be his message.

Yup! RPK Is Back!
And here I wait with bated breathe.
Bring Them On, Pete!!

"When a government engages in criminal activities, it is the duty of all men to expose the crime. If a crime is being committed and silence is kept, all such are a part of the crime." - Unknown

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Antares said...

Excellent news! Cheered me up greatly, thanks, Dude! :-)