Monday, May 31, 2010

UKM4: What Have They Done Wrong?

UKM4 (standing)

What have they done wrong?
They are final year political science student who happened to be caught "carrying and owning CDs and pamphlets expressing support or sympathies for or opposition to a political party contesting in the by-election" during the Hulu Selangor by-election campaigning period as reported by the media.
That's what they want the public to know. That these eligible voting age adults were campaigning on behalf of the opposition. Was there any attempt by the relevant authority and their cahooting media, made to publish the contents of the said materials that these boys were distributing?
I have personally went through the materials and there was no part or whatsoever which indicates their affiliation to any political party. The materials they were distributing were merely carrying a civil awareness message of the rot that continues to plague this country.
Thus, these eligible voting age adults were just exercising their responsibility as part of the civil society.
I repeat here.. Eligible voting age university-going boys. And to use the UUCA against them? Something must be very wrong with this Act.
Yeah, tell me about it!
Sure makes it looks like our universities are just another brainwashing centre for Umno politic.
On the other hand, just take a look at the above pics that we captured during polling day. What are these young boys between 14-17 years of age doing there, brandishing BN flags and making noises?

And the bus that was ferrying the boys in.. KOLEJ YAYASAN MELAKA printed boldly at the back.
Why was there no action taken against them? Not within the jurisdiction of the Act?
For God's sake, these boys are still years away to be eligible to vote.
Why the double standard here?

Do The UKM4 A Favor By Signing The Petition Here.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Patriotism As In Umno's Way...

I thought I could get away from airing my disgust here for a short while and take advantage of this long yet short weekend to relax and calm my nerves after being continuously bombarded with 2 years of blatant stupidity and blatant arrogance of Umno's politic.
But it turned out to be a short lived one..
I have survived the cheap publicity stunts of our PM joining in the Wesak Day celebration in Brickfield but somewhat felt disgusted with the news and picture of him wiping away the tears of an old friend who suffered and is recovering from a stroke. So much so for sincerity when one turns it into such a cheap publicity stunt.
However, what really got into my nerves is this piece of news..

The Government should revoke the citizenship of Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Kamaruddin, Cheras Umno division chairman Datuk Syed Ali Alhabshee said.

He said the Government should revoke his citizenship as Raja Petra was no longer keen on staying here.

Furthermore, his activities could affect peace in Malaysia, he said.

“Citizens who are not patriotic should not be given a place here. Raja Petra should be given appropriate punishment for what he has done,” he wrote in his blog

Earlier reports indicated that Raja Petra is now in Britain.

Syed Ali also urged the Govern­ment to carry out investigations on corporate figures and private sectors financing Raja Petra.

“If the Government fails to do so, it might give an impression that there are insiders who are in cahoots with Raja Petra. It is strange that the Government is slow in taking action against Raja Petra.” - The Star

Pathetically moronic!! Using the patriotic word so loosely. Some more coming from an Umno division chairperson. A moron still trapped in his world of lies and delusion. Is that all what Umno has left?
If by exposing the evils of Umno and their goons for the betterment of the country is deemed to be unpatriotic, who wants to be patriotic? And if by creating awareness of the evils of this regime to the people could affect peace, bring on the war then..
Perhaps, we do need more morons like him and Ibrahim Ali to help speed up the death of BeEnd.
On that note alone, I am feeling much better now..

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shall Subsidies Be Reduced? What's Your Say?

I am sure many of you out there have been receiving this text message on your handphone asking for a 'Yes' or 'No' response.
So here is the opportunity to air your view rather than a simple 'Yes' or 'No' answer.
Malaysia spent RM 74B on subsidies in 2009, causing a fiscal deficit. Should subsidies be reduced?
Please leave your comment..

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dear Pete...

Pete In London
Dear Pete,
It is great to see you again. Standing in front of a packed audience in standing ovation, throwing your challenge to Najib and his pack of dogs to come and nab you. I really admire your show of guts and wits. Marina must have did a good hardening job on your you-know-what:p
But you really had us worried for awhile when news came out that you were going to make an appearance. We were worried for your safety. Many things crossed my mind.. How are you going to travel safely from Poland to London? Or was it Mongolia?:)
I spent the whole night searching for information through online media with regard to your appearance. Can't expect much from our local mainstream media, can we?. Escorted by two burly guys and standing ovation without sign of PDRM guys. That was enough to put a smile on my face the whole night through. Even the Champions League Finals between Inter Milan and Bayern Munich fails to pull away my attention from my netbook.

Exactly 15 months and 2 days have passed since our last do together... I remembered doing a blog post on that party we had and titled it, 'It Turned Out To Be A Bon Voyage Party To ISA'. Little did we know then that you were going on a self exile.
The news about your self exile brought mixed feelings to many who stood by you but we were quick to come to this acceptance that it is better and safer for you to be away than to fight your cause from here.
Acceptance is one thing. It just serves as a consolation on one hand. On the other hand, we knew we are going to miss those walks and little parties we had together. And missed, we did. Again, it boils down to accepting this cruel reality. But you need not worry about us here. You singlehandedly brought us together and left us a united bunch of good people. Good people with good hearts and a united spirit to right the wrong, for the people and for the nation.
Time is on our side as patience is virtue.
Until then if fate permits us, InsyaAllah, we shall walk and party together again just like the same old days.

More pixs Here..

On A Cheeky Note: The Deadly Tsunami...

Kerdau, Pahang
The 2004 Boxing Day tsunami that claimed 228,000 lives across 13 countries from the coast of Africa to the host country of Indonesia is considered as one of the deadliest catastrophe in modern time.
The 2008 political tsunami in Malaysia proved to be as deadly with the possibility of a 12th buy-election following report of the critical condition of the Kerdau state constituency assemblyman.
Eleven by-elections in slightly more than 2 years after the 2008 political tsunami. Eight of which were resulted from the passing of elected representatives.This has become some sort of a record for the history of Malaysia politics.
What a record to set..

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Why Complain Now? Should Have Ask For A Recount!

YB Loke sent in a 5-point official complaint to Election Commission. Read Here..
This question has been buggering my mind for the past few days.
Why didn't BN request for a recount since the majority is so slim? Catch the drift?
And the manner EC managed this buy election till the very end is enough to create suspicion of some foul play involved. Excess votes from postal vote, sudden increase in voters turnout than the earlier announced figure, a blackout halfway through counting and whatnot..
Wouldn't it be better for DAP to ask for a recount If they have suspected some foul play within the Election Commission?
They could have unearthed some of EC's worms.
That buggering thought suddenly brought back memories of Manek Urai buy election. The majority was even slimer then. There were talks of a recount and of course, they didn't materialize for reason/s unknown to us.
Maybe it is appropriate for me to suggest for Pakatan Rakyat to make it a point to ask for a recount regardless of a win or loss..
Throw the ball back to EC by daring them to agree to a recount.
Darn! Think I am getting myself too involved with politics...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Brace Yourself For More Hardship, Malaysians!

"Mr Prime Minister you said it loud and clear to the people. You vote my candidate in and I will help you! A very basic tit for tat situation that leaves no doubt to the people of Sibu that they need to teach you a lesson in eating humble pie. A lesson in the possibility that maybe, just maybe, money cannot buy everything.
That the people of Sibu was not bought over by his usual attempt at “BUY election” must be worrying for Najib. It was not Muhyiddin that was making the offer. It was the head honcho himself. I only have this to say to Najib - be afraid, be very afraid. If money cannot get votes, what do you have left? " - Abstract from Steadyaku47's letter to Malaysia Today
A good question indeed! If Money Cannot Get Votes, What Do You Have Left?
Food prices went up again this week albeit a quarterly growth of 10.1% in GDP as announced by our central bank some time last week. Wah! We should be jumping with joy but ironically, we can't.
I do not know how and where they derive this figure from while everything remains more or less constant. Maybe it is the strengthening of our ringgit against the greenback that contributed significantly to this magical figure.
Try to translate this figure to the man on the street and see what their response is going to be. Utter Bullshit! That's right. Pure bullshit is the word if they were to compare their business situation to this growth rate. For fixed salary workers, the quality of their disposable income continues to deteoriate with inflation.
There you go, Mr Steadyaku47, is my answer to your question.
They are going to make Malaysians suffer. When majority of the citizen suffer, guess what is going to happen? Damn if we do and damn if we don't!
Come next general election, money and relief would be of big value to many people...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Moment Of Truth: Simply Euphoric!

Tense Moment Awaiting Result
The Moment Of Truth

The Celebration Begins
The Whole Country Rejoice

Syabas DAP For The Efficient And Organized Machinery. Our BR Blogger Team Gave Excellent Rating. Syabas Pakatan Rakyat For Proving To Them That All Of You Can Work Together. It Is Time To Tap Into Each Other's Strength. Let Sibu Set The Standard For A PR Machinery

(Pics courtesy of TPU and Rodi)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thank You Mahathir And Ibrahim Ali For The Long Awaited SWEET Victory...

PR/DAP won with a majority of 398 votes albeit all the delay in officially announcement of the results. Still wondering here what was the reason behind the delay. Last ditch effort by SPR to reverse the result? No? Then why the sudden increased of 5k votes hours after the official announcement of number of votes ballotted? And the swing of the number of postal votes ballotted which finally stood at 2429 from the earlier 2809 which clearly exceeded the official registered number of 2537.
On top of the above hanky panky, there was a moment of blackout during the process. What else can we think of given the SPR bad record of favoring their master. Given the above picture, we knew their loss was quite bad and attempts to manipulated the outcome cannot be rule out. Thus the delay..
Perhaps, it was intended for bookmakers or for other reasons not known to us.
Whatever it is, DAP won with the help of the Chinese votes. We must attribute this win to Ibrahim Ali and Mahathir for their racist cry during the campaign period which further awakened the Chinese of East Malaysia. Like I have said earlier, the Chinese voters has matured beyond their evil ways to the stage that money is deemed useless. BN took Hulu Selangor was not due to the RM3M given to the Chinese school. Don't allow yourself to be distracted by that fact. The real fact then was merely using money to pay off part of PKR's machinery. Polling agent went missing and booths went unattended from noon in Sg Choh to Bukit Beruntung stretch. Coincidently, these are the areas which contributed to BN win in Hulu Selangor. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why...
Anyway, we had our celebration early albeit the early results and the low urban voters turnout. Somehow we were positive that the urban Chinese would deliver after all the insulting gestures by the PM undermining the principles of the people of Sibu.
We couldn't wait for the official result to pop this beauty. By the time the official result came in we were already at the tailend of our celebration. Nevertheless, it was a victory so sweet which drove few of us to do crazy things.

Our KT Girls Reliving The KT Moments

They Must Have Forgotten That Age Has Caught Up With Them
This Idiot Was Supposed To Run Around The RSC Field In His Underwear But The Heaven Opens Up And Spared Him From Further Humiliation.

Sibu's Postal Votes Should Be Declared Null And Void!!

Just fancy this..
Postal votes balloted exceeds those registered.
Want to cheat also don't know how to cheat. Overkill. So how now, EC? Logical way is to announce the postal votes null and void or this whole buy election null and void.
Think EC can be fair and have the guts to call for this?
Probably, they are waiting for instruction from the higher echelon.
Najib tak tipu? Bollocks!

After The Tsunami...

This Is Not A Place For A Prime Minister To Be In - Najib

And he fucking claims to be a Prime Minister for The People.. Pthooi!!

Hello Moron, this place is part of Malaysia and you are talking to your own people. What is wrong with that place that you were in. Bad condition or what? If it's bad condition, it shows that you morons are not doing your job as the government of the day. Simple as that. Who are you to come to this place and insult them further?

RM5M for flood relief? Why promise now? And try spin it that you are sincere with RM5M when BN wins. What is RM5M compare to your commission from Sukhoi And Scorpene deals? And this RM5M doesnt even comes from your commission.. It is going to come from the taxpayers monies. By the way, why didn't the Lau Sr do it when he was the MP for few terms?

Blatant stupidity.. Blatant Money Politics..
Our Election Commission must be sleeping..

On the brighter note, he do have supporters if we listen to the background. Bunch of morons!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It Is Cheaper To Buy An Election In Sarawak Than In The Peninsular...

Don't get me wrong here. I am not saying Sarawakians are cheapos. What I am trying to say here is that most indigenous people in Sarawak lives in poverty with an average income of RM 200 per family per month.

A search through Wikipedia illustrated that a cool 53% of Sarawak's population is comprised of various ethnic groups of indigenous people with Dayak Ibans being the biggest ethnic group at 34% of Sarawak's population.

With the above two factors alone, it is no surprise that it is cheap to buy an election in Sarawak. No? Tale away the habitat of the indigenous people and make them dependable on you. Come election or buy election, just throw in some money and walla... you have their votes! That happened during Batang Ai buy election. And the same is happening here in Sibu...

'Taib is giving away Rm$600 to each family of the 246 Dayak long houses doors in Tanjung Penasu, Btu Burak etc. This is on top of the MRP grant announced to 12 long houses in the same area worth Rm$147,600.' Read the rest of the story Here..
Kinda cheap, isn't it? Small amount to buy 500 votes, To buy 50.000 votes comes to a cool tune of RM14.7M only. And that's assuming all the voters are hardcore poor indigenous people.
And it is no surprise that Sarawak remains Umno's safe deposit box to stay in power at federal level.
That's the scenario for Sarawak as a whole but this time around, we are talking about a buy election for Sibu constituency where two-third of the voters happens to be of Chinese ethnicity.
Based on our experiences from all the previous by-elections ( I am giving this one a miss with a heavy heart but we are very well represented by a two-man team), the Chinese has matured far beyond the rot of the administrative system. From Bukit Gantang to Hulu Selangor, there was a significant swing of Chinese votes vying for Change. This is a good plus sign for PR in Sibu. Or perhaps the Chinese folks in Sibu are a bit backwards...
But I still believe DAP candidate is going to give them a good fight despite being an underdog resourcefully.
But lets not get ourselves distracted by this money or instant noodle play. RM600 per family or RM1B to solve flood woes. Still the main culprit we should keep an eye for is the Election Commission. They created a mess of 14,000 voters polling station in Hulu Selangor and here we have report that there have been some discrepancy in the electoral list. Can someone from DAP come out with a compile list of the discrepancies just for the record and keep track of EC trickery?
It is obvious that they have perfected their tricks after all the earlier by-election losses. Or rather they have get more blatant in exercising their power abuse.
On the last note, the May 13th celebration organised by some lowly pariah assholes.. Is it to instill fear? Celebration instead of a memorial? Looks like someone is using others to protect his empire of wealth siphoned off during the period he ruled this country.
What a bunch of fucking assholes! And Najib, where is your balls? If this is not seditious enough, what else is?
Ma-Ka-Hai !!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Is Malaysia Indirectly A Police State Now?

Abandoned Beauty

A 15 year old boy was shot down by the cops. As usual, a weapon was found according to the cops. Just like in any other cases that involves lives, the death always fire the first shot and then before you know it, everybody died in that car.
But this time is a different story. A friend who was with the deceased survived and escaped to tell his story.
A public outcry followed and the IGP threatened to pull all the cops off the street if people continue to CRITICIZE.
What is ironic is that none of those who walks the corridor of power under the Barisan Nasional banner issue any statement pertaining to this incident. Not even the Home Minister where the police force comes under his portfolio...
I find such behaviour strange and peculiar.
Many questions ran through my mind. Why is all the BN ministers including the PM and DPM keeping mum over this incident? Are the afraid of the IGP? If they are, why? Is the IGP holding all of them at ransom with something?
It really boggles my mind trying to look for a definite answer to all these. But if we looked back at all the events since this IGP took over the rein, he seems to have his ways with the last two batches of administration.
But somehow in the midst of looking for answers, some faint memories of yesteryear crept in when Musa Hassan was first appointed the IGP.
For the first few months there were a series of assassinations. Mysterious people got shot down under mysterious circumstances. One was shot dead while having supper in Seremban. Another was shot dead at the cockle kelong off Kuala Sepetang. Most prominently is the case in Haadyai where earlier attempt failed to finish off their target that so much so they have to force their way into the hospital to finish off their target. These cases are still unsolved and probably classified under NFA by now.
And what I make out of these assassinations then was that there was a change in gang rule in the underworld scene. New gang forcing their way in to takeover from the old. It was during the same period, mysterious offers came in to takeover most of the popular nightclubs and lounges in the city. For those establishments who resisted, they find hardship in operating. Eventually they were forced to sell at a bargain price or close down.
Those were the beginning of the rot and things aren't getting better till today. It has indeed got worse since.
There is an alarming increase in death under custody, so-called criminals being shot down by trigger happy cops, dubious ISA arrests, thuggish cops behaviour against civil societies and whatnot.. All these increases while crime still looms free at every corner of this land.
That puts the functionality of our police force in doubt. What is worse is that the people who run this country seem clueless or powerless on how to address this glaring issue.
But to take cue from all the events that had happened, Malaysia is nevertheless a police state indirectly.

Kg Pertak, Hulu Selangor