Sunday, August 31, 2008

2009 Budget: Caring budget? Nonsense!!

So, Pak Lah finally unveiled the 2009 Budget and we get the MSM again playing up views from politicians and some business leaders on the budget. As usual, it's always the positive comments that get published. Every year, it is the same and i seriously wonder how many of these people really look into the details and understanding the budget totally. From the comments they made, it is clear that some of them have the slightest idea of what this budget is all about except to blindly voicing their support and politicise the Budget. One example of such comment come from our controversial Najib: " We knows the people's needs". What a joker he is.

Details of the 2009 Budget: Click here and here..
Allow me to provide my layman take here on this 2009 Budget:
1) Increase in the welfare eligibilty of household income from RM400 to RM720 for Peninsula Malaysia, RM830 for Sarawak and RM980 for Sabah.
A good move to address the poorest of the hardcore poor with household income of that level. In fact, the Rm400 figure has been outdated decades ago. But why not set the RM980 eligibility applicable to the whole country? Another politically motivated manoeuvre. Another indication of them trying to rebuild their shaky position by offering goodies to East Malaysians. Perhaps, it is also another way of admiting to their fault of neglecting the Sabahans for far too long. This is in fact the responsibility of any government to addresss poverty but why need the awakening call of March 8th to start addressing... Monetary benefits and material aside.. Is this really what the rakyat want? Najib thinks the rakyat can be bought by goodies. Lets wait for the implementation and see whether these money can reach the hardcore poor.
2) Increase in disposable income with an increase of RM50 in cash rebate for those earning RM35,000 and below, and a decrease of 1% in taxation from 28% to 27% for corporate and personal earnings.
This is definitely an overkill by the MSM. This doesn't make any sense at all. A yearly tax rebate of extra RM50 is going increase our disposable income by a mere RM50 only. And how you suppose this Rm50 is going to help.. That 1% decrease in top bracket tax reduction wont even make any difference to corporation and top bracket earners, Given the present economic climate with high inflation, it can only serve as a relief. Yes, something to ease our burden negligibly. I can't how it can help to save our economy, let alone boost it. Najib, do you know what the rakyat know?
3) Now come the most interesting part. Look at the above pie chart and see how they are going to allocate the RM207.9B.. A whooping RM154.2B for operating expenditure and a RM53.7B for development expenditure.
Pardon me for being ignorant here but RM154.2B just for operating expenditure is definitely beyond me. RM86.3B goes to fixed charges and grants. We do need the people to support the administration. We need to give them incentives to work. I can accept this but what i cannot accept is the fact that we are not getting any efficient services from them. More so, when the police force started to dedicate most of their time playing to the tune of their political masters instead of tackling with the increase in crime rate. Not to mention how the AG chamber make a mockery out of our judiciary and many others..
What about the balance of RM67.9B? What is it for? How much is being allocated for wastage like lavish functions and overseas trip? If they government allocate too high a budget to operate the administration, it can only create the culture of getting 'commission' through questionable projects. Perhaps, they themselves has already factor in their commission across the board with this budget.
Same explanation goes for the development expenditure. At the end of the day, it is about how much of these money will end up in their pocket and how much of it will ever reach the rakyat.
This budget clearly doesn't make any sense at all. It doesn't rhyme well with the current state of our economy. It doesn't address to the real issues that our country and her people are facing. We need a vibrant domestic economy. We need a credible, accountable and transparent government to ensure every single cent used is accounted for.
One thing we don't need here though. We don't need idiots like Najib and all the present hypocritical BN administration to manage our country's money and resources. Budget 2008 was supposed to be an election budget and people friendly but what we ever get was further deterioration in the quality of our lifestyles. So were all those previous budgets before. And I don't see how budget 2009 is going to be any different. At the end of the day, we can see how our money is being channelled elsewhere without any visible improvement in quality of lifestyle, efficiency of public utilities and services and all others in relation to the benefit to the rakyat.
Caring budget? Naaahh!!!
Najib, how do you know what the people need when you chose not to listen to the people all these years?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

One helluva first hand recollection of that fateful night in Permatang Pauh...

Truly a masterpiece by Jude Manickam! With his flair and the typing motion of his fingers, he managed to express what many anak-anak Bangsa Malaysia felt on that defining August 26th night. Thanks Jude and yeah... Oh, what a night! Read more here...
And this song lyrics really caught my attention. He claimed that it was one of the patriotic song that he sang in school. Well, i don't remember having to sing any song like that. Perhaps, it wasn't there during my time. Nevertheless, it's a good one for moment like this...
Here it goes...
Perajurit Tanah Air

Inilah barisan kita, Yang ikhlas berjuang.

Siap sedia berkorban, Untuk ibu pertiwi!

Sebelum kita berjaya, Jangan harap kami pulang!

Inilah sumpah pendekar kita, Menuju medan bakti!

Andai kata kami gugur semua, Taburlah bunga di atas pusara.

Kami mohon doa, Malaysia berjaya!

Semboyan telah berbunyi, Menuju medan bakti!

Now, how i wish i was there that night to rejoice with fellow anak anak bangsa Malaysia. I know the feeling would have been more intense. Just like the one in March 8th where millions of united Malaysian went through that beautiful euphoric feeling.. Yeah, moments like this makes me more Malaysian.

Freedom Break: Season 2 begins...

Yes, all the unfolding dramas in our political scene carries the same underlying storyline akin to the much sought after TV series, Prison Break. It's all about people in power trying to stay in power, abusing their power to plot, conspires and fabricates conspiracy after conspiracy against the innocent people to achieve their own selfish aims.

The only difference between Prison Break and our version is that the former fabricated conspiracies were done with high precision and sophistication while ours were loosely fabricated. But in terms of amount of fabrications, our Freedom Break series comes out top.

Freedom Break began the season with a bang... The People got together and inflicted a irreversible damage to the ruling party denying them a two-third majority. Then these people in power, trying hard to stay in power begin abusing their power to plot fabrications with the help of their machinery and their interpreted version of their draconian law against The People. Season One truly comes with thrilling conspiracies and is full of suspense till the end with The People triumphing in Permatang Pauh with a resounding majority.

So what's in store for Freedom Break: Season 2?

Well, the new season has just begun with Anwar taking the stage in Parliament as the new Opposition Leader. So stay tune for more thrillers that is going to unfold when the witch hunting begins...

MCMC, Stay Out Of This...

What the hell is this? Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has decided to take action against our re-owned web news portal, Malaysia Today, by issuing a blockade order to all ISPs for some lame reasons. Read more..
Frankly, I find this hard to swallow. More so, with the lame excuse given by it's 'cheap' operation officer that the comments posted on the said web were insensitive, bordering on incitement.
Hello Mr Mohamed Sharil Tarmizi. what incitement are you talking about here? Can this incitement that you were referring to, be any worse than those incitements that your political masters had had preached during the recently concluded by-election?
This act is definitely politically motivated. After all, it came 12 hours after some assholes suggested that there is a need to curb bloggers. Yeah.. blame it on the bloggers and everyone else for your loss in Permatang Pauh and continue to ignore all your discrepancies.
Good thing is only the government owned TMnet have decided to react to this call while the rest of ISPs chose to ignore this illogical move. Even these ISPs shared the same view that the Commission has gone overboard with this blockade order. Shame on you!!
The People should Boycott TM services.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The People Has Spoken Again..

Just in case all of you have trouble logging into our news portal and our BN owned MSM are not going to announce this freely, here goes...
Anwar 31579
BN 15045
Bebas 89
Total 46713
Winning Majority: 16534.
Further review to follow...
Update: 27 August 2008
Haha.. So there was a flaw in the above result.. I was wrong here but my intention was good.
The People: 31195
BN: 15524
Inp: 92
Majority: 15671
It's time to take a break.........

Frogs make appearance on eve: sign of a wet polling day...

Dissatisfaction with Anwar, so 200 quit PKR
Sungai Petani, Malaysia - Frustrated with the leadership of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, some 200 Parti Keadilan Rakyat members left the party. Led by Zamil Ibrahim, who is former secretary to Merbok member of parliament Datuk Roshid Din, the group included members from Jerlun, Merbok, Sik, Baling, Padang Serai, Alor Star, Pokok Sena, Pendang and Ipoh Barat in Ipoh.
Also joining the group were members from Angkatan Muda Ipoh Barat, Angkatan Muda Merbok, and the Chinese community from Kulim and Merbok. The defecting members, however, will not join other political parties.
Read more here..
Report like this coming out on the eve of polling day is another sign of desperation. I chose not to believe as it appeared on BN's very own MSM. Is this news relevant to the Permatang Pauh by-election? Read those divisions named in this report.. Jerlun, Baling, Alor Star etc etc. Clearly, another effort by the MSM to publish unrelated information to neutralize BN's unfavorable position. So this report may well be another of their lies or dirty tricks. Who the f**k are these Angkatan Muda people? With this 'Angkatan Muda' name to their credit, they may be one of those Umno's brainwashing organisation. That makes their PKR status questionable.
What other dirty tricks have they not leave out? They are reports of heavy police presence in Chinese majority areas to intimidate and instill fear to discourage the Chinese from going out to exercise their right to vote. And now, the traffic has come to a standstill in Permatang Pauh. I would say this jam is deliberately created by the police. Yes, to make it inconvenient for people to cast their vote. Another desperate effort to reduce the voter turn-out... to reduce Anwar's winning majority, so to speaks.
Well, if the outcome did not come out in BN favour, it would indeed be a Shame to Najib. Anything Short of a Win is Not Acceptable. Especially so when they only have to concentrate on this by-election. Not mentioning all those machinery deployed.
Pakatan Rakyat is not without fault either. Poor coordination, lack of planning etc etc. Repetitive mistakes as was visible during March 8th but I will come to that later on...
Meanwhile, we wait for the outcome of this by-election. I would say Anwar shall prevail with a minimal majority of 10,000 votes. The upside remains unpredictable as it is dependable on the sabotages that is happening on Ground Zero today itself.
Oh, one more thing here. This one goes out to fellow bloggers out there who campaigned relentlessly to bring The People together. Bloggers like RPK, Susan, Haris, Anil and many others who clearly make That Difference out there. My Salute to All of You!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Permatang Pauh: Roadblock goes up again for northbound vehicles...

Looks like those BN idiots are leaving no stone unturned again. It's too obvious that they are using every machinery available trying to turn this by-election to their advantage. Talking about having people exercising their rights... and there they go again setting up roadblocks for northbound vehicles. Routine roadblocks?? Naaah! Not when it's timed to such perfection and the unusual manner these roadblocks are being set up to create chaos for people heading towards the North-South Expressway.
If they think by doing so, they are going to break the spirits of the people heading back to Permatang Pauh to vote and to help paves Anwar's way towards Putrajaya, they are indeed foolish to undermine the peoples' determination.
Clearly, this is one war that BN cannot win despite all the monies they ploughed in and all those vicious loosely plotted fabrications that they have been churning out. Saifool's swearing on Quran versus the Iman's revelation.. Najib's swearing versus Thangarajoo's Statutory Declaration (why no respond from Najis), Pak Lah's oil reduction of 15sen versus the 78sen hike (should we be grateful), Hishamuddin sworn loyalty to BN with 20MPs versus the remaining 124 MPs on their side (for what purpose), Najib's challenge to Anwar to settle it the Islamic way versus their Kangaroo court of law (Najis don't trust the judiciary) and the list just goes on and on. All in a span of less than 2 weeks. Pretty amazing efficiency on their part. Truly, an Act of Desperation.
And it's also amazing how every desperate acts of theirs has been self destructive with explosive revelations coming from people within their circle. Further crack in Umno? Obvious, isn't it? Or they have an idiot for a mastermind.
Then came this Ezam claim of a death threat. Hello, you are totally irrelevant here. Only your political master created that 'make belief' that you are of some value. You are nothing but a barking dog to distract some attention away from Najib. You are too small to even get Anwar's attention. Did Anwar bother to counter you? Your claim is just another publicity stunt.

This type of lying politicking doesn't work with The People anymore. The People wants their future to be based on merits. What can Umno do to take this country forward? What can Umno do to bring all races together so that we can live, play and work together in peace and harmony and take this country forward? And the hurtful truth is.. Umno failed miserably to deliver while Pakatan Rakyat gave The People this light and The People shall continue to fuel this light for as long as it takes.
I believe in The People. I believe each and everyone of us has grown wiser. I believe the Permatang Pauh's folk will knock some sense into Umno... Reform or Get Out!!
Imagining our National Day slogan: One Legacy, One Destiny.... Copycat to the Olympic slogan. Pak Lah, please specify... What legacy? What destiny? The People's Legacy, Your doomed Destiny....

Friday, August 22, 2008

Permatang Pauh: This is, by far, the most dirtiest by-election our country ever had...

Everyday, we get reports of money being offered to the community by BN and dirty tricks being used through raising racial remarks claiming that the non- malays has become bolder with the ketuanan rakyat agenda, in challenging the malays' special privileges.


Forget about the Election Commission's rules and those warnings by the police to both parties to toe the line of sedition... it is clear enough that the both these organisations are interpreting their rules to the advantage of their political master by closing one eye to their outright money politicking and racial intimidation. Not to mention those timely ACA efficiency in reacting to Perak's PKR assemblymen corruption case. Another fabricated smearing campaign agenda by BN machinery? Ya right... If they have had wanted the money, they would have accepted Tajol Rosli's offer of RM10M-RM20M to jump camp rather than be caught with corrupting such a negligible amount of money. Planted by ACA? There is again a possibility... given that the present goons are desperately trying to stay in power and the PM in waiting has his reputation to keep and he has to win this by-election at all costs. Doesn't matter if they have to lie or fabricate or intimidate... The MSM can help to overturn all their lies into facts.

At the end of the day, the outcome of this by-election would very much be dependable on the maturity and wisdom of the Permatang Pauh's malay folks. The non-malay voters have more or less awakened to BN's 40 years of misdeeds and their votes is for The Change to a Better Malaysia.

God helps us all if the Permatang Pauh's malay folks allow themselves to be duped into Umno lies again.

"Hak-hak orang Melayu tak pernah dicabar oleh orang Cina atau India... Hanya Umno yang rompak hak-hak Melayu demi kepentingan mereka sendiri. Orang Melayu Umno atasan yang kaya saja!! Lihat la sendiri.. saudara saudari Jangan lagi jual bangsa kepada tipu helah Umno."

Pak Lah goes 'undercover'? come on MSM, you can do better than that...

Where is the wig? With all those bodyguards plus
the reporter and pix man tagging along?
More like for his own publicity with these
MSM ball bearers and polishers
propagandising his agenda.

Pak Lah, how about going on this disguise and
hop on a Metrobus to experience a joy ride
of your life. Then you can tell to the world
of your experience with Malaysia's
state of art public transport system.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Is This Real? Something that is circulating like wild fire through email...

Click to Enlarge

No comments here... This alone makes me speechless.

We Chinese ought to be grateful to retain our Chinese name...

"He told a 700-strong Chinese audience that the BN government has been fair to the community and allows them to retain their Chinese name - unlike the forced assimilation policies practised by neighbouring countries." Read more
Extracted from MalaysiaKini on 'Khairy: we've come to bury Anwar'
That was uttered by a 'Racist Pig' during one of his ceramah in Seberang Jaya last night. I don't know how you people take it. Since when this has become a privilege given by the BN government to the Chinese? We have heard this threat decades ago during many past elections. It has always being a tool used by MCA goons to instill such fear onto the Chinese community. It may have worked to a certain extent last time but this time around, it is going backfire straight into their face. Fuck you, Najib!!
And all the personal attacks launched by Khairy against Anwar is uncalled for. This is not what the Permatang Pauh folks want to listen to... In the first place, it is already a well known fact that the events leading to sodomy charge is sort of flimsy and this remains questionable. The folks are getting fed up with the staleness of this sodomt thingy. What the people want to know is how BN is going to take this country forward. Don't insult the people intelligence anymore with all your character assassination plot through fabrication.

So listen up, Khairy! Stop your oinking and jump back into your dress and start plying your trade around Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan P Ramlee junction.
You have just bury your FIL and Umno together with the whole bunch of BN goons singlehandedly. The Chinese and Indians votes is going to stay with Pakatan Rakyat. You can go ahead with your oinking using your dirty tricks to woo back your Malay support but, let me tell you this... The Malays has Awaken too... And they are the one who is going to put you right where you belong.. Hell!!
You Pigs!! How much lower can both of you stoop?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Picture tale... back to elementary school...

Notice the guy in black?
Looked like he is trying to diffuse
the situation here..
Another guy in black here..
The same one?? If he's the same one, why the hell
is he doing up that pickup? Trying to
diffuse the situation again?
Nevertheless, this guy in black
have the penchant to be at
the right place at the right time.

Very well, he must have failed as
he is nowhere to be seen now..
Who is He?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Permatang Pauh: Another BN low budget drama..





Permatang Pauh: of intimidation and money politics..

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak reminded the Indian and Chinese communities in Permatang Pauh to support Barisan Nasional in return for giving them these:
1. AIMST university. Barisan Nasional champion Indian and Chinese communities’ causes as they have been neglected by the opposition. To support this argument Najib said BN government set up Asian Institute Of Medicine, Science and Technology.
2. Aid to schools. Government had announced aid for three Tamil primary schools and six Chinese schools.
3. License. Government approved scrap metal collector’s license for Indians in Permatang Pauh.
Read more..
Now, what is all these? Money politics or threats? Let's see what our controversial Election Commission or our even more controversial police force has to say about this... Perhaps, they (dogs) would sing it favorably to their master's tune. Again, all these would eventually end up as broken promises. Like one of our blogger commented: We might as well have a by-election every 6 months to get them to throw money at us.
Police 'birds' swoop in on campaign
Athi Veeranggan MalaysiaKini
Fear and election results have always been synonymous, and in the high stakes by-election coming up in Permatang Pauh, the fear factor is building up.

Police helicopters have been filling the night air since nomination day.
On Monday - for the third night straight - a police helicopter circled Taman Ciku in Bukit Mertajam where a Pakatan Rakyat rally was in progress. There were some 800 persons in the crowd that night.
Police have confirmed the one hour episode as routine surveillance patrol, but residents have said that they are not used to aerial incursions.
Read more..
This is an obvious Act of Power Abuse on BN part using state owned machinery to allay fears onto the Permatang Pauh folks. Don't give us all those shit about this being a routine surveillance. Do we get all these surveillance 365 days a year? And my message to the police is: Don't court around with danger as you put the people's lives at risk. Afterall, our country do have a history of helicopters going down for no reason. Thanks to BN administration habitual purchase of junks at state of art prices.
So listen here carefully, Najib. If you have to use dirty tactics through intimidation, do it by all means but do find a better way without putting innocent lives at risk. We, The Rakyat, are different from Altantuya... We will Hold you Responsible should anything goes wrong here.
My message here..

Don't lie to us again, Najib...

Najib wants Indians, Chinese to back BN
Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak made a plea to the Chinese and Indian communities in Permatang Pauh - come back to the Barisan Nasional's fold.

He told them to reject the opposition and vote for Umno's Arif Shah Omar Shah in the Aug 26 by-election.
And he had one more word of counsel - do not gamble with your children's future by supporting the opposition candidate who had been making false promises.
"Do not be easily hoodwinked by the opposition promises and fall for their trickery because if we were to believe them, we will be quarrelling with each other," he told members of these two communities in Permatang Pauh yesterday. Read more here....
Good try, Najib. But i definitely beg to differ. If you looked back into history, the Opposition never had any chance to govern this country. Even when the Opposition came close enough in 1969, some smart arses came out with that idea of a racial riot.
Howevr, your 'counselling' statement is very much welcome at a critical time like this. At least , you help to remind the Indians, Chinese and the Malay not to gamble away their children's future by continuing to support BN who had been making empty promises for the past 40 years. The Opposition never had the chance to govern so there is no track record of them making empty promises. And what the Opposition had done with the 5 states since March 8th despite all the sabotages is enough to put BN to shame.
Yes right, some of our parents made that mistake by gambling away our future but, enough is enough. Many of us took the gamble during March 8th and will continue to do so and this time it is for our own future and those of our children.

It all boils down to one simple truth... BN had failed the Country and her Rakyat Miserably.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Dramatic weekend filled with lies that undermined the intelligence of The Rakyat...

Two days of suspense, with the help of MSM harping up the euphoria on the possibility of Malaysia winning the first ever Olympic gold and the million ringgit reward, all ended up with a tinge of disappointment. Expectations were high. Well, at least i wasn't that disappointed as i was able to keep myself close with reality. Chong Wei lost to a better player last night. Clearly, what is lacking with all our athletes is Mental Strength and Chong Wei is one of our few athletes who possess such strength aside from Nicol David and a few other bowlers. We did get that silver and this is the world's greatest event where all the best meet. We should take consolation in that.
What can be worse than our country's political state..
We had Saifool's swearing by the Quran followed by certain hypocritical politicians promptly taking the opportunity to back up on the validity of the swearing. I do not want to question whether such swearing is proper or whether it can hold in a court of law. Perhaps, they are trying to transfer this case to Syariah Court as their earlier attempts to charge Anwar in common court of law failed miserably with their loosely fabricated contradictory evidence.
Say, how about getting the DPM and Rosmah to swear by the Quran over their involvement in the Altantuya C4 murder case? In this case, we had 3 SDs made in relation to this case and why is the court refusing to take these SDs into consideration. Something is not right here, isn't it? Maybe the couple should take their swearing on the Quran. I believe they would do it without any qualms to prove their "innocence". What difference can it make? If they were really involved, they have already sinned in the eyes of Islam. So would it make any difference for them to lie again and take the swear on the Quran? What is clearly visible to us now is there is an attempt by someone in power protecting their breed by trying to cover up this Altantuya case. So, please put a Stop to blatant Abuse of Religion.
And again, we have press photographer been beaten up by "PKR supporters". With more than 20,000 people out in the street on nomination day, it is not difficult for anyone to start something like this and the rest would just join in blindly. Like the earlier incident, the man in the photograph looked more like an outsider.. maybe someone from '3-line' or our special branch. That's maybe only but we can't take away that possibility. You cannot blame me for being sceptical. This kind of mob acts has been practised by our administrator on quite a regular basis recently. Last I heard was this Chinese detective who got hit on the head during the Hindraf rally was actually induced to give them an excuse to propagandize the peaceful march into a violent march. Poor guy was being made a scapegoat without realising it.
To stop all these scene from recurring, my advice to PKR is to advise all their supporters to stop any fights from happening by stopping the instigator rather than jumping in the bandwagon blindly. Without the blind support of the crowds, any instigator would now have to think twice or thrice before acting.
Now I come to the interesting part..
"Are they asking for freedom without limits? There is so such thing in this world." says Pak lah. Lets talk about freedom here. Firstly, it's very clear that our PM is not in touch with reality here. Freedom is indeed one of the issues that the people is fighting for and the question of limit remains subjective. But what we do not agree is the degree the limit has been set and the blatant biased way that it has been implemented. Pak Lah, how do you explain those street demos staged by UiTM students in Selangor and later in Permatang Pauh over a mere proposal by Selangor MB? Why the need to have such a big reaction even after PM qualifiy that Khalid doens't have the right to do so? Why is there no action taken against the organiser? I don't see any roadblocks being setup nor did I see any army trucks patrolling the street. And I did remember clearly that your very government did called for students to stay clear of politics. Yes right, as long as they make a stand favourable to you, you can pretend to sleep and not notice. Yet, you fail to see that the people want the freedom of speech to voice out their dissatisfaction over the rampant abuses that continue to breed within your administration.
Still don't get the message? Perhaps, here is something simple and direct enough to knock some sense into your thicked skull and permanently etched it onto whatever grey matter you have left, so that you can eat, sleep, breathe and live with this message.
For heaven sake, stop insulting our intelligence. Your only way out is to act fairly and rightfully. There is no other way around it.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Message to the People... Please Take Note

"Media massa arus p’dana akn m’perdayakan rkyt & m’cari helah utk gagalkan Dtk Seri Anwar Ibrm di P/Pauh dgn berita palsu - m’jatuhkan nama Dtk Seri & menanam rasa syak wasangka. Jom boikot! Jgn beli s/kabar & jgn p’caya berita radio/TV. Sebar kpd kwn2 di P/Png & P/Pauh".
This message was taken from People's Parliament blog calling for a sms campaign to the people to boycott our unreliable main stream media. Thought it would be useful to spread this piece of news around in my blog to create widespread awareness to this call. PLEASE HELP SPREAD THIS MESSAGE THRU SMS TO AS MANY FRIENDS AS POSSIBLE!!
English translation here:
"The MSM is going all out on a smearing campaign to undermine Anwar's chance of winning this PP by-election with false reporting, character assassination etc. Pls boycott the MSM. Do not buy newspaper and refrain from radio and tv. Pls help send this msg to as many frens as possible esp those in Pg and PP and continue spreading it till the polling date".
Let it begin now..
Below are three articles that appear in The Sun today alone. This is a fine example on how MSM can instill fear onto people. Time to perfection. Again, this is the kind of reporting we can expect for the next few weeks. Don't waste your money and time on newspaper. MalaysiaKini and MalaysiaToday can be useful to update yourself with news. You may want to try AsiaOne.
PAS wants Hadi to be PM
by Humayun Kabi
IPOH (Aug 14, 2008): The Dewan Ulamak PAS wants party president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang to be the prime minister if Pakatan Rakyat (PR) can form the next federal government.
Read more
Youth rep wants PAS to quit PR if new govt disregards Islam
IPOH (Aug 14, 2008) : PAS has been urged to quit the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) government should it be formed on Sept 16 if Islam is being left out and the ulama leadership does not get the place it deserves.
Read more
PAS mulls leaving Pakatan Rakyat
PAS, which has been at odds with their partners in the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) over certain issues, appears to be contemplating leaving the coalition.
And to minimise the negative impact should it turn its back on DAP and Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), the Islam-centric party may open its door to non-Muslims.
According to a report in Nanyang Siang Pau today, there are already calls from within the party for it to go multi-racial.
Read more

for heaven sake.. keep your UiTM and spare us from your bickering...

Wikipedia's description:- A government brainwashing center is either considered to be a school, library, museum, college, or university. Literacy skills are designed to make people into gullible consumers, obedient soldiers, and compliant workers. If people were illiterate, they would be able to judge things for themselves and not have the government tell them who they are, what they want to do in a life, and how many kids they should have....
Listen here... Stop all your bickering once and for all. We are just not interested to be part of UiTM. Full Stop! PERIOD!!
Keep UiTM to yourselves and continue to be Gullible and live in your own world of Grandeur filled with Lies and Hypocrisy.
Can't imagine we still have mentally weak people existing in this New Age!! So backwards yet make so much noise exactly like the saying goes: Empty Vessel makes the most Noise...
IF this is what UiTM breeds, who wants to be part of it... read common sentiment here.

Defeat Anwar in Permatang Pauh? Fat Hopes!!

"I am confident of winning even if not by an overwhelming majority," Arif Shah - the Barisan Nasional candidate-designate - declared last night, an opening shot in his bid to wrest the seat from PKR in the Aug 26 by-election.
This moron aka racists aka street thug must be talking through his ass. Behaving just like those other politicians blowing their trumpet through the MSM just before our sports contingent leave for any sports meeting with high hopes without looking at merits at all. Such talks without substance doesn't work with the people anymore. As a matter of fact, it has ceased to work a long time ago.
Despite the fact that BN has already started their machinery namely the MSM to publicize and unfairly blowing up Pakatan's teething weaknesses, and their so-called dogs to fabricate up charges, the People and Anwar should prevail again and will continue to prevail. Don't agree? Call for snap election then and find out!!
A simple analysis can tell us why. If Permatang Pauh were to fall to BN, it would have fell in 2004 when the people unanimously threw their support behind Pak Lah mainly to revolt against Mahathir. Oppositions fell like ten pins at that time but Permatang Pauh held on strongly. And this time around, it is going to be the same.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

MRR2 Saga continues.. The Plot Thickens

PWD sues for RM74 M repairs
The Public Works Department has taken the main contractor of the Middle Ring Road 2 (MRR2) to court for refusing to pay them a total of RM74.7 million for repairs to the cracked pillars that hold up the elevated portion of the highway in 2006.

Parliament's Public Accounts Committee chairman Datuk Seri Azmi Khalid told reporters after a PAC visit to the MRR2 repair worksite today that the case against the consortium of Sukmin-Bumihiway-KKM (Wilayah) is pending in court, and that it would be subjudice to reveal details.

He said this when asked why the consortium has refused to pay the claim.
Azmi said the breakdown of the claim is as follows:
> the original contract price of RM49.9 million
> additional works RM3.4 million
> consultation fees for Halcrow Consultancy Ltd, a British consultant and Leonhardt and Andra, a German consultant, of more than RM14 million and,
> an additional 10% of the cost for PWD site supervision and ground works which works out to RM6.8 million.
PAC members and senior officials of the PWD today visited the MRR2's pillar 28 -- where three pieces of carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) straps had snapped on Aug 3 -- and assured the public that a thorough investigation is in progress to identify why this happened.
- Extracted in part from The Sun
Wait a minute! Something is not right here. PWD has already sued the original main contractor and the case is pending in court. Why the need to make this announcement through the MSM?
What does this suit has to do with this recent crack? The suit is to claim from the consortium for all the costs of repairs. Lets not get distracted by this suit thingy. It is meant to divert our attention from the real issue.
The issue here is who is suppose to be responsible for the rehabilitation work of these pillars. From what we gathered earlier, PWD has been entrusted with this responsibility. Now my question is why did PWD decide to go against the advice of Halcrow Consultancy Ltd? And how did the cost of repair ballooned up from RM18M to RM70M?
The suit and the investigation by PAC are 2 different issues. Shouldn't PAC be investigating from this perspective? The manner this investigation was conducted and the efficiency in concluding this case by PAC leaves many questions unanswered.
Lets not go into further details about the suit against the consortium for fear of subjudice.
I shall rest my case here.

All religion should stay off politics...

I refer to ' Catholic newsletter warned to stay off politics' reported in The Star today.
PUTRAJAYA: The Catholic newsletter Herald may have its permit suspended if it goes ahead and publishes an editorial on the Permatang Pauh by-election.
An official with the Home Ministry’s publication control and al-Quran text division said this was because an editorial on the by-election was a topic under current affairs and politics.
“This clearly goes against the conditions of their permit which should only centre on their religion and religious activities. It will earn the Herald another warning letter and probably, even a suspension,” he said in an interview here yesterday.
He said the ministry was not satisfied with their answers to a show-cause letter as they were “clearly going against the conditions of their permit” by continuing to publish various articles, some of which were related to Islam.
The division had recently issued a show-cause letter to the Herald, which has a circulation of 12,000 in copies of English, Bahasa Malaysia, Tamil and Chinese, for allegedly publishing articles relating to politics.
The letter also alleged that the newsletter had breached its permit conditions.
Its editor, Father Lawrence Andrew, has denied the allegations and said that its next issue would carry an editorial on the Permatang Pauh by-election.
Father Lawrence urged the ministry to not make any assumption as they had yet to see the editorial in question.
“The editorial is only asking people to pray for a just and fair by-election. Can't we Christians ask fellow Christians to pray? Is that against the law?” he asked when contacted yesterday.
Shouldn't this be applicable to all religion? Why only confine this to Catholic when what we experience daily is a continuation of political parties using the religion Islam as a tool to meet their personal political interest? There was no challenge made at any one time by any party against the fact that Islam remain the official religion of this country. So why the need to politicise religion? Why is it so difficult for these hypocrites of the highest order, to respect the freedom of others practising their own Faith without any restriction? And in what way would all these intimidating actions of theirs contribute to the goodness of Islam in general?
This is pure Absurdity, creation of people with narrowed mentality, beyond logic.
Just Keep All Religion Away from Politics.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hackers favourite playground... be forewarned!!

Computer security researchers on Thursday warned that online social networking websites are playgrounds for hackers who can easily take advantage of people's trust.
Opportunities for mischief abound as users place intimate details of their lives on profile pages and install mini-applications made by strangers that don't always have their privacy at heart.
In a trend pioneered with tremendous success by Facebook, social networking websites have opened their operating platforms to let outside developers craft fun, hip, or functional software "widgets" that can be added to profile pages.
Malicious code can be hidden in such applications, computer security specialists Nathan Hamiel and Shawn Moyer said at a premier Black Hat conference in Las Vegas.
"I can't necessarily attack Facebook or MySpace, but I can attack their users all day long," Moyer told AFP.
"Don't put anything on a Facebook account that you don't consider public." People are prone to place faith in social networking widgets and links from friends, said Idea Information Security consultant Nathan Hamiel.
"People are going nuts adding applications they don't need," Hamiel told AFP.
"Every time they do that they are showing an implicit trust in whoever wrote the application, and most people don't know who that is."
Hamiel and Moyer showed peers software capable of plundering profile information, swiping people's "friends," or locking people out of their own MySpace pages.
A pair of MySpace engineers who attended the demonstration said that hacks are known risks in today's social platforms and that they had Hamiel's application deleted by the end of the talk.
Fake postings on comment boards advising people to update software are ways to trick social network users into downloading malicious software that can commandeer control of machines, Hamiel said.
"Social networks really don't care if you get pawned or not," Hamiel said, using slang referring to a computer user being dominated and humiliated by hackers.

Shahrizat declared 'jihad' on Anwar...

The women's wing of Malaysia's ruling party has reportedly declared a 'jihad' or holy war to prevent opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim returning to parliament in a by-election this month.
'It is a jihad because this individual should not be given the chance to destroy the country's political stability and prosperity', women's wing deputy chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil said according to The Star newspaper.
Ms Shahrizat, a former cabinet minister, lost her seat in parliament to Mr Anwar's daughter Nurul Izzah in landmark March elections that handed the opposition unprecedented gains against the ruling coalition.

Yet again, another hypocrite using religion as a tool without realising the fact that she is undermining the power of the religion itself.
May I know what political stability and prosperity is she talking about over here? Does she mean that if Umno loses power, Umno will go all out to create chaos and thus, the political instability... And on her prosperity claim, it was more directed to her personal prosperity and those of her colleagues.
Imagine an unwarranted jihad call coming from a retard Special Minister who can't even hold on to her MP seat and even have to stoop so low to abuse her position in Wanita to get to where she is now. Not to mention that she is getting paid handsomely with taxpayer's dollars.
Aren't you curious? What did she do to get herself this special ministership? Jilat?? Looks like the rakyat have been shortchanged again for paying an astronomical professional fee to a monkey.
Who is she to declare a 'jihad'? Her 'Holier than thou' image is already questionable.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Past implications on recent power outage??

A six-hour power failure across Sarawak caused chaos and plunged more than two million people into darkness.

The electricity outage hit on Saturday evening, darkening cities and towns across the state and causing massive traffic jams as signals failed.

Perhaps, we may take a moment off and travel way back to August 3rd, 1996 where we had a much more notable Peninsular Malaysia power outage crisis where the whole of Peninsular Malaysia plunged into total darkness, momentarily taking our country off the surface of the Earth till the breaking of dawn spared us from our misery.

But what came after that incident was something that aroused my suspicion that the power outage incident was more like an act of sabotage by those in power with their well-hatched plan. Right after that incident, there was this sudden emergence of independent power producers where they were given lopsided contracts by our national utility corporation, namely Tenaga. History tells us that Tenaga was only made public few years earlier. A power outage could only justify the need to have those IPPs then and hence, it Happened!! What is visible till today is the fact that all these IPPs continue to enjoy sizable profits at the expense of Tenaga. And who actually own these IPP companies...

Interestingly, with recent announcement by certain quarters on the need to have a nuclear power plant and further need to build 12 dams, I can only hope that this recent power outage in Sarawak has nothing to do with these announcements.

Let us wait and see for what follows after last Saturday incident.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Sore Losers Umno: What happened to nationhood...

"The five Pakatan Rakyat state governments are outraged that the Youth and Sports Ministry excluded them from a recent high-powered Sukan Malaysia (Sukma) council meeting and are demanding an explanation from Youth and Sports Minister Ismail Sabri Abdul Yaakob over the matter".
-Reported in MalaysiaKini
If this is not an act of sabotage, then I wonder what is this called. It has been exactly 5 months since the 12th General Election and we are still getting vindicated moves by the federal government to penalise the people over their loss of two-third majority rule at the expense of tourism and now sports is not spared either, not to mention nationhood as a matter of fact. How childish and irresponsible they can be?
Perhaps, they are worried that the 5 Pakatan Rakyat rule states are going to dominate again in the medal tallies and thus, the reason for such action is merely to save their 'maruah' from further humiliation.
So this is the kind of quality that NEP and their ketuanan melayu agenda has bred this far. No wonder our country is in shambles now.
I am truly disgusted at their actions so far and I don't expect any reasonable explanation from them on this exclusion from national sports meet. Any explanation from here onwards will propel this country to further humiliation- a laughing stock to the world. What is sickening is that they feel so bloody proud of their actions. So much I can say about them for trying to maintain their 'maruah'.
On the other hand, I am happy with the rate they are killing themselves with each vindicated moves of theirs. Keep It Up, Umno! And Make My Day!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Umno goons just fear Anwar...

Make sense? Why not? If not, why the need to fabricate charges against Anwar despite the fact that people have been shown proof that it was indeed a conspiracy by certain quarters to keep Anwar out of Parliament. Now that they cant produce hard evidence on sodomy charge, they decide to charge him with voluntarily committing carnal intercourse against the order of nature. What a joke for such a clear cut conspiracy case. However, credit must be given to Judge SM Komathy Suppiah for upholding justice when the question of bail were raised.
Imagine they have 142 BN MPs in the Parliament yet they try to keep one guy away... Now, what does this tells us? Umno just don't have the balls to face up to Anwar. Probably, the very sight of Anwar would make them soil their underpants, merely for the fact that Anwar used to be their superior. Now i really wonder why....
Be a Man and Fight like a Man!!
And they even get the Election Commission to set the poll day on 26th August which falls on a Tuesday. This prompted PKR Information Chief Tian Chua claim that the day set won't be in PKR favor as it falls on a working day and that the turnout would be seriously affected for the reason that many voters would be inconvenient. I somewhat agree with him to a certain extent. But this by-election is in Penang, so it is also under the jurisdiction of the Penang State government with consent of the Yang Di Pertua to declare this day a state holiday for this defining historical moment.
Perhaps, that is too much to ask. Nevertheless, I do have Faith in this Wind of Change and i Trust that the Consensus of the People for the Betterment of Our Beloved Country shall prevail on any unravelled ground.
Say what you like... Anwar is going to regain Permatang Pauh with ease. I am not going to predict the majority. That's for gamblers.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Shaik Rizal Sulaiman: My utmost respect to you...

The Malays are 'technically' in power governing the country but it is also this same controlling group that demands the right to correct economic imbalances and disparities for its own race.

What does this say about the 'majority governing' Malay race for the last 50 years?

I dare say that most Malaysians (regardless of race) below the age of 40 would like to see all opportunities be spread amongst those who deserve it on meritocracy.

We do not need the keris anymore to tell others to be careful of what they say and do because in the survival of the fittest, the keris is of very little relevance!

If we continue to hide under the 'bumiputera' tempurung as most Malays have been in the last 50 years or more, the catch-up game will just get harder and the gap wider.

If we continue to expect without earning it, we will never learn how to be a race that succeeds on merit.

There is NO substitute for merit.

The Malay politicians continue to shout about Malay rights and bumiputera rights because the very nature of our local politics is sadly racially biased.

In this day and age, a great nation is built upon joint success stories, meritocracy and the combined hard work of its people WITHOUT any fear or favour of racial biased politics governing our daily policies.

I am below 40 and as much as I love the 'idea' that Malaysia is tanah tumpahnya darah orang Melayu, I can't help but also feel that this country is for ALL Malaysians alike including the Chongs, the Kumars, the Xaviers, the Kaurs etc who were born on the same day in the same hospital as me here in Malaysia .

If we feel that WE (the Malays) deserve this country more than THEM , then WE (the Malays) should have shown them a long time ago that we deserve the 'control all' status.

We have to earn it.The policies FAILED because the very concept of Malay rights or the NEP/DEB is like a double-edged sword.

On one hand, it aims to eradicate wealth disparity but on the other, it has made the Malays oblivious of what reality is. Our (Malays) success is only reflected in the 'perceived' political power which today can collapse in a matter of minutes.

I would also like to see my children succeed in their country, Malaysia, for reasons that true success should be based upon, which are merit and hard work and NOT because they are Malays or bumiputeras.

For as long as the Malays don't see this, there is very little point in fighting for Malay rights. It just makes us look more ridiculous.
We have taken this notion of being privileged a bit too literally in that it now simply means we want this country and its fruits all for ourselves without accepting the responsibilities that come with it.

I blame the MALAY politicians for this because we want to only fight the cause without strategising for the true substance and need of the cause. We have been given fish all the while without being taught how to fish.

It's funny how two different generations can be so diverse in their thinking and the recent elections proved just that. We are no longer concerned with racial problems but more so the never-ending Malay agenda issues.
The rakyat has spoken and the landscape has drastically changed.

Is this change welcomed ? Is it good ?

The answer is 'NO' . Because we, the Malays, have been caught with our pants down - we are not ready to compete on any level playing field (we can't even compete on advantageous grounds!).

Even with three or five more continuing policies for Malay rights or bumiputera privileges over the next 50 years, we will still be in exactly the same position as we are in today.
The truth hurts and the truth will always prevail. And the truth of what's to come will NOT go away.

I am cynical perhaps because I feel that Malay rights is NOT relevant anymore.The right to be safe, to be treated fairly, to have a world-class healthcare and education, to enjoy equal prosperity, to have good governance, to live in a clean environment and to be war-free is what I want for my Malaysia . NOT for MY race to be artificially powerful.

If we want the Malays to fail, then by all means continue the fight for Malay rights. Go and polish your keris.

-Shaik Rizal Sulaiman
Need i say more here? This is good enough coming from a young malay. I do believe many of our young malay friends share the same view. So What Say You?? Please comment...

MRR2 Scam Exposed! Umno Corrupts and Destroys...

Way to go, Samy. Your revelation on MRR2 couldn't have come at a better time. If this was done due to your conscience finally getting the better part of you, how about spilling more? Tell us more about the 90M renovation job on the Parliament or those lopsided pacts with toll concessionaires. I believe we have some interesting story behind these episodes too. Here goes the story...
"When the beams of MRR2 started to crack two years ago, with the approval of the cabinet, Halcrow, a British firm of engineering consultants was appointed to investigate the cause of the cracks, recommend the remedies and implement them.
All looked well and good. For 12M, the much maligned MRR2 could be repaired and open to traffic with Halcrow's input. But there was a bitter battle within the Works Ministry, The PWD revolted. They did not want Halcrow as they have someone else in mind. Those in the know talked about a 'civil war' where the civil servants stood up to the political master and rightly so, spoke their mind.
Even a vociferous "it was decided by the cabinet" line was not acceptable to the 'experts'. The top guns from PWD went to Putrajaya and met the prime minister, requesting that the cabinet decision be reversed. The asking price by the new firm- Leonard Andre and Partners (LAP) was a mere 18M- just 6M more and they were providing space-age technology- carbor fibre to save the cracking pillars.
It did not matter that such technology had never been used in this part of the world but if 18M million was the final price tag, there would be little to complain. But the price escalated to 70M!!
- Extracted from The Sun
Fantastic, isn't it? These extras must be their commission. The people in PWD hijacked and presented it to the Putrajaya boys and the Putrajaya boys pushed for reversal in cabinet decision and hiked up the cost. Wonder how the 52M commission was shared between them? Surprising? Definitely so to those who are ignorant but this practices have been going on in our Economic Planning Unit (EPU) as far back as during Mahathir time. Remember those 10M cash brought up during Anwar's case?
Wait here's more... Halcrow's statement follows:
Government went against our advice, says Halcrow
The solution adopted by the Works Ministry to repair the original cracks that appeared on the Middle Ring Road II (MRR2) flyover in Kepong on Aug 9, 2004 were "not recommended" by Halcrow Consulting Ltd.
"I would like to emphasise that although Halcrow conducted detailed investigations into the original cause of the cracks, the government went against our advice not to use pre-stressed carbon fibre to strengthen the pillar heads because of its limited ductility (capacity to deform before fracture)," Halcrow engineer Roger Buckby said.
So People, ask ourselves whether this is the type governance we want for our country. How many more exposure is needed to open up our eyes and bring us together and push forward for a change to stop this rot once and for all? Their appetite has escalated beyond the inflation rate while our salaries growth lack behind. For 52M, can we have some names here please?
Thanks, Samy for answering my question on how the 70M was spent.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Racist!! This Scumbag deserves ISA Treatment...

"The reports, lodged by two students from SMK Telok Panglima Garang last Friday, stated that a female history teacher had allegedly called Indian students ‘keling pariah', ‘Negro' and ‘black monkeys', amongst other derogatory names.
In the report, the Form Four and Form Five student said the teacher purportedly told students during class that ‘Indians came from dogs', Indians are ‘children of prostitutes' and the community is stupid.
They also allege that teacher had said the community youth ‘did not have testicles', ‘always menstruates' and indulged in thuggery and theft.
The teacher in the Hulu Langat school had also purportedly beaten some Indian students and punished them with push ups if they were late for class.
The Form Four student in his report said students were "ashamed and embarrassed" by these incidents.
"She told the Indian students to stand up and said she wanted to test how we would react to the word ‘keling pariah'.
"We said we did not like it and she raised her voice and repeatedly called us ‘keling pariah' and wrote the words on the blackboard," his report stated."

Unbelievable? You better believe it. This is, in fact quite a norm in our education system that went unreported in many instances. I believe this is just the tip of an iceberg and many cases would follow suit in no time. After all, we, Malaysians, have gotten used to the fact that events do happen in a streak over here in our country.
Well, at least this incident is a consolation to Pak Lah, supporting his call to civil servants not to create hatred among the people. Nevertheless, my earlier post's context still holds as what i touched on earlier were Primary Concern of the Rakyat.
Lets get back to this topic. Isn't it ironic for this scumbag (waste product of ketuanan melayu) who was entrusted by the Umno government to uphold the integrity of our education system could make these racist remarks. This incident further prove the rot in Umno led government system. This really makes me wonder how Umno is going to move this country forward with their rotten system.
This brainless scumbag was indeed lucky that she was dealing with a more matured and civilised society. God knows what would have been the consequences should this situation happened the other way around.
Those affected did well for not taking law into their own hands. So now it is up to the authorities to take necessary action against racism of this magnitude. They should take into account on what could have happen if this incident goes out of control. Yes right, we are talking about someone here instigating and stirring racial tension. Dangerous, indeed!! A sacking would not measure up to the embarassment and mental anguish that these youngsters faced from such low rated remarks.
And i am no supporter of draconian ISA but since it is still in existence.. what the heck!! This scumbag definitely deserve ISA treatment more than anyone else, even those in detention.
Update 12th August 2008
The MIC Youth education bureau is irked by how a teacher who hurled stinging racial remarks at her students had been let off the hook.

The 35-year-old teacher had since been transferred to a smart school located closer to her house, but the bureau argued that this was not a form of punishment at all.

In a statement, bureau chief M Saravanan expressed dissatisfaction with the Education Ministry regarding this matter.

"This is an issue which touches on racial sentiments. It does not involve an individual but refers to a large number of Indian students.

"The teacher’s apology to the students and parents involved is not the best solution and does not diminish the gravity of her action," he said.

"Transferring (to another school) is not a form of punishment or harsh (enough) punishment for a teacher who crossed the boundaries," he added.
Well. i am not surprise at all. If it were other races doing this to their races, the consequences would have been harsher. This is the malay supremacy they bloody preached. Would someone out there shed us some background of the teacher in question? Why the need to cover up here?
Update: Racist bitch's name: Cik Rusitah Bt Abu Hassan.

Pak Lah, please stop barking up the wrong tree...

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has blamed civil
servants for many of the problems in the country which has made
the people angry and hate the government.

"...for example, our inefficiency in doing our jobs, our extreme
bureaucratic measures which make people hate us,
our actions which people think involved corruption,
or our decisions on the private sector or the
people which were made too late,"

This is What will Happen when you Bark up
the Wrong Tree!!

The Root to your Problem Lies with the People who
Walk the Corridor of Power within
your Administration.

The People is saying NO to their Lies, Corruption and Power Abuse!!

Another big blow to judicial integrity... excuse not good enough!!

"A computer virus wiped out several of the recently-typed proceeding notes pertaining to migrant workers' activist Irene Fernandez's Kuala Lumpur High Court appeal, resulting in the need for that particular volume of notes to be re-typed".
"The other reason for the delay - to what has already been dubbed ‘the longest trial in Malaysian history' - was the lack of clerical staff to type out the proceedings notes".

Here's something to jolt some memory concerning Irene Fenandez's case:
"In 1995, Fernandez published a report on the abuse of migrant workers, cataloguing the malnutrition, physical and sexual abuse and the appalling conditions the workers endure, and set out the facts about the detention camps where they end up and where many of them die. The research included interviews with as many as 300 migrant workers. The embarrassed government admitted that 46 people had died of various medical conditions in their detention centres, but, in March 1996, Fernandez was arrested at home and charged with ‘maliciously publishing false news’. Her trial became the longest in Malaysian history and many of the witnesses she was relying on were deported before she could make her defence. In 2003 she was finally found guilty and sentenced to a year in prison, having by then appeared in court more than 300 times. She is currently on bail pending an appeal. While on bail, her passport is confiscated and she is banned from standing for election. During the trial, the offices of Tenaganita were bugged and raided twice by government officers. The funds for their half-way house for women and children with HIV were stopped.
Despite harassment and intimidation Fernandez has courageously refused to limit her work or blunt her message, even though the prison term hangs over her head. She has never used or advocated violence and has always worked in an open and legal way. She was therefore a prime candidate for adoption by Amnesty International, which has been unequivocal in its support for her".

Only God knows what Mahathir and his gang did to this case. It took SEVEN long years to finally convict someone who was then merely telling the truth from the ground and a further FIVE years to listen her Appeal and now, it is further pushed forward to Sept 10th on those two lame reasons listed in the beginning of this post. So much for Integrity and Credibility.