Wednesday, December 31, 2008

MalaysiaKini Dedicate This Year 2008 To The RAKYAT...

The Year of the Rakyat
As with the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) and the Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (Bersih) in 2007, the general election of March 8, 2008 stamped the arrival of a new force in Malaysia.
In this, the Year of the Rakyat, Malaysians were shaken awake from deep slumber and kicked out of their comfort zone to make a conscious choice that, in turn, has shaken up the status quo.
YOU, the defiant, threw out the rotten, the corrupt and the inept in an election that was nothing short of inspiring.
YOU, the fearless, continued to press for reform and speak up against discrimination and injustice.
YOU, the marginalised, showed up with a six-year-old’s handwritten letters, teddy bears and roses to appeal to the better nature of those who have locked up husbands and fathers. When outlawed, you have refused to disappear.
YOU, the outraged, have turned up - some with young children - at weekly protests and candlelight vigils against the Internal Security Act, risking arrest in the process.
YOU, the supportive, wore T-shirts declaring ‘I’m with RPK’, paraded these before watchful eyes, and stood with blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin in his darkest moments of captivity.
YOU, the imaginative, gate-crashed the biggest party of the year - the Umno ministers’ Hari Raya ‘open house’ - to take your message to the highest leaders of the land.
YOU, the fed-up, protested the hike in fuel prices in your thousands and later, the fatwa against tomboys, albeit in a smaller number.
YOU, the brave, stood against bulldozers and barricades for days on end, resisting the demand to pay toll charges.
YOU, the indefatigable, cycled for 16 days from north and south to Kuala Lumpur, campaigning for attention to unresolved issues and impending concerns, in the face of police harassment to the last.
YOU have all sent out the unequivocal message that you are no longer spectators, but movers and shakers of the nation.
Yes, YOU are indeed worthy recipients of the Newsmaker of the Year award.
Read article in full HERE.
A truly deserving recognition to the people who have initiated this process for Change for years with their undying dedication and effort to create Awareness among the rakyat despite all the bullying tactics that were deployed against them.
The Whisperer couldn't agree more with MalaysiaKini and I would like to add that it's through walking this cause, The Whisperer has discovered the best side of him. Yes, it has been a emotional and spiritual year for me. Yet, it is not all about me. It is about how the people meet up and relate to each other through their Passion for a Better Malaysia beyond Race and Religion and against the abuse of draconian ISA. Strangers become brothers and sisters through this Oneness spirit in the Anak Bangsa Malaysia family.
And because of all that and more, The Whisperer had a truly amazing year. I wont go into the lengthy 'thank you' list. There were special ones who have made an impact or two, on my perspective towards life and the way I feel. Thank you all for all the love and support for this memorable year.
Thank you, MalaysiaKini for the Recognition which I wholeheartedly share.
Happy New 2009 Year!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

12th Mesra Rakyat Vigil Went On A Different Note... Shhhhh

This Pic Says It All

The police rejected the councillor's application for permit for unknown reasons. Maybe the CPO wasn't happy with our petition to remove him. As a result, they blocked up part of the access road to MBPJ and planted at least 8 plainclothes personnel among us. Notice the Big Sister in the above pic seated behind this group of silent vigilers... I believe she headed this operation. Attractive and friendly cop lady who flashed me some smiles throughout the night. It's because I was behaving like a jerk and she finds it so amusing.

Councillor Aloysius

In councillor Richard Yeoh absence, councillor Aloysius kick-started the last vigil for 2008 by informing us that this vigil was without permit and gave his blessings to anyone who wishes to leave this vigil. Everyone of us stood our ground. How can anyone tell us that we are doing something wrong when we are only having a peaceful gathering among family members? Besides, we were gathering within the private property of MBPJ. No disruption of public peace nor were we causing any traffic jams. They were the paranoid ones. Imagine them blocking part of the access road. We were the civilise ones.

The Old Mingling With The New Supporters

After the passing of Brother Syukree, Haris have decided to do away with speeches and spend more time mingling around with those who come and walk with us. And this night was the opportunity for everyone to catch up with one another. And catch up we sure did...

And More Mingling After The Vigil

Tonight's Angels

Angel Sarah And Nicole Renee

Pix courtesy of EyeSpy and The Whisperer

Friday, December 26, 2008

Dream Free, Dream True.. Must Read!

Found this conversation between The Sun and our Anak Semua Bangsa, Rahmat Haron, interesting. Thought it would be appropriate to reproduce it here... Read and listen to what he has to say.

Article and pix from TheSun
RAHMAT Haron wears many hats – poet, painter, activist and rebel. His works are cutting-edge, controversial and provocative. In his home cum studio, the portrait of a past leader stands out. It has tiny fangs and the word "Kula" attached to the leader’s name. "I think my works say what is wrong with me more than what is wrong with this country," he says with a touch of humour.
The 31-year-old artist talks to BISSME S on issues ranging from the Internal Security Act to the destruction of the environment.
theSun: You are perceived as a rebel, activist, poet and painter. How do you see yourself?
I am a professional drifter, a super poseur, a fake quasi wanderer and a wannabe of too many things. I am still studying in universe, majoring on life.
Why such a low opinion of yourself?
I am not putting myself down. We often parody others and the situation around us. Sometimes, we must learn to parody ourselves.
Most artists have messages that they want to impart in their work. What is yours?
My message is simple. It is to open up imagination. The poet Sylvia Plath said the scariest thing in life is the death of imagination and I think this country is suffering from lack of imagination.
Read the full conversation here..

Pix by PJ Vigil' s Pat Lu

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Greetings From The Whisperer...

Wishing All
A Blessed Christmas
A Happy 2009 Year...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Only PM-In-Waiting, Already Show His Color...

No wonder foreigners are pulling out their funds... Well, that was what that have been conveyed to me many months ago - If Najib gets to be the Prime Minister, they would be the first to get out of here. No reason was given but we sure do see the effect the moment the nomination started. Firstly, we have our supposedly strong fundamentally 'bulu chips' being sold down to levels beyond recognition followed by the weakening of Ringgit. Tens of billion have left Malaysia in such a short span. There is a vacuum in our monetary system now. I really wonder who is behind supporting the composite index? EPF? Tabung Haji? LTAT? ValueCap? But, for how long?
But can you imagine this?

The National Land Council will be holding a special meeting with the Perak government soon to discuss the latter's decision to award freehold land titles to residents.

Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak said that the meeting was important as the Perak government must have the approval of the council before awarding freehold land titles to residents of new and planned villages in the state.

Najib said that the National Land Policy (NLP) stated freehold titles can only be given if these lands are to be used by the federal government for public purposes or because of special circumstances.

"In terms of policy and the constitution, it cannot be done unilaterally; it must go through the NLC."As such, the Perak government cannot implement the move until a decision is taken by the NLC," he was reported as saying by Bernama today. Read in full here.

So what's wrong with giving land titles away to those deserving people who have spent their entire life toiling on the land? Don't politicise on this land issue, moron. Go play your political game on another platform and leave these innocent people alone! Time and time again innocent rakyat have been made scapegoat and Enough is Enough!! Dig that!

11th Vigil Held In Syukree's Honor: His Legacy Lives On With Us...

The Venue

The Mingling Before The Start
The Flying Sikh Made His First Appearance
Eulogy With A Minute Silence for Our Fallen Comrade

Read Eulogy in full here..

The Crowd Tonight

Angel Jude

Relax Moment After The Vigil At The Wharf

Tonight's Angel

More account and pics in Steest, Sanjiun and Melvin Mah..
Pix courtesy of Lita, EyeSpy, Pat and Myself

Monday, December 22, 2008

What Is A Real Man Made Of?

Rambo is a real man in Tinseltown, a man with bulging muscles and a man with a serrated knife – he creates havoc to his enemies. In the surreal world, Rambo has created a character to be admired as the man he should be in the movies.
Men who walk around in tight fitting attire exhibiting their bulky loads of muscles and women under each arm are the real men too, but just a fancy in their make believe world. Psst, take a look at their faces please! Driving fast cars with branded sunglasses, the world is theirs because we are suppose to make way for them. It seems they are the only ones who pay road tax.
However, what I have is a comfortable car that can still provide me the uninterrupted journey to my destinations, and my woman who will stand by me - come what may. This is my world and I love it! But there are still many things missing in my life. I want to live in the real world which is more interesting and exciting than any fictional world that is so deceiving.
One of my desires is to learn how to be a real man. To be a real man who is not easily swayed by sight but have the conviction and to translate values into actions. My search was not in vain because in the journey itself I have found a teacher.
That special day was 08 September 2007. After listening to him, I felt a wonderful surge of chi (energy) and it began to harness my belief that he is the man to make the needed change. From that day on, I stalked him, literally speaking. I observed intently and tried to sneak into his thinking faculty and I saw a man who is steadfast to his beliefs and stubborn as he could be to what he thinks is right. One thing has put me to shame is that I am of his age but in no way I could stand shoulder to shoulder with him, except to write what is from my heart unreservedly.
Who is this man who has the strength to say what he believes in and what his heart feels that could make others feel inside?
Who is this man who has the power of compassion that lies within that he could make people see what they should see?
And who is this man who has the modesty for the lowest of the society by stretching his hand to give hope to live for another day?
People, I am talking about Raja Petra Kamaruddin or RPK which has become a household name.

HE may not win the most votes on American Idol but make no mistake about it - RPK is a bona fide Malaysian icon. He is one of the most important Malaysian thinkers today because his anxieties reflect the anxieties of the intelligentsia. This has tugged at my heart and what amazes me is his ability to take it to the ground and connect with the people beyond colours and creeds.

To be afraid is reason enough to do what we are afraid of, and to hide one’s fear is to fall out from one’s real self. So by facing fear, a real man experiences the peace within. So no one should feel weak, depressed or lonely. Just look at him sneering at absurdity will tell you that the system stinks to high heaven!

He is solid inside and is therefore not afraid to be vulnerable on the outside. A real man knows when to be tough. And when his rights or that of others who are being violated, he acts courageously, as a matter of principle, and not just of false pride. Stressing his point on incredulity, a thousand word is painted on his face.
Like my brothers and sisters at the candlelight vigil, we want to be the real people who do not need combatant stance for a purpose, but with loyalty to the cause by not being afraid. A real person is therefore one who has the inner strength and wisdom to distinguish between what is right or wrong even in the most difficult situation. Our solid stands amongst ourselves shield us from the vulnerability on the outside. We are the people who can appreciate RPK without feeling less of a man. This is what the great feeling is all about!
My only regret is that, I know this man a little too late but the consolation is that, it is not too little. To sum up how he has been subjugated to intimidation and his solitude behind the walls of Kamunting, I have the carefully chosen words to describe the whole scenario.
In the midst of the clouded mind, the men in power see not themselves but deceptions and foolery. The apogee of power that wields at will is the piecemeal power of intimidations the desperados will descend to a deranged level. No matter how excruciating it may seem to be, yet it makes this Real Man to take it to his stride - this is The Real Man everyone knows as RPK!

“A man cannot die well unless he lives well, and I want to die well!”

-This tributary article is written and contributed by EyeSpy

Thursday, December 18, 2008

InterFaith Dialogue On Poverty: Be There!!

Klang MP Charles Santiago will hold an ‘Interfaith Dialogue on Poverty’ to highlight the issue of poverty and civil society’s effort to deal with it and encourge inter-religious interaction.
The keynote speech will be delivered by Dr. Hermen Shastri.
Islam : YB Khalid Samad (MP Shah Alam), Mr. Ismail Arsat (YDP PAS Klang)
Christian : Father Lawrence
Hindu : Mr. Kanapathy
Taoism : Mr. Wong Boon Chuan
Buddhism : To be confirmed
Sikh : To be confirmed
Bahai : To be confirmed
Date : 20th Dec 2008 (Sat)
Time : 3:00pm – 6:00pm
Venue : MP Klang Community Centre (Map)
2A, Jalan Bayu Tinggi 8/KS6,
Batu Unjur, 41200 Klang
This is an open event, anyone can join and invite others to join. please call Yap (016-2026300) or Sarah (016-6267797) to confirm your attendance or if you have any queries.

Anak Bangsa Malaysia Lost A Brother Yesterday...

The Masked Man Who Walked With Us

Muhamad Syukree Hussain


Our Brother Last Stand With Us

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The 'REAL' Malaysia Unfold In Videos..

Aminah Wahab's Story

A Poor Man's Tale

An Orang Asli Story

A Tale of An Island Man Ostracised

A Tale of Three Chinese

The Story of Nik Omar Nik Aziz

A Vision That Was Never Meant To Be Realized...

Former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad said that Malaysia will probably not be able to become a developed nation in 12 years’ time - the key target his Vision 2020.
In his speech, Mahathir described the current government as a "weakened" entity faced with a situation unprecedented in the country's 50-year history of political instability.

According to him, the present government has mistakenly tried to appease "extremists, racists, and other discontents” instead of making the necessary - though unpopular - decisions.

Read the rest here.

I tried very hard for the past few days not to respond to this moronic statement of his. Obviously, I have failed tremendously. What the fuck is he trying to get at here? In the first place, how can he be sure that his vision would work within his time frame when all he does during his time is to project on Malay supremacy through NEP to the benefit of his minority chosen Umnoputras and continue to trodden down our education standard?

And read his reasons for his vision 2020 failure. Blame it on political instability. Trying to justify his unjustified usage of ISA and OSA during his tenure in the name of political stability. Is that his way to bring about political stability? Yeah, I would have to go to Kamunting for writing this during his time.

Everything he said here just make me sick. Just reflect all his misdeeds during his tenure as PM. This man is really sick!! Can't imagine anyone can stoop lower than this..

Monday, December 15, 2008

PJ Vigil Reaching The 10 Benchmark And Still Going Strong...

Pat Lu's Handicraft
Yes, We Did It Tonight! Our 10th Vigil in Succession. A Night where many Bloggers took the stand. These are the group of Bloggers who continue to throw their support toward This Cause from the very beginning. This 10th Candlelight Vigil is dedicated to the Barisan Rakyat Bloggers and All Those Who continue to show up in Solidarity with Us. No naming of names here. So you people know who I am refering to. If you feel that you are one of my mention, do feel proud for being a part of this. And if any of you feel that you do not fit this billing, your presence is very much appreciated nonetheless.
There were many firsts created last night. My brighter side of YinYang (Steest) took the stand for the very first time. Her speech was quite an emotional one. Sensed her voice cracking a few times. You ah! Pat Goh from The English Cottage finally made it to the vigil with her husband, Chuan. And we have the honour to welcome our newly forged brothers from Rasa who came in droves to stand with us for our fight against ISA and towards a better Malaysia.
Now, please allow these pics contributed by EyeSpy to end my post.

Some of EyeSpy's Attempted Star War Creation.

Never mind whether this is actually what he intended to create or whether it is successful or not. The special effect is still there to tease our imagination.

More candlelight vigil updates in Steest, Sanjiun, kkitsam and DelCapo.