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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Zaid Ibrahim: A Trojan Horse?

It was quite disturbing listening to a bunch of lawyers openly chastising Zaid to some of my friends during last Friday's happy hours session.
They claimed that Zaid was paid between RM10-15M to stir up some mess within PKR. That was exactly the same piece of rumor that have been circulating around running up to PKR party election. At the same time, there was this piece of rumor that Azmin and gang have purportedly received RM 200M for their quest to take control of the party.
What really puzzles me then was why so much attention was given to Zaid's while Azmin's was treated like a non-event by some bloggers, word of mouths and even the mainstream media.
Perhaps, it is time to question ourselves following the chain of events that have had happened.
1. The mainstream media biased reporting favoring Azmin should raise this question. Who has the control over the mainstream media? I don't think I need to spell this out..
2. If someone plans to plant a trojan horse, what would the best way to do that? Obviously, it is for the trojan horse to remain in the party. Zaid quits PKR and what good is a trojan horse when he is not within. It just doesn't make any sense at all.
And now, they are confirming that Zaid is the trojan horse just because he is going to form a new party soon.
It tells me that the mainstream media has been very successful this time. People are now beginning to question PR's ability to run the country. They can even blatantly point to one isolated corruption case involving PR's candidate and generalizes that there's no difference between BN and PR without even making any effort to compare it's rampancy and action taken against the wrongdoer.
This is exactly what is happening on the street. This is exactly how gullible most Malaysians are. Just constantly bombard them with the same propaganda and lies can become truth. Amazing, right?
Now back to the trojan issue, lets take a look at Pas for example. Each time when the tide went against BN, we would be getting Hadi Awang or Nasharuddin coming out with damaging statement as to provide check and balances to the sentiment. Islamic state or unity talks and whatnot. Isn't that the duty of a trojan horse? They hold leadership in Pas and yet they cant even win the seat they contested in, let alone the Trengganu state. Peculiar, isn't it?
And if PKR or DAP is not careful, I am afraid they would be in the same situation given all the recent upheavals that has been happening running up to their respective party's election. These trojans are making their moves strongly. Obviously, there are lots of money involved here and who has all the money and power to do so?
At the end of the day, it is the people who would be sucked and fucked in all these political play.
What choice do we have now? PR definitely cant takeover Putrajaya in the next general election. At best, they can deny BN a two-third majority.
What we can do is to give The Third Force a chance if there is any that is coming up. The Third Force that is going to provide the check and balances in the lawmaking process leaning towards the interest of the nation and the people.
An idea too far-fetched it may seems.. It wont be if we put our mind into it and make that little effort.
Lets do it for the 14th GE. What Say You?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Ku Li Factor To Favor BN In Galas?

All of you have probably read predictions made by political analysts for the past week and most of the their prediction were in BN favor. Most probably their conclusion was based solely on Ku Li factor ( Gua Musang being the stronghold of Ku Li).
Somehow, I felt most of them had erred in a way for their failure in understanding the Kelantanese. Would PAS be ruling the Kelantan state for two decades if Kelantanese is of the same mindset like anyone of us around the peninsular?
Gotcha, didn't I?
Nevertheless, the Barisan Rakyat Bloggers were represented by a small group of observers during the nomination. It was supposed to be a 'melawat sambil belajar' excursion. But definitely not those Khir Toyol's type of excursion. We financed our own trip and many thanks to our renowned photographers, Rodi and Claire, for their generous contribution to a hearty freshwater fish lunch at this Marilyn Monroe restaurant in the heart of Kuala Lipis town.
Now back to Galas...
I have limited experience in by-election but with what I had under my belt, I can say that this one is somehow special. Special in a way that one can actually feel it in the air... the level of awareness and maturity is high among the people there as compared to all those that I have attended. That this is a vote against the rot of the ruling coalition at federal level which has gotten worse since March 2008.
I must commend PAS for their part in instilling and raising this level of awareness to the rural areas.
Galas to remain with PAS despite Ku Li stronghold and the goodies...

Note: Opinion expressed here is of personal capacity.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Whisper Whisper...

Just received a text message from Uncle B requesting for my response to 'Bloggers For Nurul' campaign..
Hell! I didn't even know such a campaign existed until Uncle B's text came in. Perhaps, I have been refraining myself from reading news for far too long.. just to avoid all those racist remarks by Perkasa. Racism doesn't have a place in this blog.
But that's not the only reason for the complacency of this blog.
Blogging can be quite a tedious task for someone who can be considered poor in translating thoughts into words. It needs one to stay focus on the subject matter to be able to see what is coming following a series of events.
I cant afford the time and the focus now or at least for the time being. Blogging has taken my focus away from my line of work. So much so, it somehow found its way and interfere with my priorities.
A different approach towards the fight for change for a better Malaysia for all Malaysians is now in force. Talk less and walk more. And periodically, a blogpost or two..
Now back to the core issue.. 'Bloggers For Nurul' which I think is a very good idea.
If PKR wants to take a big step forward, Nurul for DP would be the Big Step Forward. Simply because she is not poison by Umno's decades of dirty politicking. And judging from her talks and walks, she has all it takes to lead and Nurul for deputy presidency would be the first step for the revolutionary change to PKR's flawed culture.
Forget about Azmin Ali.. His initial action against ZI candidacy says a lot about this man. Still stuck in outdated way of politicking. A mysterious man with few words. Most of the time in deep thoughts. Only good for back-stabbing.
Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim? He should just concentrate on utilizing his expertise in managing the state's assets and straighten out all the rots of the previous state government.
Since this is a 'one member, one vote' electoral process, the level of maturity of PKR members is put to test.
The nominations that came in shows that the presence of Umno's mindset is still deeply rooted in many of them.
Grima Wormtongue or not, if maturity is to prevails, the choice should be between Nurul or Zaid Ibrahim as DP..
A win-win situation for PKR.
After all, PKR is the weakest link in Pakatan Rakyat but with bloated ego amongst them all.

Friday, August 20, 2010

On The Lighter Note: Stairway To Heaven (Only In Malaysia)

' H E A V E N '




Thursday, August 5, 2010

Withering Umno...

Umno has gone offensive again with all their available machinery.
That's about what they have left with to fight for their survival. If you have been following their maneuvers for the past months, you can see endless blatancy in power abuses. Pakatan Rakyat component parties publications has to be banned just to give their controlled mainstream media the advantage of churning and spinning lies in an all out media war.
Lets not go into our kangaroo judiciary, anti-corruption agency and the royal police force in handling certain high profile cases involving Pakatan Rakyat politicians and the people.
What really interest me was the endless propagandizing of Malay rights. They even have to stoop so low in instilling unwarranted fear of chinese dominance, malays losing their rights and land to other races and whatnot, with Perkasa in the foreground issuing seditious threats freely.
What is their underlying reason behind such maneuvers?
Umno does not have the domineering Malays support anymore. That's the main reason behind their recent outcries. Umno is desperately trying to win back the wavering and diminishing malays support and the only way they know how is to stoke racial tension.
Pakatan Rakyat may be a loosely form coalition but on the whole, they have managed to come to terms with one main aim: take over Putrajaya. Don't let the internal component party's politicking distract you..
On the other hand, what is Barisan National now? With MCA and MIC out of relevancy, eye opening revelations of the amassed wealth of Sarawak's chief minister and his family (go find out who owns Socfin Malaysia) and the shaky political situation in Sabah, BN is already dead soulfully.
Umno is still strong in terms of money and machinery. Their safe deposit at East Malaysia is beginning to waver.. The level of awareness among the East Malaysians is picking up strongly. And Najib cant afford to allow that to happen. His only way out is to call for a snap election fast while he still has the fighting chance with his safe deposit before this level of awareness become widespread.
Do expect a snap election within the next 6 months.
As for the people, I would like to believe that most of them have more or less decided on what to do with their votes...
Say No To Corruption: Say No To ISA

Monday, August 2, 2010

Abolish ISA Rally (Amcorp Mall): The Youth Has Awakened! (Updated)

The youth of today, you note, “will chart the future of Malaysia.” You say you “no longer want to be ignored and leave the future of our Malaysia at the hands of the current generation.” You “want to grab the bull by the horns... and have a say in where we go as a society and as a nation.” - Tengku Razaleigh

If you ask me for my opinion on last night rally at the Amcorp Mall, I believe the above caption would best described what I have witnessed.

It wasn't about the number of turnouts nor was it about the blatant thuggish behavior of our cops but what was evidently clear last night was the youth's turnout.

I have attended many walks and vigils to notice this positive transformation. From those who started this wave of change which brought about the political tsunami in 2008 to what it is today..

Yes, The Youth Has Awakened!

A positive sign, indeed. And this renewing call for change will soon sweep across this land once again..

The thugs came early with intention to gatecrash the party. Before long, they were occupying the tarmac area leading to the field.

Meanwhile, the vigilers gathered opposite at Amcorp Mall. Some short speeches were given before they proceed to the field.

Coming face to face with the thugs barricade. National anthem was sang. This time the thugs waited for the national anthem to finish before turning hostile.

They pushed aggressively and made few arrests when the vigilers retreated. The vigilers had no other choice but to seek refuge inside the mall. A long standoff follows before the thugs lost their patience and stormed into the mall to make more arrests.
After meeting their arrest quota for the night, the thugs left but for the vigilers, it was time to stand in solidarity with those arrested. They gathered outside the police station with heavy presence of FRU and water cannon trucks. The thugs made two more arrests there with intention to discourage people from gathering.
A long and weary night ahead...

At the end of it all, I would say....

The Youth Of Today Rocks!

More Pics Here

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Breaking News! Mad Dogs On The Loose...

This piece of news just came in.
It is said that the DAP headquarters is, at the present moment being visited by personnel from the Ministry of Home Affairs.
Can somebody confirm this?
Of late, we have seen highly geared crackdown in many forms against truth whisperers. The rate, at which these crackdown were launched, is kind of worrying. All it took was only one statement and that prompted the immediate release of mad dogs.
40% truth and 60% lies?
Darn! An imminent sign of something is bound to happen..
One positive way to look at these transpiring events is that Malaysians are generally more mature now to differentiate between the truth and their lies.
For the people... For the Nation
Save Malaysia

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Economic Warfare Waged Against The People...

We have been having endless tit-for-tat political maneuvers since the 12th general election where the ruling coalition was deprived of their two-third majority which they had enjoyed for the past few decades.
We have gone through a premiership change where Pak Lah was ousted from power by forces within his own party. Perak was taken back by the ruling coalition through low means. We have also gone through endless racial and religious instigation, courtesy of Umno, just to intimidate and instill fear onto people.
On top of that, we continue to see further decline in the integrity of our judiciary and the double standard in enforcing the law by our so called independent police force and anti-corruption agency. Independent yet not-so-independent it seems to be.
And quite recently, they unleashed Idris Jala to give an unwarranted talk on subsidies which costs the government RM 74B a year and that was their justification for subsidy removal.
And this week alone, there were news of further potential government spending. Moving parliament building to Putrajaya and purchase of two ships for the Navy. Some extravagance spending, huh? I am sure these project would be laced with super commission. No? Go read about the ballooning cost to build the new palace and their justification for the double increased in cost. Hey, we are still cheap in terms of psf as compared to here and there. Bollocks!
Our country will be bankrupt in 9 years if government continues to subsidize the people? So it is okay to bankrupt the people and line the pockets of the few who would benefit from these projects? What about the removal of PSD scholarship?
So what does these turn of events tells us?
Corruption is going to stay and their appetite is getting bigger.
What is common?
We people continue to get ourselves fucked by this corrupted regime.
And this is what we call a economic warfare. The government of the day is waging an economic warfare against the people. And at the rate it is going, we cant afford to wait even 3 years. The disparity between the rich and poor is going to increase.
This warfare does not recognize color. Whether you are a malay, chinese, indians, sikh or orang asal, all of us is going to get hit. It is about the creation of a minority group of super rich against the rest of us. It's about Money equals Power, Money plus Power equals Evil.
For those who are now comfortable and think that they can afford to mind their own business, think twice and think carefully. Is your wealth safe with this country heading towards doomsday?
The signs are written all over the wall.. This warfare has just pick up its intensity.
Brace yourself for a hard landing ahead..

Monday, June 14, 2010

Remembering Dad: One Year Later...

It has been exactly one year today since Dad left us to be at a better place.
It wasn't exactly easy trying to come to terms with this loss for the family. Each of us have a different set of fond memories with Dad. But at the end of it all, he was a loving, responsible. caring and fine Dad and grandparent.
Dad and me travelled a long journey together. He would take me with him wherever he goes and even on his business trip whenever there's school break. I still have many clear memories of my childhood spent with him.
Over the years, Dad and me managed to develop a special kind of bond and understanding between us. No need for words between Dad and me. We could almost sense and feel each other's predicament. We were like One.
One year has passed since he left. But the memories of his last few months remains etch permanently in my mind. I remembered both of us braving it out together as he slowly fade away.
Dad fought on strongly till the end and I took every step with him. That's exactly what Dad did and would have done for me.
I miss my Dad...
Happy Father's Day

Monday, May 31, 2010

UKM4: What Have They Done Wrong?

UKM4 (standing)

What have they done wrong?
They are final year political science student who happened to be caught "carrying and owning CDs and pamphlets expressing support or sympathies for or opposition to a political party contesting in the by-election" during the Hulu Selangor by-election campaigning period as reported by the media.
That's what they want the public to know. That these eligible voting age adults were campaigning on behalf of the opposition. Was there any attempt by the relevant authority and their cahooting media, made to publish the contents of the said materials that these boys were distributing?
I have personally went through the materials and there was no part or whatsoever which indicates their affiliation to any political party. The materials they were distributing were merely carrying a civil awareness message of the rot that continues to plague this country.
Thus, these eligible voting age adults were just exercising their responsibility as part of the civil society.
I repeat here.. Eligible voting age university-going boys. And to use the UUCA against them? Something must be very wrong with this Act.
Yeah, tell me about it!
Sure makes it looks like our universities are just another brainwashing centre for Umno politic.
On the other hand, just take a look at the above pics that we captured during polling day. What are these young boys between 14-17 years of age doing there, brandishing BN flags and making noises?

And the bus that was ferrying the boys in.. KOLEJ YAYASAN MELAKA printed boldly at the back.
Why was there no action taken against them? Not within the jurisdiction of the Act?
For God's sake, these boys are still years away to be eligible to vote.
Why the double standard here?

Do The UKM4 A Favor By Signing The Petition Here.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Patriotism As In Umno's Way...

I thought I could get away from airing my disgust here for a short while and take advantage of this long yet short weekend to relax and calm my nerves after being continuously bombarded with 2 years of blatant stupidity and blatant arrogance of Umno's politic.
But it turned out to be a short lived one..
I have survived the cheap publicity stunts of our PM joining in the Wesak Day celebration in Brickfield but somewhat felt disgusted with the news and picture of him wiping away the tears of an old friend who suffered and is recovering from a stroke. So much so for sincerity when one turns it into such a cheap publicity stunt.
However, what really got into my nerves is this piece of news..

The Government should revoke the citizenship of Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Kamaruddin, Cheras Umno division chairman Datuk Syed Ali Alhabshee said.

He said the Government should revoke his citizenship as Raja Petra was no longer keen on staying here.

Furthermore, his activities could affect peace in Malaysia, he said.

“Citizens who are not patriotic should not be given a place here. Raja Petra should be given appropriate punishment for what he has done,” he wrote in his blog

Earlier reports indicated that Raja Petra is now in Britain.

Syed Ali also urged the Govern­ment to carry out investigations on corporate figures and private sectors financing Raja Petra.

“If the Government fails to do so, it might give an impression that there are insiders who are in cahoots with Raja Petra. It is strange that the Government is slow in taking action against Raja Petra.” - The Star

Pathetically moronic!! Using the patriotic word so loosely. Some more coming from an Umno division chairperson. A moron still trapped in his world of lies and delusion. Is that all what Umno has left?
If by exposing the evils of Umno and their goons for the betterment of the country is deemed to be unpatriotic, who wants to be patriotic? And if by creating awareness of the evils of this regime to the people could affect peace, bring on the war then..
Perhaps, we do need more morons like him and Ibrahim Ali to help speed up the death of BeEnd.
On that note alone, I am feeling much better now..

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shall Subsidies Be Reduced? What's Your Say?

I am sure many of you out there have been receiving this text message on your handphone asking for a 'Yes' or 'No' response.
So here is the opportunity to air your view rather than a simple 'Yes' or 'No' answer.
Malaysia spent RM 74B on subsidies in 2009, causing a fiscal deficit. Should subsidies be reduced?
Please leave your comment..

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dear Pete...

Pete In London
Dear Pete,
It is great to see you again. Standing in front of a packed audience in standing ovation, throwing your challenge to Najib and his pack of dogs to come and nab you. I really admire your show of guts and wits. Marina must have did a good hardening job on your you-know-what:p
But you really had us worried for awhile when news came out that you were going to make an appearance. We were worried for your safety. Many things crossed my mind.. How are you going to travel safely from Poland to London? Or was it Mongolia?:)
I spent the whole night searching for information through online media with regard to your appearance. Can't expect much from our local mainstream media, can we?. Escorted by two burly guys and standing ovation without sign of PDRM guys. That was enough to put a smile on my face the whole night through. Even the Champions League Finals between Inter Milan and Bayern Munich fails to pull away my attention from my netbook.

Exactly 15 months and 2 days have passed since our last do together... I remembered doing a blog post on that party we had and titled it, 'It Turned Out To Be A Bon Voyage Party To ISA'. Little did we know then that you were going on a self exile.
The news about your self exile brought mixed feelings to many who stood by you but we were quick to come to this acceptance that it is better and safer for you to be away than to fight your cause from here.
Acceptance is one thing. It just serves as a consolation on one hand. On the other hand, we knew we are going to miss those walks and little parties we had together. And missed, we did. Again, it boils down to accepting this cruel reality. But you need not worry about us here. You singlehandedly brought us together and left us a united bunch of good people. Good people with good hearts and a united spirit to right the wrong, for the people and for the nation.
Time is on our side as patience is virtue.
Until then if fate permits us, InsyaAllah, we shall walk and party together again just like the same old days.

More pixs Here..

On A Cheeky Note: The Deadly Tsunami...

Kerdau, Pahang
The 2004 Boxing Day tsunami that claimed 228,000 lives across 13 countries from the coast of Africa to the host country of Indonesia is considered as one of the deadliest catastrophe in modern time.
The 2008 political tsunami in Malaysia proved to be as deadly with the possibility of a 12th buy-election following report of the critical condition of the Kerdau state constituency assemblyman.
Eleven by-elections in slightly more than 2 years after the 2008 political tsunami. Eight of which were resulted from the passing of elected representatives.This has become some sort of a record for the history of Malaysia politics.
What a record to set..

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Why Complain Now? Should Have Ask For A Recount!

YB Loke sent in a 5-point official complaint to Election Commission. Read Here..
This question has been buggering my mind for the past few days.
Why didn't BN request for a recount since the majority is so slim? Catch the drift?
And the manner EC managed this buy election till the very end is enough to create suspicion of some foul play involved. Excess votes from postal vote, sudden increase in voters turnout than the earlier announced figure, a blackout halfway through counting and whatnot..
Wouldn't it be better for DAP to ask for a recount If they have suspected some foul play within the Election Commission?
They could have unearthed some of EC's worms.
That buggering thought suddenly brought back memories of Manek Urai buy election. The majority was even slimer then. There were talks of a recount and of course, they didn't materialize for reason/s unknown to us.
Maybe it is appropriate for me to suggest for Pakatan Rakyat to make it a point to ask for a recount regardless of a win or loss..
Throw the ball back to EC by daring them to agree to a recount.
Darn! Think I am getting myself too involved with politics...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Brace Yourself For More Hardship, Malaysians!

"Mr Prime Minister you said it loud and clear to the people. You vote my candidate in and I will help you! A very basic tit for tat situation that leaves no doubt to the people of Sibu that they need to teach you a lesson in eating humble pie. A lesson in the possibility that maybe, just maybe, money cannot buy everything.
That the people of Sibu was not bought over by his usual attempt at “BUY election” must be worrying for Najib. It was not Muhyiddin that was making the offer. It was the head honcho himself. I only have this to say to Najib - be afraid, be very afraid. If money cannot get votes, what do you have left? " - Abstract from Steadyaku47's letter to Malaysia Today
A good question indeed! If Money Cannot Get Votes, What Do You Have Left?
Food prices went up again this week albeit a quarterly growth of 10.1% in GDP as announced by our central bank some time last week. Wah! We should be jumping with joy but ironically, we can't.
I do not know how and where they derive this figure from while everything remains more or less constant. Maybe it is the strengthening of our ringgit against the greenback that contributed significantly to this magical figure.
Try to translate this figure to the man on the street and see what their response is going to be. Utter Bullshit! That's right. Pure bullshit is the word if they were to compare their business situation to this growth rate. For fixed salary workers, the quality of their disposable income continues to deteoriate with inflation.
There you go, Mr Steadyaku47, is my answer to your question.
They are going to make Malaysians suffer. When majority of the citizen suffer, guess what is going to happen? Damn if we do and damn if we don't!
Come next general election, money and relief would be of big value to many people...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Moment Of Truth: Simply Euphoric!

Tense Moment Awaiting Result
The Moment Of Truth

The Celebration Begins
The Whole Country Rejoice

Syabas DAP For The Efficient And Organized Machinery. Our BR Blogger Team Gave Excellent Rating. Syabas Pakatan Rakyat For Proving To Them That All Of You Can Work Together. It Is Time To Tap Into Each Other's Strength. Let Sibu Set The Standard For A PR Machinery

(Pics courtesy of TPU and Rodi)